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Chapter 55


Typically, an insurance company will not estimate an offset for SSDI unless you have failed to apply in accordance with the disability policy. Furthermore, the law is clear that it is the duty of the insured to provide sufficient proof of disability, so you will ultimately be responsible for providing medical records as to your physical conditions. It is a common tactic of insurance companies to ignore physical conditions in an attempt to limit benefits to 24 months under a mental health limitation.

  • Normally, the benefit levels for partial UI may be too low to make it worthwhile to apply or a worker may have difficulty meeting the income requirements.
  • How long do they have after termination of LTD benefits to come back and try to collect SSDI?
  • Section 846 allows a taxpayer to make an election in each determination year to use its own historical payment pattern instead of the Secretary’s tables.
  • Where a benefit plan ties the amount of benefits provided to the number of years it will be before an employee reaches normal retirement age, it is explicitly age-based.

Many of our Ontrak contracts are based upon anticipated or guaranteed levels of savings for our customers and achieving other operational metrics resulting in incentive fees based on savings. Accordingly, during or at the end of the contract terms, we may be required to refund some or all of the fees paid for our services. This exposes us to significant risk that contracts negotiated and entered into may ultimately be unprofitable. In addition, managed care operations are at risk for costs incurred to provide agreed upon services under our solution. Therefore, failure to anticipate or control costs could have a materially adverse effect on our business.

Also included are certain unpaid customs duties which have not grown unreasonably “stale” (§ 507). These include duties on imports entered for consumption with 3 years before the filing of the petition if the duties are still unliquidated on the petition date. If an import entry has been liquidated or reliquidated, within two years of the filing of the petition the customs liability is given priority. Taxes resulting from a recapture, occasioned by a transfer during bankruptcy, of a tax credit or deduction taken during an earlier tax year (§ 507) are included. A typical example occurs when there is a sale by the trustee of depreciable property during the case and depreciation deductions taken in prepetition years are subject to recapture under section 1250 of the Code . This category also includes the liability under section 3505 of the Internal Revenue Code [26 U.S.C. 3505] of a taxpayer who loans money for the payment of wages or other compensation.

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An “insured” benefit plan is a plan that is purchased from an insurance company or other entity. In a “self-insured” plan, the employer directly assumes the liability of an insurer. Insured benefit plans are regulated by both ERISA and state law.

My LTD plan indicates that retirement income which I could receive would be used to offset any disability payments under the plan. I am 57 years of age and could technically retire from my company at age 55. However, if I don’t retire and start taking my retirement benefits until age 65; the monthly benefit amount is almost double than it would be if I retired right now. The LTD disability payments will only be made until I reach age 65. At that time I will only have my Social Security and retirement benefits to live on.

Please call us if you would like to discuss your claim. You can negotiate a payment plan with UNUM to discuss repayment of any money owed. You should look at your policy closely as UNUM may not be entitled to an overpayment for your retirement money. If benefits are overpaid on any claim, You must reimburse Us within 30 days. When I have my clients complete these General Authorizations, I usually have them cross out request for records relating to credit, financial, tax returns, etc.

Under federal law, for employers with 20 or more employees, a Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act Notice and Election Formmust to be provided to employees who are participating in the employer’s group health plan and to any of the terminating employee’s dependents on the plan. The Department of Health Care Services requires employers with 20 or more employees to provide the Health Insurance Premium Payment notice,DHCS 9061, to certain employees covered under the program. If termination is due to a layoff or position elimination covered under the WARN Act, notices need to be sent out 60 days prior to termination. Even assuming good cause exists for a delayed claim, CCR, title 22, section 1326–10, subdivision , imposes an outside limit of 13 weeks beyond the end of the benefit year.

Similarly, the employer has an obligation to provide reasonable accommodation whether the training occurs on the employer’s premises or elsewhere. If the applicant replies that s/he needs a reasonable accommodation, the employer may inquire as to what type. May an employer require an individual with a disability to accept a reasonable accommodation that s/he does not want? An employer may not require a qualified individual with a disability to accept an accommodation. If, however, an employee needs a reasonable accommodation to perform an essential function or to eliminate a direct threat, and refuses to accept an effective accommodation, s/he may not be qualified to remain in the job.

Assume that Medicare covers 180 days per year of inpatient care for individuals who are 65 or above. Based on this, Employer M’s policy provides only 180 days of hospital coverage per year for retirees who are 65 and over. Employer M has not violated the ADEA, because all retirees get coverage for 360 days of hospital care.

Even if an employer is an institution of higher education, it may not make age-based reductions in ERI benefits offered to its non-tenured employees. EXAMPLE – Employer T, a private, fully accredited university, offers its tenured faculty members an early retirement incentive. Those who retire between the ages of 55 and 60 can receive $15,000 in ERI benefits, and those who retire between the ages of 61 and 64 can receive $10,000 in ERI benefits.

If requested by VA, supporting documentation must be provided within a year of the request. There is no time limit for submitting an application for plot or internment expenses. A penalty period is a length of time when a Veteran isn’t eligible for pension benefits because they transferred assets for less than fair market value during the look-back period. We won’t pay pension benefits during a penalty period. If you transfer assets for less than fair market value during the look-back period, and those assets would have pushed your net worth above the limit for a VA pension, you may be subject to a penalty period of up to 5 years. You won’t be eligible for pension benefits during this time.

The following steps provide officers with further guidance on making GMC determinations based on the unlawful acts provision. Evidence of two or more DUI convictions during the statutory period establishes a rebuttable presumption that an applicant lacks GMC. An applicant who has been convicted of committing two or more gambling offenses or who derives his or her income principally from illegal gambling activities during the statutory period is precluded from establishing GMC.The gambling offenses must have been committed within the statutory period. This bar to GMC does not apply in certain cases where the applicant was involved in the smuggling of his or her spouse, parent, son, or daughter to enter the United States in violation of law before May 5, 1988. While the most common occurrence of false testimony is failure to disclose a criminal or other adverse record, false testimony can occur in other areas. False testimony may include, but is not limited to, facts about lawful admission, absences, residence, marital status or infidelity, employment, organizational membership, or tax filing information.

Kris, we cannot speak with respect to the SSA as we do not handle SSDI claims. However, as it relates to your Hartford claim – it would depend on the language in your policy as it relates to subrogation. Arguably, if the policy indicates Hartford can seek recovery of an overpayment stemming from a settlement that is the result of third party negligence that resulted in the disability, then Hartford could try to offset by any applicable settlement.

It is possible a veterans records were destroyed by fire. On July 12, 1973 a catastrophic fire ravaged the National Personnel Records Center . The fire destroyed between 16 and 18 million military personnel files.

For those who made a claim prior to April 4, retroactive payments will be included as well. A May survey of Texas business executives by the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas included a question on unemployment. Among those trying to recall workers or increase hours, 43% said that generous unemployment benefits were an impediment.

With the passage of the Railroad Safety Appliance in 1893, the number of accidents fell dramatically as air brakes and automatic couplers became required on all trains. That all people should know their duties was expressed in China in the first printed book, The Diamond Sutra, which was dedicated to “universal free distribution.” In the Chinese Buddhist tradition, one gains merit by copying or printing. The writing of the laws began in China in 536 BCE, when Xing Shu inscribed the code of punishments on a bronze tripod for all to see. Then, 20 years later a neighboring state inscribed the laws on an iron tripod, then private citizens copied them onto bamboo. For the next millennium, the Chinese government balanced the Confucian precepts of rule-by-man with the codified principles of rule-by-law. The Federal Emergency Management Agency hereby gives notice that pursuant to the authority vested in the Administrator, under Executive Order 12148, as amended, David G. Samaniego, of FEMA is appointed to act as the Federal Coordinating Officer for this major disaster.

Additionally, any convertible or exchangeable securities that we issue in the future may have rights, preferences and privileges more favorable than those of the Series A Preferred Stock and may result in dilution to owners of the Series A Preferred Stock. We and, indirectly, our stockholders, will bear the cost of issuing and servicing such securities. Because our decision to issue debt or equity securities in any future offering will depend on market conditions and other factors beyond our control, we cannot predict or estimate the amount, timing or nature of our future offerings. The holders of the Series A Preferred Stock will bear the risk of our future offerings, which may reduce the market price of the Series A Preferred Stock and will dilute the value of their holdings in us. As a result, an increase in prevailing interest rates would have an effect on the interest rates charged on the Notes, which rise and fall upon changes in interest rates. If prevailing interest rates or other factors result in higher interest rates, the increased interest expense would adversely affect our cash flow and our ability to service our indebtedness.

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Argue that the claimant did not owe the duty to the employer – An employee does not owe a duty to their employer to commit illegal or dishonest acts, or to perform work which endangers their safety or that of others. Employees also do not owe a duty to do work outside of their job description. A subpoena must be served in person to the employer or the witness. The claimant is not allowed to serve the subpoena themselves but can get a representative to do so. When the employer is the person being served, serving the person at the front desk is sufficient. The person who serves the subpoena must complete a proof of service to show who was served and when.

EXAMPLE – Under Employer Q’s service retirement plan, retirees receive periodic increases (e.g., based on inflation or an increased return on invested pension funds). Under the employer’s disability retirement plan, disability retirees get fixed benefits. Employers are not required to provide disability and/or service retirement plans for their employees. In addition, it does not violate the ADA for an employer to offer only a service retirement — but not a disability retirement — plan. Where an employer establishes either or both types of plans, however, it may not discriminate against employees with disabilities.

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Form POS AM ChargePoint Holdings,.

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Delvan, I believe you are saying that the disability insurance company will want an overpayment if SSDI is approved. If so, the insurance companies typically discount the overpayment amount by the amount you pay for your SSDI attorney. Thus, keep any documentation that the SSA or your SSDI attorney has sent you so that you can prove to the insurance company how much you paid in attorney fees for your SSDI claim. Dwayne, congratulations on getting approved for SSDI benefits. Moving forward, if you remain on claim with your LTD claim, obviously the insurance company will get to pay you less moving forward.

However, the tax claim against the debtor will rein a prepetition loss year for which the tax return was last due, including extensions, within 3 years before the petition was filed. Taxes for which an offer in compromise was withdrawn by the debtor, or rejected by a governmental unit, within 240 days before the petition date (§ 507) will also receive sixth priority. In the case of wages earned from and paid by the debtor before the filing of the petition, the employer’s share of the employment taxes on these wages paid by the debtor receives sixth priority or, if not entitled to that priority, are treated only as general claims. Under the House amendment, the employer’s share of employment taxes on wages earned by employees of the debtor, but paid by the trustee after the filing of the bankruptcy petition, will also receive sixth priority to the extent that claims for the wages receive third priority.

Under HITECH, we are subject to prosecution or administrative enforcement and increased civil and criminal penalties for non-compliance, including a four-tiered system of monetary penalties. We are also subject to enforcement by state attorneys general who were given authority to enforce HIPAA under HITECH, and who have authority to enforce state-specific data privacy and security laws. If regulations change, if we expand the territorial scope of our operations, or if it is determined that we are not in compliance with privacy regulations, we may be required to modify aspects of our program, which may adversely affect program results and our business or profitability. “Remuneration” is broadly defined to include anything of value, such as, for example, cash payments, gifts or gift certificates, discounts, or the furnishing of services, supplies, or equipment.

That this Court and other federal courts have allowed nontaxpayer suits challenging tax credits to proceed in the face of the anti-injunction provision is not at all controlling. Had the plaintiffs in those cases been barred from suit, there would have been no available forum at all for their claims. 448, 453–454 (three-judge court) (“The preferred course of raising objections in a suit for refund is not available. In this situation we cannot read the statute to bar the present suit”). See also Tax Analysts and Advocates v. Shultz, 376 F.

Florida should increase the percentage of eligible people actually receiving UI benefits (8.9 percent) to ensure that eligible workers are receiving the benefits they deserve. Barriers to receiving benefits, like a broken online system and pointless red tape that trip up applicants, must be eliminated. In fact, Florida’s recipiency rate, which looks at the proportion of jobless workers who actually receive benefits, is the worst in the entire country. The department intended the claimant to rely on its conduct or statement or led the claimant to believe he or she could rely on it. Whether he or she worked for anyone other than his or her regular employer on any day in the week, including self-employment. See the EDD’s Step by Step Guide on how to fill out the continued claim form.

Authorizingthe President to appoint an Area Redevelopment Administrator in the Department of Commerce to receive compensation equal to an Assistant Secretary. The Administrator is to perform such duties under the act as are assigned to him by the Secretary of Commerce. Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License; additional terms may apply. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Wikipedia® is a registered trademark of the Wikimedia Foundation, Inc., a non-profit organization.

EXAMPLE – Employer D provides long-term disability benefits pursuant to the terms of a bona fide written plan. The plan provides that all employees who are eligible for the benefits will receive the same monthly amount, regardless of their age. With respect to disabilities that occur at age 60 or earlier, however, the plan provides that benefits will cease when the recipient reaches age 65.

89, 101–103 (Stevens, J., dissenting); Runyon v. McCrary,427 U. S. In a contest between the dictionary and the doctrine of stare decisis, the latter clearly wins. The Court’s fine opinion, which I join without reservation, is consistent with these views. Footnote 13In confirming that cases of this order may be brought in federal court, we do not suggest that “state courts are second rate constitutional arbiters.” Post, at 1. Instead, we underscore that adjudications of great moment discerning no §1341 barrier, see supra, at 1–3, cannot be written off as reflecting nothing more than “unexamined custom,” post, at 2, or unthinking “habit,” post, at 15.

In addition, work opportunities in improving educational, recreational, or other community assets; the elimination of blight; or assisting in hospitals, libraries, playgrounds, and welfare activities may be provided under the direction of the States or local communities. Enrollees will be paid $60 a monthfor the first enrollment and an additional $5 a month for each subsequent enrollment; up to an additional $10 a month may be paid on the basis of assigned leadership responsibilities or special skills. Authorizes the Secretary of Laborto establish standards of safety, health, and conduct for enrollees, and to enter into agreements with the Secretary of HEW for provision for such services. The Secretary is also authorized to enter into agreements with Federal and State agencies for conservation and recreational area development. Extends for an additional 3 years the period during which certain tanning extracts may be imported free of duty, and the period during which extracts of hemlock or eucalyptus suitable for use for tanning may be imported free of duty. Repealsan amendment which limited to $500,000 the amount which an SBIC could provide to a single small business concern.

In fact, since CA is an at-will state, a person can be fired for no reason at all, even for being happy all the time. You can be getting an interview for no other reason than you selected “fired” on your UI application as opposed to your employer having said anything yet. We use cookies to improve security, personalize the user experience, enhance our marketing activities and for other business use.

= Authorizing Payments Under Service Contracts During The Coronavirus Emergency

As a result any request for inpatient medical records must include the name of the hospital, month of treatment, year of treatment and the veterans name and social security or service number. These records can also be requested following the previously discussed methods. Time and time again the VA will wrongfully deny a claim for compensation because they or the veteran could not locate their military medical records. Often times this is because the request for military medical records did not specifically request inpatient medical records. Inpatient medical records are treated differently than outpatient medical records.

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A Busy Morning For Gardiner Area Fire Departments.

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It is similar to letters I have drafted and/or encompasses the nature of specific releases I drafted for each individual doctor. I would suggest that you send the letter certified to have a signature confirmation that they received it, as paper trails are crucial when dealing with an insurance company. If you settled your claim then most likely there was a mutual release between you and the insurance company, meaning you both waived any rights you may have had, or would have under the policy. If so, then there would be little for you to worry about.

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Reversals are rare, with the most common result being either affirmation of the Board decision or remand for further consideration by the Board of one or more issues. As with the Board, the Court does not calculate awards or authorize payments, so even if a claimant-appellant wins a fully favorable decision at the Court, the decision and the C-file must be returned, first to the Board and then to the regional office or AMC from which it came. The Board will consider Advance on Docket motions on appeals for Veterans impacted by COVID-19;Click hereto find out how to file for AOD and what documentation is required.

California employment law operates much like the justice system. In a court case, you are innocent until proven guilty. In California, you are a non-exempt employee unless otherwise specified. This entitles you to unemployment insurance application certain protections and subjects your employer to specific regulations. Your employer has an implied responsibility to base termination decisions strictly on job performance and the needs of the business at large.

Can they stop her LTD benefits before she is approved for SSDI? Please advice as this is putting too much stress on her. Leticia, an insurance carrier can unfortunately terminate a claim for benefits at any time it determines that someone doesn’t meet the definition of disability or a certain policy provision is triggered. Typically retirement is a dollar for dollar california unemployment insurance calculator offset to an LTD benefit, but I have not encountered where a claim is denied because of receipt of same. Please feel free to have your sister, or you, contact our office to discuss the situation further. Vic, unfortunately, the policy language governing the claim would almost certainly indicate SSDI and DSSDI as a source of other income under the policy.

In California, if an employee does not call in or show up for work for three days in a row, does that meet the legal definition of job abandonment? If the employee abandons the job and you consider it a voluntary termination, or voluntary quit, then typically the employee cannot collect unemployment . Now that it is OK’d, they will not pay me the last two months of my claim because I did not turn in claims while I nervously waited for the appeal process. Send a job-abandonment letter that explains the employer’s position and requires the employee to contact the employer if there are any circumstances of which the employer is not aware, such as a medical issue that could potentially change the employer’s action.

Authorizingan annual appropriation of $10 million for retraining subsistence payments by the Department of Labor to unemployed workers who are undergoing training for a new job under the vocational training program. As a demonstration of the Senate’s “persistence,” it has, for the fourth time, passed a $451 million program in an effort to aid in alleviating the suffering in distressed areas hit by unemployment and underemployment—where it is substantial and continuous—not temporary and seasonal. Employment Rights Act 1996, for the UK approach to employment protection. See also, Contracts of Employment Act 1963, for the first modern UK law on the requirement to give reasonable notice before any dismissal. The doctrine of at-will employment has been heavily criticized for its severe harshness upon employees.

Therefore, an employer who does not normally transfer employees would still have to reassign an employee with a disability, unless it could show that the reassignment caused an undue hardship. And, if an employer has a policy prohibiting transfers, it would have to modify that policy in order to reassign an employee with a disability, unless it could show undue hardship. Under the FMLA, an eligible employee is entitled to a maximum of 12 weeks of leave per 12 month period. The FMLA guarantees the right of the employee to return to the same position or to an equivalent one.

If so, a surviving spouse can receive a monthly monetary benefit. Although a surviving spouse, or in some cases certain children and dependent parents, can file a DIC claim at any time even decades after the veteran died, the effective date of a DIC award is usually the date that VA receives the application. The exception in DIC cases is that if the application is received within one year of the veteran’s death, the effective date is the date of death.

We’re a bunch of designers, engineers, and insurance geeks primarily based in Palo Alto, California. We need to use our deep industry experience at companies including Intuit, American Express, PayPal, Check, and Oracle to remodel insurance for small companies. While we can’t give you a “general business insurance cost,”, we are able to let you know about a number of the factors that decide your small business insurance cost. Auto-Owners Insurance customers added this company profile to the doxo Directory.

However, the pure announcement of participation in a program might already have an impact on the job search behavior of job seekers. Based on administrative data alone, it is difficult to determine the behavioral mechanics of how ex ante effects operate, given that information on an individual’s job search is not included. In contrast, the IZA ED Survey includes information on both the subjective probability of participating in an ALMP program and very detailed information concerning the job search behavior of individuals, such as reservation wages and search channels. In addition, Table7 also shows separate numbers with respect to the receipt of education and placement vouchers.

They’ve told me I will be getting a letter in mail from them explaining more but I was so upset and distraut that I basically told em I need to think and hung up. They’ve called me Wednesday and today is Monday and still no letter. My LTD is not working hand and hand with my workerscomp and not sure how to get them working together and on the same page. You will have to wait until you receive the letter to determine who pays unemployment insurance what, if any, overpayment there is. As Worker’s Compensation and Long Term Disability are two separate benefits most likely administered by two different companies, it may be that they never get on the “same page.” When you receive the letter, please feel free to contact our office to discuss the alleged overpayment. Unum might consider a repayment plan if you do spend the back benefit check from SSDI.

I did not tell Hartford my TRS was paying as I was so ill I couldn’t have. SSDI was filed and rejected 3 times during all this. I just got approved for SSDI not have my gotten backpay or monthly benefits yet. Most likely your Social Security Retirement is an enumerated offset in your disability policy, which allows Unum to reduce your monthly benefit by same. If that is the case there is no way to collect the full amount from Unum as the policy would dictate the right to offset.

The IRS has estimated that the average time to complete an individual tax return will decrease by 4 to 7 percent. This would reduce the time of 15 hours spent filing Form 1040 to an average between 13.95 and 14.4 hours per Form 1040. If we expect 150 million individual income tax filers, this translates into a total time savings anywhere from 90 million to 157.5 million hours.

If an active market is not maintained, investors may have difficulty selling shares of our Series A Preferred Stock. If we are unable to generate or borrow sufficient cash to make payments on our indebtedness, our financial condition would be materially harmed, our business could fail, and shareholders may lose all of their investment. We may be subject to healthcare anti-fraud initiatives, which may lead to penalties and adversely affect our business. The healthcare industry is subject to extensive federal and state regulation with respect to kickbacks, physician self-referral arrangements, false claims and other fraud and abuse issues.

Read about FMLA and Pregnancy Disability Leave in websites. But FMLA needs at least 50 employees directly employed under the employer which I doubt they have. PDL also needs doctor’s note stating that employee is unfit to join work. My six week leave is up and I should be returning to work soon.

If there are additional wages earned that week, then the amount will be deducted from the Work Share benefits. Once a claimant has used their normal Unemployment Insurance benefits, they may be eligible for an extension through the Emergency Unemployment Compensation program and the Federal Extended Duration program. In California, EUC benefits are usually paid prior to Fed-ED benefits.558 Claimants cannot simultaneously collect both benefits. The notice will cite the Unemployment Insurance Code section, which is relevant to each issue and briefly summarize the requirements.

Does an employer have to change a person’s supervisor as a form of reasonable accommodation? An employer does not have to provide an employee with a new supervisor as a reasonable accommodation. Nothing in the ADA, however, prohibits an employer from doing so. Must an employer provide a reassignment if it would violate a seniority system? Generally, it will be “unreasonable” to reassign an employee with a disability if doing so would violate the rules of a seniority system.

Where a claimant had stopped filing claims and had no reason to keep the agency informed of his change of address, he had good cause to file a late appeal of a second determination that was issued unbeknownst to him after he had moved. McClewee v. National Center on Institutions and Alternatives, Inc., 1840-BR-94. Severance Pay and Final Paycheck Rules in California Your company may also choose to offer employees severance packages at termination.

Business partners conducting business with The Hartford may request copies of these completed forms from Box 9b reports your investment for a life annuity in a qualified plan or a 403. This is the already taxed amount you invested in the plan. A portion of every distribution that you receive will contain a return of basis. The taxpayer needs to know this number to accurately determine the taxable amount of a distribution as reported on the 1099-R. Taking money from your retirement accounts means you’ll receive Form 1099-R during the next tax season.

In 1984, our Legislature provided “whistleblower” protection in section 1102.5, subdivision , stating that an employer may not retaliate against an employee for disclosing a violation of state or federal regulation to a governmental or law enforcement agency. This provision reflects the broad public policy interest in encouraging workplace whistle blowers to report unlawful acts without fearing retaliation. Section 1102.5, subdivision , concerns employees who report to public agencies. It does not protect plaintiff, who reported his suspicions directly to his employer. Nonetheless, it does show the Legislature’s interest in encouraging employees to report workplace activity that may violate important public policies that the Legislature has stated. The state’s whistle blower statute includes administrative regulations as a policy source for reporting an employer’s wrongful acts and grants employees protection against retaliatory termination.

If hospialization occurs for a non-service connected condition and during the hospitalization a service connected disability is treated for over 21 days, then the 100% can be granted. VA benefits are available to compensate a veteran at the 100% level if he or she is not able to work because of service-connected conditions even without a 100% schedular rating. This benefit is called “total disability on the basis of individual unemployability”, (“TDIU”), or sometimes “individual unemployability, ” (“IU”). The Court has held that the symptoms listed in the disability codes are “not intended to constitute an exhaustive list, but rather are to serve as examples of the type and degree of symptoms, or their effects, that would justify a particular rating.”Mauerhan v. Principi, 16 Vet.

The back pay that they are requesting should only be from the date of onset of the SSDI benefits through the date they terminated my LTD benefits, correct? This would be nothing, or one month’s benefit reimbursement at the most. The answer to your question depends on the Deductible Income provision of your disability policy. You need to review your policy and contact your employer to ask if you will have an overpayment. I worked for HP for 15 years and paid heavily into all options, including LTD and SS… I was let go on May 29, 2009, which is the onset date SSDI determined my disability date.

Date: August 12, 2021