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Canada Unemployment Rate


In addition, benefits are usually paid only for a limited period of time. After filing a valid claim for unemployment benefits you need to register with our CLAIMANT PORTAL. The portal will allow you to submit information to our offices or print forms that are required for your claim. File a claim online to receive temporary income while you search for a job. File an Unemployment Insurance Claim Detailed information about filing an unemployment insurance claim. Since 1948, the end of the postwar period, the United States has experienced 11 recessions.

It would not set up a Federal system of unemployment compensation but would make it possible for the States to pass laws. Uniformity was also to be obtained to the extent that contributions could be expended solely for benefit purposes and by the deposit of State funds in the Federal Treasury. Although the subsidy plan could operate only if it received an adequate annual appropriation by Congress, the credit-offset device provided that, since contributions were collected directly by the State, administration would not depend so completely on Federal action. In this connection, it was assumed that there would be no pressure for increased expenditures by the Federal Government since benefits came solely from contributions paid into the State fund. The statutory federal unemployment tax rate is 6.0 percent of the first $7,000 of each worker’s annual pay . Employers in states that fully comply with federal regulations receive a 5.4 percent credit against that tax, and pay an effective tax of $42 per worker, per year—a powerful incentive to comply with federal oversight.

Such an analysis requires aligning each state’s UI benefit rules with the UI payments we observe in the data. 3.Figures A1 and A2 in the Appendix show the levels of spending in 2019 and 2020 and the year-over-year change in spending in 2020 for UI recipients versus the employed. They show that in the pre-COVID period, the spending of these two groups move almost exactly together, indicating that the two groups experience very similar week-to-week fluctuations in spend. However, beginning in late March, 2020, when COVID-19 causes substantial changes in the US economy, the two series diverge. Although spending declines for everyone, it declines most for the unemployed . “Cutting off the $600 boost to unemployment benefits would be both cruel and bad economics.” Economic Policy Institute Working Economics Blog, June 26, 2020.

See Figure 10 for a comparison of unemployment benefits and average duration of benefits by state. Benefit-Wage Ratio, used by Delaware and Oklahoma, calculates experience rating based on the proportion of the firm’s payroll paid to workers who separate during a base period. Benefits are changed from a flat 26 weeks to a sliding scale based on the state’s unemployment level. When unemployment is 5 percent or less, recipients can receive up to 12 weeks of benefits. Each 0.5 percent increase in the rate adds another week of benefits, up to a maximum of 23 weeks when unemployment is 10.5 percent or higher .

The base period is the most recent four out of the last five full calendar quarters before your claim is filed in most states. For example, if you file a claim in April 2015, the base period used to calculate eligibility would be January 2014 through December 2014. If you are laid off from a job due to downsizing, your employer closes their doors, or for any number of reasons you are no longer employed through no fault of your own, you are more than likely eligible for unemployment insurance benefits. However, if you quit your job or you are fired for just cause, you may not be able to collect benefits. The Act extended unemployment insurance benefits to the self-employed and independent contractors. The federal government provides temporary full funding for the first week of unemployment.

Also finding an extension was the popular domestic Nonbusiness Energy Property Tax Credit, but with some limitations. Patching the Alternative Minimum Tax to ensure an additional 21 million households will not face a tax increase. This was done by increasing the exemption amount and making other targeted changes. The negative revenue impact of this measure was estimated at $136 billion.The above three measures are intended to provide relief to more than 100 million middle-class families and prevent an annual tax increase of over $2,000 for the typical family. 4.If we had constructed Figure A1 in event time, we would have labeled April 19 as 0, Mar 29 as -3 to denote three weeks before the first UI payment, and May 10 as 3 to denote three weeks after the first UI payment. Cajner, Tomaz, Leland D. Crane, Ryan A. Decker, John Grigsby, Adrian Hamins-Puertolas, Erik Hurst, Christopher Kurz, and Ahu Yildirmaz.

You can only claim benefits for the weeks that you were legally allowed to work. File your UI claim by accessing the paperUnemployment Insurance Application. For faster and secure processing, fax the completed application to the number listed on the form. If you mail your application, use the address listed on the form and allow additional time for processing. You can contact your localAmerica’s Job Center of California for help with mailing or faxing a paper UI application.

Among the other most unemployed states and territories are typically the District of Columbia, New Mexico, and West Virginia. United States Unemployment Rate The US unemployment rate rose to 3.7 percent in June 2019 from a 49-year low of 3.6 percent in the previous month and above market expectations of 3.6 percent. The number of unemployed increased by 87 thousand to 6.0 million while employment went up by 247 thousand to 157.0 million. Wages Subject to Unemployment Insurance TaxWages Subject to Unemployment Insurance Tax Payments by the day, by the hour, by piece rate or any other measurement are wages for purposes of unemployment insurance. Unemployment Insurance Benefits and COVID-19Unemployment Insurance Benefits and COVID-19 Payments by the day, by the hour, by piece rate or any other measurement are wages for purposes of unemployment insurance.

Over that span, the federal government has employed various methods to push back unemployment caused by these cyclical contractions of the economy. Another example is small family farmers, whose farms cannot match the economic power of wealthy agri-businesses. When they fail to find jobs, they add to the structural unemployment statistics, as do factory workers whose employers have moved operations to low-wage countries. U-3 – Official unemployment rate, the total unemployed as a percentage of the civilian labor force. The responses help the BLS produce an estimate of the number of employed Americans vs. the number of unemployed people.

File For Regular Unemployment Insurance

In order to file for EB, you must have already exhausted your regular UI benefits and federal Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation benefits. If you have an existing PUA claim as of December 27, 2020, or you file a new initial PUA claim before January 31, 2021, and you receive PUA on or after December 27, 2020, you must provide documentation within 90 days. Sometimes he’d spend three to four hours a day on hold while practicing violin or browsing job ads on the internet. He also started contacting organizations he thought might be able to help. Eventually, he connected with a paralegal at the Legal Aid Society, who sent an email to two New York labor department officials asking to expedite his case.

You should always file your unemployment benefits claim in the state where you worked. But if you no longer live in that state or you worked in several states, you should contact your current state unemployment agency for clarification on how to proceed. The single most important thing to remember when dealing with unemployment insurance is to file a claimas soon as possibleafter you become unemployed. The downside of unemployment benefits is that paying them can, like any othergovernment spending, increase budget deficits and add to the government debt.

Does Receiving A Pension Affect My Benefits?

State UI taxes pay for the core program promise of up to twenty-six weeks of benefits. Federal UI taxes are placed in trust funds and are used to pay for the administration of the program by states, as well as any extended benefits given to the long-term unemployed during recessions. One important distinction between our data and the national population of UI recipients is that we only observe households receiving UI via direct deposit. Data from the Federal Reserve show that the bulk of unemployment benefits nationally are paid via prepaid debit card, which we do not observe .

The commission operated until February 22, 1939, when it was replaced with the Bureau of Unemployment Compensation. This could build on the existing right of certain nonprofit organizations, government agencies, and Indian tribes to self-fund unemployment benefit costs. There was also growing interest at the time among insurance companies in introducing UI plans to the public.

PUA provides assistance for unemployed or partially unemployed individuals who are not eligible for regular unemployment insurance and who are unable or unavailable to work due to COVID-19 related circumstances. For each additional week of delay in starting benefits, spending falls by about 2.25 percent. In normal times, spending among unemployment benefit recipients falls by about seven percent in response to unemployment because typical benefits replace only a fraction of lost earnings. However, in March 2020, the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act added a $600 weekly supplement to state unemployment benefits, replacing lost earnings by more than 100 percent for two-thirds of unemployed workers eligible, by some estimates. As a result, for benefit spells which begin after workers receive this supplement, we find dramatically different spending patterns for the unemployed compared to normal times. Although average spending fell for all households as the economy shut down at the start of the pandemic, we find that unemployed households actually increased their spending beyond pre-unemployment levels once they began receiving benefits.

No, if EDD has wages reported from an employer over the last 18 months that would qualify you for a regular UI claim, then the EDD is required by law to proceed with a regular UI claim for you. You were misclassified by your employer as an independent contractor OR your employer reported may have inadvertently reported your wage information incorrectly to the EDD. If you believe our record of your employment wages isn’t accurate, you may provide us with a brief summary of why you disagree with the notice and information about your wages, and request that we investigate your case.

If you submit a new claim and you do not meet the minimum earnings requirements in the regular base period, we will re-compute your claim using an alternate base period. This period consists of the last four completed calendar quarters before the starting date of your claim. While you must still meet the same overall earnings requirements, the alternate base period will allow some of your more recent wages to be counted towards establishing your claim.

This does not reduce the total amount of benefits someone may receive. Social security ensures employee protection against unemployment, disease, old age and occupational accidents. In 2003, the government began to consolidate its welfare organizations to eliminate redundancy and inefficiency. In 2003 the minimum standard pension was 50% of the worker’s earnings but no less than the minimum wage. Iran spent 22.5% of its 2003 national budget on social welfare programs of which more than 50% covered pension costs. The intent is to make the country self-sufficient by 2015 and replace the payment of $100 billion in subsidies annually with targeted social assistance.

Requests for a joint hearing on fraud in pandemic-era programs have fallen on deaf ears for months, and letters to the Biden Administration have gone unanswered. Democrats unanimously voted against a proposalofferedby Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) that would require states to verify identity and receive documentation of prior wages of applicants for Pandemic Unemployment Assistance before authorizing benefits. Republicans have been sounding the alarm on the rampant fraud and abuse in COVID unemployment programs for months. The lack of variation in this regard does open up the possibility that the exclusion of these workers from UI programs is not just an example of policy diffusion, but of the performativity of policy norms within expert communities. The implications of this process by which well-meaning reformers can unknowingly unleash such widespread economic violence are of particular concern for social policy experts today. The welfare state is, in part, a global process of information exchange among policy elites and has been for at least a century.

If you are self-employed, you may qualify for benefits through the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance program. We will use this information to process your employees’ claims or restarts. However, there is no such policy currently on the horizon, and Rouse says that young workers will be financially scarred for years to come.

Most often, consumers were told that they needed to purchase gift cards to use as payments for a government agency bill, a ransom, a utility bill, tech support, or to avoid an arrest. The reasons they presented varied, but they always came back to the idea that a consumer must go to a retail outlet, purchase physical gift cards, and then provide the PIN numbers on the cards to the scammer. Reports suggest scammers favored certain brands of gift cards and those changed over time.

How To Apply For Unemployment Insurance In Times Of Covid

No deductions are made from the worker’s wages to finance Unemployment Insurance Benefits. Eligibility for Unemployment Insurance Benefits is based on wages earned not on family financial resources. Unemployment Insurance is not Welfare, Social Security, Workman’s Compensation, or Disability Assistance. There are a variety of benefit and aid programs to help you if you lose your is a good place to start. It can help with unemployment insurance benefits, job training, and finding a job.

Once your application is submitted and “pending” DOL has told us that it may take 3 weeks to review and verify your information. Unlike the past, however, it is no longer necessary for DOL to call you back after you file your application. If you are unable to file or missed your day to file, you can still do so on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday and it will be counted as if you filed on your “assigned” delaware unemployment insurance day.Remember, you should apply as soon as possible. The NYS Department of Labor says, “If you have already been notified that your application has been received by DOL no additional action on your part is needed. Unfortunately, if you started an application for unemployment or PUA benefits before June 3, 2020 but did not complete it you will need to start a new application for benefits.

Panel a of appendix table A1 contains summary statistics for the main demographics in the SIPP and BRFSS samples, and panel b contains statistics on the main outcomes of interest. In each panel, the first column presents information for the main sample of job losers in the SIPP, observed 12 months before to 24 months after job loss. The second column provides statistics for the SIPP sample used to calculate UI generosity; hence, it contains one observation per job loser and at the time of job loss. The last two columns contain summary statistics for the BRFFS sample, separately for unemployed and employed workers. The second main source of data is the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System , a telephone-based cross-sectional survey that collects information on health status and major personal health behaviors.

All states also disqualify illegal immigrants, professional athletes during the off-season, school employees during summer, and full-time students enrolled in universities. Relying too little on experience rating means society is heavily subsidizing employers with highly volatile employment practices, by allowing them to be cost-competitive with more stable employers. The GAO, studying industries in Washington State, found that finance, services, and retailers are likely subsidizing agriculture, fishing, mining, and construction. Payroll Variation, used by Alaska, bases experience rating on changes to a firm’s payroll. Firms with recent layoff activity pay higher rates while firms with no layoffs in the past three years pay the lowest rate.

During the Great Recession, unemployment benefits were extended by 73 weeks. Under the joint federal-state program, most states pay a maximum of twenty-six weeks in benefits, starting after a one-week waiting period. These benefits replace about one-third of gross wages for people with average or below-average incomes.

You will receive by mail instructions on how to verify your identity. You have 10 calendar days from the mail date to send the EDD two different identity documents from the list ofAcceptable Documents for Identity Verification . Once they verify your identity, you’ll receive a new notice telling you what EDD’s wage records show for weekly UI benefit payments if you meet all other eligibility requirements. The CARES Act extended benefits by time as well as money, adding an extra 13 weeks.

Economists have proposed various reforms to reduce the adverse effects of unemployment while still assisting people who lose their jobs. One of the more modest reforms suggested has been to reduce the minimum tax rate on employers and raise the maximum tax rate, so that the taxes they pay more closely reflect their layoff rates. A more extreme proposal, made by Robert Topel, is to experience-rate individual workers so that workers with a history of long unemployment spells pay higher tax rates. The federal government has already adopted one reform suggested by economists across the ideological spectrum. The 1986 Tax Reform Act eliminates the tax bias in favor of unemployment insurance by taxing unemployment benefits just like other income.

After vetoing legislation that would have authorized private insurance companies to offer unemployment insurance, then-New York Governor Franklin Roosevelt assembled a six-state commission to develop recommendations for unemployment insurance programs. Consequently, this may be an appropriate time for the federal government and the states to contemplate significant changes to the structure of unemployment insurance taxation and benefits. maryland unemployment insurance Program design alternatives could offer more innovative and more sustainable methods to find jobs for the short-term and long-term unemployed while preserving benefits to support them in the meantime. These changes can enhance the program’s ultimate goal of ensuring a viable safety net for transition periods between employment. Later iterations of the bill went into greater detail on how the system would be financed and managed.

That is the highest number of initial jobless claims in history, since the Department of Labor started tracking the data in 1967. The previous high was 695,000 claims filed in the week ending October 2, 1982. Good cause means compelling reasons arising from the work environment that the claimant told the employer about and gave the employer time to correct before leaving.

If you filed the appeal, and you do not appear at the time of hearing or are not available to take the call within 10 minutes after the hearing starting time, the Hearing Officer will allow the other parties and witnesses to leave. Even if you are available later, the hearing cannot be held if the other side is not present. If the appeal was filed by another party, the hearing will proceed on schedule without you.

Pat has more than 30 years of experience in monitoring and analyzing state budgets and policies affecting low income families and children, including the founding and management of Michigan’s Children’s Budget Watch project. Pat received her law degree in 1986 from the Thomas M. Cooley Law School and her master’s in social work from the University of Michigan in 1978. Kelsey Perdue joined the League in 2019 as the Kids Count Project Director.

The Hearing Officer will control the hearing to prevent intimidation or discourtesy and will assist you when necessary in presenting your case. If you are taken by surprise or confused about what to do next, ask the Hearing Officer for help. Please remember, however, that the Hearing Officer must exclude evidence that is repetitious or not relevant. At the time of the hearing, the interested parties will be together, either by telephone or in person. The Hearing Officer will introduce documents or other material evidence. The Hearing Officer will explain the hearing procedures and issues to be decided.

This search covers most of the frequently requested licenses, certifications, registrations, and filings that the State of Delaware requires. However, this is not a fully exhaustive list of every possible requirement. Please consult with the appropriate state agencies to find out if there are additional requirements you must fulfill. Employers with employees in Delaware must determine their Unemployment Insurance liability and then must report quarterly. Prior to September 2020, the seasonally adjusted UI claims series used multiplicative seasonal adjustment factors. ETA incorporated additive seasonal factors with the UI claims data issued through the news release on September 3, 2020.

You will be asked a series of questions to help the EDD determine your eligibility to receive UI benefits. If you receive aNotice of Unemployment InsuranceAward showing $0 in benefits, and you know that you are self-employed or an independent contractor so you do not appeal this decision on your UI claim, then you may apply for PUA by filing a new claim throughUI Online. If you receive a specific notice called the Notice of Status of Wages , indicating that you do not have sufficient earnings to qualify for regular UI, then you may apply for PUA by filing a new claim throughUI Online. If you appeal the Notice of Status of Wages on your regular UI claim, then you should not apply for PUA. If you are not a U.S. citizen, you can only be paid PUA benefits if you were legally working in the United States when you were affected by COVID-19.

The application avenues that are available to residents will vary by state. As for the time it takes to receive your first benefit, you’ll typically have to wait about two to three weeks after filing. Due to the coronavirus-caused business interruption and the massive layoffs that ensued, millions of Americans filed for unemployment claims in 2020 – many for the first time in their lives. Department of Labor showed that in just five weeks , the number of initial unemployment claims surged to more than 26 million – resulting in an estimated 23% unemployment rate, close on the heels of the Great Depression’s 24.9% rate. Effective Date -The effective date of your initial claim is the Sunday prior to the day that you first file your claim for unemployment insurance.

Workers who have been placed on a temporary layoff but refuse to return to work when recalled by their employer will lose reemployment assistance benefits. In addition, there were other Federal grants to broaden and reinforce maternal and child health welfare services, which were eventually pooled and named the Aid to Families with Dependent Children program. This was replaced in 1996 with a new program for Temporary Assistance for Needy Families. The Act also provided grants to the States for the Old-Age Assistance and Aid to the Blind programs. These programs were for people who were ineligible for Social Security or whose benefits did not supply enough for basic living essentials.

Apply for unemployment benefits during your first week of unemployment or partial unemployment. You can apply for benefits online, over the telephone or at an unemployment office. If we switch to basing tax rates on changes in workforce hours, we eliminate the incentives to deny workers benefits but keep the incentives for retaining rather than terminating employees. $600 per week per worker in additional unemployment compensation, which will amount to full wage replacement for many workers. “We’re doing everything we can to get out ahead of what’s going to be a severe economic crisis, and step one is securing the most significant expansion of unemployment insurance in history. Unemployment insurance was created in 1932, when no one could have imagined how the nature of work would change over the next century.

  • Individuals who filed an initial claim before January 31, 2021, must upload this documentation within 90 days of receiving the action item, and individuals who filed an initial claim after January 31, 2021, must upload this documentation within 21 days.
  • Karen Holcomb-Merrillcurrently serves as the Chief Operating Officer with the League.
  • With a traditional severance plan, employers are responsible for payment of the full amount, regardless of the duration of unemployment.
  • Third, UI leads to longer unemployment spells and decreased time spent working among job losers, which could affect health through changes in time use.
  • The ease with which employers can uncover this information is one good reason why it’s a bad idea tolie on your resume or job application.
  • All later benefits are deposited onto your Reliacard or bank account.

Please ensure that you answer the questions correctly for the week displayed. To file your weekly claim certification, you can select “Weekly Certification” from the menu on the left side of your portal screen. When you file your weekly claim certification by phone, you will choose your preferred language, and then press 1 to begin filing your weekly claim certification. You will need to enter your Social Security number and PIN to access the questions. When you return to work, you must report the wages earned during the week you first work, regardless of whether you have been paid.

The data items include monthly estimates of labor force, employment, unemployment volume and unemployment rate for historical and current year. These estimates are produced by the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development. Comparable labor force data for the United States can be obtained from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. The unemployment rate held steady at 4.0% in Minnesota in June, on a seasonally adjusted basis. The number of unemployed rose by 515, to 121,637 unemployed workers, and the number of employed increased by 1,494 to 2,909,753. The unemployed are people of working age who are without work, are available for work, and have taken specific steps to find work.

Another reason for third stimulus checks: Jobless benefits not reaching 8 million people – CNBC

Another reason for third stimulus checks: Jobless benefits not reaching 8 million people.

Posted: Wed, 03 Feb 2021 08:00:00 GMT [source]

By clicking “I agree” below, you consent to the use by us and our third-party partners of cookies and data gathered from your use of our platforms. See our Privacy Policy and Third Party Partners to learn more about the use of data and your rights. Podkul says aging technology created problems for all states, including Pennsylvania, but some easy ways to reduce fraud include better identity verification and database cross checks, to ensure people aren’t filing for unemployment in multiple states at once. During the pandemic, there also came a wave of people filing fraudulent claims. A California real estate broker raked in more than $500,000 within half a year. A Nigerian government official is accused of pocketing over $350,000 in less than six weeks.

To protect your potential right to a training extension ,contact UIto let EDD know that you are interested before your 16th week of benefit payments. If the maximum award of your claim is less than 16 weeks, you must contact EDD before your claim reaches a zero balance. If you choose to receive payments via a debit card, Bank of America will mail you a card once benefit payments are available. Due to the high volume of claims being processed, it may take a few extra days to receive your EDD Debit Card in the mail. You must submit this form every two weeks to request your benefit payments. This process, known as certifying for benefits, provides the EDD with information to determine your eligibility.

Under a SUB Plan, the employer-paid severance benefit is offset by the amount of State Unemployment the employee is eligible to receive. Displaced employees maintain their pre-displacement wage, while employers save 30-50% when compared to traditional severance. The Reemployment and Trade Unit will provide instructions to your employer when your Plan begins. Your employer will then provide you with instructions for filing a claim. You do not need to contact the UI office to file for your weekly WS benefits. If you are filing for regular UI benefits, you must contact a local office.

Alicia has an extensive background advocating for improved outcomes for children and families through her work in the nonprofit sector with Michigan’s Children, Community Economic Development Association of Michigan, and School-Community Health Alliance of Michigan. Additionally, as Democratic Central Staff for the Michigan House of Representatives, she served as the lead analyst on issues affecting children, families, and seniors, along with immigration, women’s health, and regulatory reform. Prior to joining the League, Alicia was with the Office of Economic Development at the Michigan Department of Transportation.

If you select “Pay My Benefits Via Direct Deposit” you will be prompted to provide your bank account information, including the account type, bank name, routing number, and account number. For detailed instructions and additional information, please visit the Direct Deposit of Benefit Payments FAQs. NYCON members who use First Nonprofit’s programs enjoy enduring savings and improved efficiency. Our association knows that success, because from the beginning, we achieved the same great benefits.

This is called the hearing packet and it is very important that you review all the materials. The case number will appear on the Notice of Telephone Hearing mailed to you. If your address changes while you are a party to an appeal, you should immediately notify OAH and the UI Division through which the claim was filed of the change. A party failing to do so may not receive important correspondence about the appeal. If you are a claimant who is claiming benefits while an appeal is still pending, you should continue to report to the UI Division as required, and file bi-weekly claims. You are responsible for knowing when you are scheduled to request payment.

To be eligible for the UI program, an individual must lose his or her job without fault of his or her own. The literature on the benefits of UI is more limited and is primarily focused on the consumption-smoothing benefits of the program (Gruber, 1997; Browning & Crossley, 2001; East & Kuka, 2015). These studies show that higher UI payments lead to a smaller drop in consumption when an individual is laid off.

The Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation program provided an additional 13 weeks of unemployment benefits to people who had exhausted all available regular and extended unemployment benefits through December 31, 2020. The EB program contains “look-back” provisions that trigger benefits off if there has been no significant increase in unemployment over the past two years. This allows extended benefits to trigger off while the labor market remains weak . Additionally, after the 20 weeks of tier 1 and 2 EB benefits, further extensions have to be legislated on an ad hoc basis by Congress.Trigger off extended benefits in phases according to better measures of labor market distress.

Two systems run in parallel, combining a Ghent system and a minimum level of support provided by Kela, an agency of the national government. Unionization rates are high (70%), and union membership comes with membership in an unemployment fund. Usually, benefits require 26 weeks of 18 hours per week on average, and the unemployment benefit is 60% of the salary and lasts for 500 days. When this is not available, Kela can pay either regular unemployment benefit or labor market subsidy benefits. The latter requires participation in training, education, or other employment support, which may be mandated on pain of losing the benefit, but may be paid after the regular benefits have been either maxed out or not available. Although the unemployment funds handle the payments, most of the funding is from taxes and compulsory tax-like unemployment insurance charges.

Initial jobless claims have a big impact in financial markets because unlike continued claims data which measures the number of persons claiming unemployment benefits, Initial jobless claims measures new and emerging unemployment. Everyone receiving at least $1 in unemployment benefits gets an extra $300 per week for each eligible week from December 27, 2020, until Sept. 4, 2021. Your approximate weekly benefit amount will be the total of your highest 2½ quarters of base period earnings divided by 65. Total wages earned during base period must be at least 7% of the state’s average annual wage.ORTotal wages earned during base period must be at least 50% of the state’s average annual wage.

Beginning with the week indicated on your UI Online Payment Instructions, you must use UI Online or TeleCert every week you are requesting benefits. You will need your BYE date, your social security number and your 4-digit PIN to certify for weekly benefits. Once you’ve filed a UI claim, you must certify for your weekly benefit payment every week you are unemployed or under-employed using UI Online/TeleCert.

This week, a state judge in Ohio denied an appeal to restore the pandemic aid to jobless residents while he considers the case. Enhanced federal jobless benefits are set to expire in many states on Labor Day. In order to reduce hold times for telephone filings, claims will be taken on specific days, based on the first letter of the claimant’s last name. Report a FraudIf you suspect fraud, there are several ways you can report it.

Most importantly, 63 percent of all wages insured by the program are in twenty-three states that have no potential to reach the forward funding target by the time another recession is likely to hit. Speaking later on Thursday morning, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin downplayed last week’s surge in unemployment claims in an interview with CNBC, calling the numbers “not relevant” because they pre-dated an economic relief bill passed by Congress on Wednesday. That bill includes support for workers, including checks from the government and expanded unemployment benefits.

The program was established by the federal Social Security Act in 1935. Much of the federal program is implemented through the Federal Unemployment Tax Act. Each state administers a separate unemployment insurance program, which must be approved by the Secretary of Labor, based on federal standards.

This dashboard allows for exploration of these measures and trends in the State of Nevada. The reforms could be modest, such as eliminating the firewall between administrative costs and benefits, reducing cross-subsidies through greater use of experience ratings, and relying more on face-to-face training and advising. The reforms could be major, such as adopting elements of state workers’ compensation programs and experimenting with individual accounts to enhance saving. Keynesian economists today refer to such a policy as countercyclical—that is, a policy that cools down the economy in an upswing or stimulates an economy in a downswing. These commentators assert that UI benefits are countercyclical, and further, that they are effective at retaining and even creating jobs. This conclusion relies on Keynesian economic models’ focus on boosting “aggregate demand,” or overall spending in the economy, and the contention that UI benefit recipients are more likely to spend rather than save their benefits.

1977 –The Trudeau government simplifies the benefit duration formula, but adds a variable entrance requirement based on the unemployment rate in the region where someone lives. Workers who live in a low unemployment region must work twice as long to qualify for benefits as workers living in a high unemployment region. FPUC covers individuals currently receiving regular UI or PUA, and individuals eligible under PEUC . In addition to regular UI or PUA benefits, eligible individuals will receive an additional $300 per week. This additional benefit will be available week ending January 2, 2021 through September 4, 2021.

You must report the weekly jury duty stipend when requesting unemployment benefits for that week. If you are also working part-time while on jury duty, you must combine all earnings for the reporting week. If you were denied regular unemployment insurance because of monetary ineligibility (i.e. insufficient qualifying wages/inconsistent employment history), you may be eligible for Pandemic Unemployment Assistance.

The distribution of LWA benefits was administered by state unemployment offices and states could use up to 5% of DRF funds to cover administrative costs, subject to cost sharing requirements. Federal grants to the states to fund the administration of these programs are recorded as federal government current expenditures on line 31 of NIPA Table 3.2 and as state and local government current receipts on line 18 of NIPA Table 3.3. This program paid for up to 39 weeks of unemployment benefits between January 27, 2020 and December 31, 2020. There are no federal standards governing who can receive UI, how much money, or for how long.

‘It just sucks’: America’s jobless owe thousands of dollars in taxes on their unemployment – The Washington Post

‘It just sucks’: America’s jobless owe thousands of dollars in taxes on their unemployment.

Posted: Tue, 02 Mar 2021 08:00:00 GMT [source]

Heidi Shierholz, a former chief economist for the US Department of Labor who is now with the Economic Policy Institute, called the surge in unemployment claims just the tip of the iceberg. As a result, economists are expecting millions of job losses in the coming weeks. But in the last couple weeks, the coronavirus outbreak has forced many businesses to suddenly shut down as the country tries to slow the spreading virus. For many businesses that also means laying off or furloughing workers, at least temporarily. Initial jobless claims soared to a seasonally adjusted 3.28 million in the week ended March 21, according to the Department of Labor. The Hearing Officer has a duty to provide a full, fair, and courteous hearing to all parties.

On April 9, 1931, the Ohio legislature created the Ohio Unemployment Insurance Commission. The legislature charged the commission to “investigate the possibility of setting up unemployment reserves or insurance funds to provide against the risk of unemployment.” The commission released its final report on October 26, 1932. The commissioners called for the creation of a state unemployment insurance program that the Ohio Unemployment Insurance Commission would administer. This plan would require every business in Ohio to contribute to the fund. Due to fears that the increased tax burden on businesses might bankrupt some companies, the Ohio legislature refused to act on the commission’s proposal immediately.

If you chose not to withhold any taxes, then you will be required to pay the appropriate taxes on the total benefits received when you pay your taxes. Virginia, like all other states, pays unemployment benefits from its Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund, which is financed through payroll taxes paid by employers. When higher numbers of workers are laid off and apply for unemployment insurance, taxes on businesses increase based on a formula to help replenish the trust fund. Americans have access to Unemployment Compensation , the Extended Benefit program, the Families First Act and various other unemployment insurance programs. In most states, unemployment compensation provides up to 26 weeks of benefits for those who meet its eligibility requirements. For instance, Montana provides up to 28 weeks of UI, but Idaho, Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, Georgia and Florida offer fewer than 26 weeks.

There is no need to call several witnesses to testify to the same occurrence or facts. You may need more than one witness, however, to cover different occurrences or facts. If your witness will not agree to testify, contact the OAH immediately. If the witness is necessary to your case, the Hearing Officer will, at your request, issue a subpoena which will compel the witness to testify. The representative questions witnesses, makes legal objections, and makes a closing statement. In most cases the claimant represents him or herself and a business is represented by one of its employees.

Table 4, drawn from Social Security Programs throughout the World, shows that no programs prior to 1935 included both agricultural workers and domestic servants. Many UI programs after 1935 included categorical exclusions of small firms, family workers, and the self-employed that would have largely excluded these groups as well. It is not until the 1970s that these workers become explicitly covered by national UI schemes. The only UI programs that appear to be universal from the outset are those originating in eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union in the early 1990s during the transition to capitalism. If you try to do that, you are going to have to spend more money in administering the act than you will ever collect. And when that leaks out they will come to me and say, “You are a hell of an advocate of social insurance.

Here is a brief overview of the application process and the new unemployment insurance benefits and PUA programs. This material may become outdated due to rapidly changing events, so please check back periodically for important changes and updates. The employer may designate with the department its preferred method of notice. If an employer does not make a designation, then notices must be made by United States mail. “Extended benefits” means benefits (including benefits payable to Federal civilian employees and to ex-servicemen pursuant to 5 U.S.C. Chapter 85) payable to an individual under the provisions of this section for weeks of unemployment in his eligibility period.

Modern observers may be surprised that organized labor was a key opponent of compulsory state unemployment insurance. At the time, unemployment was viewed as a problem to be addressed by the workers themselves, their unions, and perhaps the states; at most, the federal government would hold a hearing or a conference but further action was considered undesirable and even unconstitutional. Ideas for combatting unemployment included providing free transportation to the West for the unemployed , immigration restrictions, public works jobs, currency and tariff reform, shorter work days, and better education. “In general, the emphasis lay on prevention of unemployment more than on amelioration of the problems of the worker without a job.” Enacted in 1935 as part of the Social Security Act, the federal unemployment insurance program was modeled after similar programs implemented in Britain , Italy , Germany , and 18 other countries.

Unemployment insurance benefits are calculated for hours you work and income you earn in what is known as a base period. Literally defined, a base period is information used to base the amount of benefits you will receive. Because each state administers its own program, the dollar amounts and duration of benefits will vary from state to state. Benefits are not based on financial need, and anyone meeting unemployment insurance eligibility criteria can collect benefits. Under the direction of the United States Department of Labor, unemployment benefits are administered by each state.

On December 16, 1936, the Ohio legislature did enact a law, the Ohio Unemployment Compensation Law, designed to provide unemployment insurance for Ohio’s workers. One commissioner was to represent the employers, another commissioner was to protect the interests of the workers, and the final commissioner was to take into consideration the needs of the wider public. The commissioners were to distribute funds to the state’s unemployed workers.

The alternative base period consists of the last four completed calendar quarters immediately before the first day of your benefit year. Be on the lookout for websites that mimic government unemployment insurance websites, including state workforce agency sites as well as texts claiming to be from state workforce agency unemployment insurance divisions. Criminals create these websites and scam texts to trick people into disclosing personally identifiable and sensitive information. The first social insurance that became available was workers’ compensation. These laws ensured that the industry was responsible for costs when a worker was injured or killed while working. Workers’ compensation laws were in effect in all but four states by 1929.

Once you have received the micro deposits in your account, you must return to your BEACON portal to confirm the amounts that were deposited. In some cases, a claimant’s bank account cannot be verified because the personal information listed for a claimant in BEACON 2.0 does not match the information associated with the claimant’s bank account. These details must match and be verified to enroll in direct deposit. If you do not have an account with a financial institution, but would like to select direct deposit as your payment method, consider opening a bank or credit union account. If you are an existing claimant, you must log into BEACON 2.0 portal or the MD Unemployment for Claimants mobile app on or after April 30, 2021, to update your payment method. If you are a new claimant, you will be required to choose your preferred payment method when you file your initial claim.

In addition, you will be required to repay the amount you received illegally as well as penalty amounts which are added to each week that was fraudulently claimed. As part of our fraud prevention efforts, the Department regularly conducts several types of audits to detect improper benefit payments. Mexico City Unemployment Benefit Scheme – The only unemployment insurance system based on worker contributions exists in Mexico City. For example according to the Department of Labor, the month of April 2015 saw the lowest four week moving average of people receiving unemployment compensationsince December 2000 at just under 2.3 million. However according to a study from the Economic Policy Institute, in December of 2014 only 23 of every 100 unemployed workers were receiving unemployment insurance benefits.

Senate Democratic leaders reached an agreement over unemployment benefits with moderate Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin III (W.Va.) late Friday, ending a nine-hour standoff that threatened to derail action on President Biden’s $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief bill. MDUI staff will not provide assistance to claimants through direct message on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. Also don’t live in a banana republic where something as trivial as a social security number ny unemployment insurance is the key to your entire life because it’s not like you can prevent it from being stolen from the entities that you provided it to. Georgia regulations allow claimants to receive up to 26 weeks of UI benefits. Unemployment that lasts longer than 27 weeks even if the individual has sought employment in the last four weeks is called long-term unemployment. Its effects are far worse than short-term unemployment for obvious reasons, and the following are noted as some of its effects.

The claimant must provide details about what caused him or her to quit. The claimant needs to show that he or she had no reasonable alternative but to quit his or her job. After OAH receives the appeal, it will schedule the hearing as soon as possible, assemble the hearing file and prepare a Notice of Telephone Hearing. A copy of the hearing file and the Notice of Telephone Hearing will be mailed to all interested parties .

The proceeds from the unemployment taxes are deposited in an Unemployment Trust Fund . Each state has a separate account in the Fund to which deposits are made. Within the fund are separate accounts for state administrative costs and extended unemployment compensation. During economic recessions, the federal government has provided emergency assistance to allow states to extend the time for which individuals can receive benefits. This is accomplished through a temporary law authorizing the transfer of money to a state from its Extended Unemployment Account. The ability of a state to tap into this emergency system is usually dependent on the employment rate reaching a designated percentage within the state or the nation.

Unlike the traditional unemployment program, there is no minimum monetary requirement for PUA eligibility. The 2010 amendment rewrote this section to provide the administrative law court with jurisdiction over decisions of the department. The 2010 amendment substituted “department” for “Commission”; substituted “by the administrative law court” for “in the court of common pleas in the county in which a hearing is held”; and made other nonsubstantive changes. Witnesses subpoenaed pursuant to this article must be allowed fees and mileage at a rate fixed by the department, which must not exceed that allowed for witnesses by the administrative law court.

The other UI programs do count towards AHCCCS or KidsCare eligibility). The new law extends benefits to PUA recipients a maximum 79 weeks, up from the previous 50-week limit. Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation , which pays extra weeks of state benefits to the long-term unemployed, would get up to 53 weeks of benefits instead of 24 . UI benefit charges to an employer’s UI tax account before July 1 are used in the computation of the rate for the following calendar year even if the charges have been reversed since July 1.

But over the seventy-nine year history of the program, it has become an established fixture of the economy. Until the business cycle is repealed and full employment becomes the rule unemployment compensation will remain a vital part of the safety net for the American worker. Most states deliver unemployment benefits to recipients who do not have a bank account through a prepaid debit card. The federal government uses the Direct Express Debit Mastercard prepaid debit card offered by Mastercard and Comerica Bank to give some federal assistance payments to people who do not have bank accounts. Many states have similar programs for unemployment payments and other assistance.

During exceedingly high levels of unemployment, states can choose to lengthen this extension even further with an addition of up to seven weeks. In any state, the maximum length of time for unemployment extensions is 20 weeks. The benefit amount offered during these weeks is the same as the original unemployment compensation.

If you worked full-time during all 4 quarters, your weekly benefit amount will be approximately 1/2 of your gross weekly wage up to the maximum weekly benefit amount. Budget and number of people currently receiving benefits dictate how much the state can afford to pay in benefits each week. If an employee and employer disagree about the reason the employee was let go, a state official will determine if the employee is eligible. If you believe you have wrongfully been denied benefits, you have the right to appeal.

Eligibility requirements for unemployment insurance vary by state, but generally speaking, employees not fired for misconduct (“terminated for cause”) are eligible for unemployment benefits, while those fired for misconduct are not. In every state, employees who quit their job without “good cause” are not eligible for unemployment benefits, but the definition of good cause varies by state. In some states, being fired for misconduct permanently bars the employee from receiving unemployment benefits, while in others it only disqualifies the employee for a short period. Certifying for unemployment insurance benefits is a critical step to receive your benefit payments. You certify for benefits by providing us your eligibility every two weeks. If unemployment was a sign of a broken economy, then the economy, rather than the individual victim, ought to command the attention of reformers and policymakers.

These factors mean that they are especially impacted by the high earnings requirement and the prohibition against part-time workers receiving UI, especially the large number who live in high-poverty urban centers such as Detroit and Flint where there are fewer jobs. Due to the high number of unemployed workers during the pandemic and the infusion of federal funds, spending by all states on UI was much higher in 2020; hence, 2019 spending was used in this comparison since it is more representative of normal, non-pandemic times. As Michigan’s employment situation stabilizes in coming months, however, Michigan ought to increase its investment in strengthening the safety net for workers and communities in preparation for future economic downturns. One way to compare the overall responsiveness of state UI programs is to calculate the amount of UI benefit dollars spent per unemployed worker in each state, taking into account all unemployed workers and not just those covered by UI. Of the eight Midwestern states examined in this report, Michigan was sixth, spending only $320 per unemployed worker in 2019.

In order to qualify for extended unemployment benefits, you must not have voluntarily quit work without good cause and not have voluntarily retired. To qualify for extended sickness benefits, you must not have voluntarily retired and must be under age 65. In order to qualify for normal unemployment benefits, the employee must not have voluntarily quit work without good cause and not have voluntarily retired. A new benefit year for unemployment and sickness benefits begins every July 1.

If you applied for PUA in 2021, your WBA is based on the wages and income you earned in 2020. Detailed instructions for registering with MWE and entering your job contact and valid reemployment activities are available online, as well as in this video tutorial. A full list of valid reemployment activities is also available on the Division’s website.

In comparison, the unemployment rate has remained at a comparably high level since the crisis of the 1990s; the structural changes in the Swiss economy and the fragility of economic growth continues to have an impact on the employment situation. 1918 –Faced with the integration of returning soldiers back into the workforce, theEmployment Officers Co-ordination Actis introduced in which the federal government subsidized provincial employment offices. The federal government also created the department of Employment Services, mandated to provide employment data and advice.’s chief executive, Blake Hall, made headlines last month when he told Axios that he thinks taxpayers’ losses from UI fraud will top $400 billion.

Press Release: Governor Lamont Announces Bipartisan Agreement To Restore the Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund –

Press Release: Governor Lamont Announces Bipartisan Agreement To Restore the Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund.

Posted: Tue, 20 Apr 2021 07:00:00 GMT [source]

Benefit rates are indexed to the Consumer Price Index and are adjusted twice a year according to inflation or deflation. Unemployment benefits, also called unemployment insurance, unemployment payment, unemployment compensation, or simply unemployment, are payments made by authorized bodies to unemployed people. In the United States, benefits are funded by a compulsory governmental insurance system, not taxes on individual citizens.

You may want to try back during those hours to file your claim or check the status of your claim. The UI Web site is user-friendly and has an online glossary, a frequently asked questions page, and information in both English and Spanish. After filing your application, the state’s job bank – automatically launches to give you the added convenience of beginning your job search immediately.

In 1931 alone, 52 bills for compulsory unemployment compensation were introduced in States… These were based largely on the Wisconsin unemployment reserve plan. Various State commissions in California, Connecticut, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and other States have studied the problem. There is a fifth step which was greatly stimulated by the passage on August 14, 1935, of the Social Security Act. This step was the enactment by States of laws to protect their industrial and commercial workers against some of the hazards of involuntary unemployment. As far back as 1916 the first bill for unemployment compensation was introduced in a State legislature; in 1920, 22 bills were introduced in five State legislatures, and in 1932 the first unemployment compensation law was passed in Wisconsin.

If your previous card has expired, a replacement card with a new expiration date will typically be sent once the Division of Unemployment Insurance posts a new payment to your account. You can also proactively request a new card online through the new Replace My Card tab on the bank’s website. The replacement card will be sent to the address on file with the Division of Unemployment Insurance, so it is imperative that it be accurate and up-to-date. The Maryland Unemployment Insurance Benefits Debit Card is a Visa® debit card issued through Bank of America.

Arash Nekoei and Andrea Weber present empirical evidence from Austria that extending unemployment benefit duration raises wages by improving reemployment firm quality. Similarly, Tatsiramos studied data from European countries and found that although unemployment insurance does increase unemployment duration, the duration of subsequent employment tends to be longer . Incorrect determinations could result in the payout of significant amounts for fraudulent claims or alternately failure to pay legitimate claims. This leads to the rationale that if government could solve either problem that government intervention would increase efficiency. The moral hazard argument against unemployment insurance is based on the idea that such insurance would increase the risk, or ‘hazard,’ that the insured worker would engage in activity that is undesirable, or ‘immoral,’ from the insurer’s point of view.

11.We define job loss as having positive labor income during the weeks of March 1, 8, or 15 and having zero labor income during the weeks of April 19, April 26 and May 3. 5.Here, we are referring to the “continuous benefit recipients sample” described in the data and analytical approach section. We construct cohort-specific control groups from the “employed sample,” also described in the data and analytical approach section. For example, the week 0 control for the March 29 cohort is spending of the employed during the week of March 29.

If there is no person within those classifications, the payments due the deceased must lapse and revert to the unemployment trust fund. For purposes of this section, “educational service agency” means a governmental agency or governmental entity which is established and operated exclusively for the purpose of providing these services to one or more educational institutions. According to DES, PUA claimants will be notified through direct messaging within the PUA portal and through email in advance of the next phase to provide them ample time to prepare the necessary documentation. Claimants must use the unique link sent directly to them, as using a shared link will not allow the claimant to verify their identity. After the claimant has successfully verified their identity, they can continue filing their weekly certification.

If you lose your job and it’s not your fault, chances are you are eligible to receive unemployment benefits through the Department of Labor’s Unemployment Insurance programs. Unemployment benefits are used to help workers who lost their jobs by no fault of their own. To file for unemployment, you must be ready and willing to work and have worked in the last 18 months. In some states, you will have a one-week waiting period between the time you become unemployed and when you first become eligible for benefits. You will not receive unemployment compensation for this week when that is the case. After the waiting period, it generally takes an additional week to process your claim.

As stated above, while the House Labor Committee recommended the Lundeen Bill, it was — inevitably — defeated in the House. Being opposed by all the dominant interests in the country, it never had a chance of passage. Throughout the spring and summer of 1935 the flood of endorsements did not let up. Conferences of unions and fraternal organizations were called in a number of states to plan further campaigns for the Workers’ Bill. What most Americans wanted, witnesses insisted, was the more universal plan embodied in the Lundeen Bill.

It had at least one full-time, part-time, or temporary employee for at least some part of a day in any 20 or more different weeks in the current or previous year. Combining Unemployment Insurance With Other BenefitsCombining Unemployment Insurance With Other Benefits Under limited circumstances, if a claimant receives other payments, his/her UI benefits may be affected. Making an Unemployment Insurance ClaimMaking an Unemployment Insurance Claim To be eligible for UI benefits, a claimant must do the following. Employer’s Tax ObligationsEmployer’s Tax Obligations If you are covered by employment tax laws, you must register with the EDD to obtain an identification number.

Idaho and Texas have borrowed from private sources to pay benefits rather than from the federal government, “replac federal borrowing costs with costs of the private bond market, but…not address structural financing issues.” Claimants will be disqualified if they are terminated for misconduct, refuse to accept suitable work, quit without good cause, or have not worked at least eight weeks earning at least the benefit rate. Claimants who received severance pay will be disqualified for up to 26 weeks. Individuals who receive severance pay are no longer eligible for benefits, effective August 1, 2011. One commonly cited reason is that officials fear that sizeable unemployment reserves will lead to pressure to increase benefits, which in turn would harm the state’s ability to pay benefits during times of high unemployment. Consequently, in years leading up to the recession, states have reduced UI taxes and not accumulated reserves during times of low unemployment.

The Maryland Department of Labor’s Division of Unemployment Insurance worked around the clock to quickly program and implement all four extended federal unemployment insurance programs. As a result, there will be no gap in benefit eligibility or delay in payment for claimants who received benefits the week ending Saturday, March 13, 2021. Maryland Department of Labor’s Division of Unemployment Insurance is transitioning from issuing benefit payments to unemployment insurance claimants via debit card through Bank America to direct deposit through Wells Fargo. The department is excited to provide claimants with the ability to have their unemployment insurance benefit payments transferred directly into their personal bank account through the fast, safe, and convenient direct deposit program. Claimants are strongly encouraged to enroll in direct deposit if they have a checking or savings account and their financial institution is able to receive direct deposits.

This applies to people who found little work during the pandemic and would have otherwise qualified for a much lower state benefit based on that work history. States can borrow from the federal fund if their own reserves are insufficient. When the Great Recession and the long period of high unemployment that followed hit state UI reserves particularly hard, 36 states borrowed from the federal fund. By the start of 2018, all states but California had repaid their outstanding balances. Loans from the federal fund can be repaid by reducing the credit employers can claim against FUTA taxes and through other add-ons. At the beginning of 2018, three states—Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Nevada—had outstanding private loans.

Weeks Compensated – The number of weeks of unemployment for which benefits are paid. Requalification – A process by which a claimant may establish eligibility for unemployment insurance through reemployment following a determination of ineligibility and a period of disqualification. Monetary Determination – A written notice issued to inform you whether or not you meet the wage requirements necessary to establish entitlement to compensation. It includes the weekly and maximum benefit amounts you may receive, if entitled, and the beginning and ending dates of your benefit year. Employees may still be eligible for unemployment benefits if they turn down an offer of suitable work due to COVID-19 related reasons as defined in our temporary rules. At the height of the pandemic, nearly 15% of working Americans were unemployed, and over 50 million Americans have filed for unemployment insurance since March.

Automated assistance is also available in Cantonese, Haitian-Creole, Mandarin, Russian, and Spanish. You should file within the first week that you become totally or partially unemployed. If you do not have an account, contact a local financial institution in your area to find an account that offers the features you want. Some institutions unemployment insurance ri offer no or low cost checking accounts with a debit card or purchase a re-loadable debit card from a retail location. Within a few minutes of creating your account, you will receive an email containing your temporary password. You can then return to to create a permanent password and proceed with filing.

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