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6 Crucial Questions To Ask A Title Insurance Provider


should i buy title insurance

Insurance companies do not understand trusts very well, so they make decisions that really don’t make much sense. The trustee of the trust is technically the legal owner of the asset. You may want to consider looking into other insurance companies.

If you were to get an owner’s title policy, you’re looking at an average of $830 for a total of $1,374. Now that we know what a title and deed are, let’s go over the approach a title company takes in order to make sure your title is clean and free of potential ownership claims. Failure to comply with any applicable written closing instructions, when agreed to by the title insurance agent. An Endorsement is a specific addition to the coverage that a lender may require beyond a standard policy.

The builder then incorrectly titles the bike to the engine (because they stuffed it into a frame with no numbers, and it’s not technically legal in that configuration). In some states, it’s totally possible to title a bike this way. The problem is that somewhere out in the world, that exact same VIN could be registered in a different state correctly, because that cone Shovel’s frame carried the same numbers in the proper location!

The creditor protects their interest in the property by filing a lien in the county land recording office. The potential seller must pay off, or satisfy, this lien, prior to a buyer being able to purchase the property. Prior to the buyer obtaining title insurance, the first step to purchasing a home is to ensure that the home or property is legally available to be sold and purchased. Title searches are currently conducted as part of a standard real estate transaction in order to help prevent any issues with the purchase. The title company makes sure a property title is legitimate, so that the buyer may be confident that once he buys a property, he is the rightful owner of the property. Most title insurance costs arise in preventing loss rather than paying claims, and prevention costs are not much different for a small policy than for a large one.

Market value is the estimated price your property – the dwelling and the land – would sell for on the open real estate market. Thank you for patiently addressing such a confusing issue as autos that are included in trusts. The trust “owns” a handicap van which is necessary for transporting both parents. Neither parent Is able to drive at this point, but the van is driven by my two siblings and me when, and only when, transporting our parents to medical appts or other short errands around town. It is parked at my parents’ residence and has always been insured in my Dad’s name.

What Can You Learn From The Title Commitment?

Most all title companies across the country issue the title policy using forms distributed by the American Land Title Association . Owner’s title insurance usually costs about 1% of the purchase price of the property, though this can vary from state to state. For example, the owner’s title insurance for a $500,000 property in California should cost between $1,200 and $2,000. It’s not just the new homebuyer that gains a financial firewall with title insurance.

This legal concept confirms that you have received ownership rights for the property from the seller. But what happens if there are legal or financial problems with the sale? Your new home could end up costing you more than the purchase price in unforeseen complications. When you pay for title insurance, though, you aren’t just paying money to insure you down the road.

In that respect, any of the nation’s five major title insurance firms will offer robust coverage. The Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act prohibits sellers from requiring purchase from a specific title insurance carrier to prevent title insurance premium calculator abuse. Sometimes, it’s called an enhanced owner’s title insurance policy. As Mallett said, the odds of something going wrong are really slim, but it can happen, especially the older your house is, and the more property you have.

should i buy title insurance

In addition, each company has a Consumer Complaint Officer who oversees the complaint handling process. The Consumer Complaint Officer is an employee of your insurance company responsible for ensuring that your complaint is addressed. Residential title insurance is usually purchased when you buy your home. However, you can also purchase residential title insurance anytime after you purchase your home. Many states offer property tax incentives such as the homestead exemption, which shield a portion of a home’s value from property taxes. These exemptions are only available to people, not business entities such as an LLC.

You can’t just give the car away as trustee if the car is supposed to go to someone else. You may have to sign the title to the rightful owner under the trust, and then that owner can gift the car to the caretaker. It took the standard fight with the government idiots to convince them it was a revocable living trust and had to be taxed as if the trustee owned the vehicle outright.

These reserves aren’t technically part of closing costs because you’re not actually paying the money, but it’s required you have it in the bank as it proves you can make your first few mortgage payments. However, some industry experts will tell you that title lock protection isn’t necessary. They state that, if you’re truly worried about title fraud, you can just check those public records yourself each month instead of paying a third-party service to do that work for you. While there is some merit to such a claim, people also shouldn’t have to become experts in real estate and property tax law just to make sure someone hasn’t stolen their identity. Because of this expanded coverage, most real estate professionals, Weissman included, will recommend an enhanced owners title insurance policy over a standard policy.

Lemon Title

The closing costs for a land sale can often be an unexpected surprise for land buyers. If you purchase a brand new car, then it isn’t going to be a salvage vehicle. If you are buying from a reputable car dealer, then you probably won’t have to worry about this issue either.

You can also purchase your own proof about a vehicle that you are interested in buying. Because every car has a vehicle identification number or unique serial numbers to identify the vehicles, you can purchase accident reports on those vehicles. However, before you purchase from a car dealer, ask about their policy regarding the selling of vehicles that have been in an auto accident. If they aren’t willing to guarantee that their vehicles are accident-free and put it in writing as well, then you need to walk out the door.

As always, it is highly recommended to consult with an attorney before transferring title to any person or entity. Also be certain the attorney is asking the right questions to make the determination before transferring your property via Quit Claim Deed. Before you go to closing, ask about your title insurance protection, and be sure to protect your home with an owner‘s title insurance policy. In such cases, a home seller may not have the legal right to transfer ownership of the property. When buying a home, one of the many essential steps in the process is obtaining title.

Other special snowflake features – house was built in 1956, sold to second couple in 1976, now being sold to us in 2012. The second couple’s children are now selling us the house as the property has been put into their trust. Title insurance coverage can range depending on what type of policy you choose. Most title insurance companies offer several types of policies, such as standard policies and extended coverage policies.

If you own your townhome and live in a planned or HOA community, this is the insurance policy you should purchase. If you rent your townhome, regardless of whether you live in an HOA or planned community, this is the insurance policy you should purchase. If you own your townhome and do not live in an HOA community, this is the insurance policy you should purchase. People living in townhomes are not legally required to have insurance. However, your landlord, condo association, or lender may require you to purchase insurance as part of your purchase or lease.

Please note that the information published on our site should not be construed as personal advice and does not consider your personal needs and circumstances. While our site will provide you with factual information and general advice to help you make better decisions, it isn’t a substitute for professional advice. You should consider whether the products or services featured on our site are appropriate for your needs. If you’re unsure about anything, seek professional advice before you apply for any product or commit to any plan. Find out the steps needed to find adequate cover, and give you an assurance that you won’t have to pay the full cost of your podiatric surgery.

Any vehicle owned by the trust is going to be considered owned by you for insurance purposes. As for a company that will insure you without considering your teenager I am not sure; you may need to do some shopping around. You need to know how the payments are made—through a mortgage escrow account or directly to the company. Also, ask the agent to review the current policy in force, says Chip Merlin, a property law attorney in Tampa, Fla.

There are so many computers inside the cars and other delicate electronics in dashboards and radios that probably got soaked with water and contamination. And there’s all the wiring for the windows, doors, seats, and other things that run through the cars where the connectors will be affected by the water and contamination that got to them. I would never touch one of those cars because of the continual problems that likely will show up later as those electronics are affected by damage done earlier.

If title is found clear during the search for the lender’s policy, many owners believe they are safe to proceed without purchasing their own policy. Title insurance differs in several respects from other types of insurance. This often results in the curing of title defects or the elimination of adverse interests from the title before a transaction takes place. Title insurance companies attempt to achieve this by searching public records to develop and document the chain of title and to detect known claims against or defects in the title to the subject property. If liens or encumbrances are found, the insurer may require that steps be taken to eliminate them before issuing the title policy. Title insurance companies also have the ability to discharge ancient mortgages under the Real Property Actions and Proceedings Law in New York.

This is really informative for folks not familiar with the title search process. And, as a previous person mentioned — the chain of title can provide fascinating information about a property and its previous owners. Owner’s Title Insurance – I recommend that all of my buyers obtain owner’s title insurance. It will protect the buyer, in the amount the buyer paid for the property, from now on.

Always consult with a qualified legal professional before taking action. I do not own a car but drive my boyfriends car and I want to protect myself if I get in an accident. If you don’t get the appropriate coverage or choose not to add a vehicle for some reason, you could face penalties. According to the Insurance Information Institute , you may face fines as high as $5,000 and suspension of your driving privileges.

In some cases, you may also inherit any previously undiscovered liens against the property. Most lenders require you to purchase a lender’s title insurance policy, which protects the amount they lend. You may want to buy an owner’s title insurance policy, which can help protect your financial investment in the home. An owner’s title insurance policy would protect you if an issue arises that is covered by your policy and would pay for your legal fees should you have to fight for your title in court. The home buyer’s escrow funds end up paying for both the home owner’s and lender’s policies.

When someone sells a house that has a lien on it, the lien holder does not lose their claim — the lien stays with the property. A Loan Estimate is a three-page form that you receive within three business days of completing your mortgage application. By getting Loan Estimate forms from multiple lenders in Florida, you can compare to see which lender is offering you the best deal.

Enter your ZIP code below to view companies that have cheap auto insurance rates. I was an Escrow Officer and my husband is the President of a Title and Escrow Company never ever have I seen a buyer pay for a survey. Sellers have the corners shot prior to the sell of their property.

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If someone’s emailing or calling you to get you to sign up for title protection, they could be trying to con you. Want to learn more or even get set up with title insurance of your own? Get in touch with an Endorsed Local Provider in your area to help you find affordable coverage on the things that matter. Like we said before, title insurance is the protection you need to make sure your property won’t have any awkward and unwelcome visitors in the future.

Title insurance is a one-time premium that averages between 0.50 percent and 1 percent of the home’s value. Title insurance may or may not be regulated in your state, so prices can vary. Suzanne De Vita is the mortgage editor for Bankrate, focusing on mortgage and real estate topics for homebuyers, homeowners, investors and renters. You’ll want to make sure that there are no conflicts of interest between the title company and your lawyer. Suppose the developer, in constructing the home, has failed to pay a supplier or subcontractor? Very likely, the injured party will – or perhaps already has – filed a lien against the property.

Construction Loan Policy

These may include errors in recording deeds, surveying errors, or heir of a past owner who makes a claim against the title. Costs aside, whether you need owner’s title insurance really depends on how comfortable you feel buying a home based on the title information you have. Even if the closing attorneys have done their homework, they might have overlooked something important. At no fault of your own, that might eventually come back to haunt you.

Replacement cost is the estimated price to completely reconstruct your property’s residential building and other structures if they were totally destroyed, for example, by fire. It’s not a legal requirement, however your lawyer or conveyancer will usually recommend you insure your home when you exchange signed copies of the purchase contract with the seller. The Ascent is a Motley Fool service that rates and reviews essential products for your everyday money matters. The costs vary, but policy premiums can start at under $10 per month and go up to around $50 monthly for the most comprehensive protection. Just keep going with your trust and try to keep it on titles and stuff.

This guide will run through the answers to all these questions and more when it comes to out-of-state insurance. Bringing electrical up to code is usually done by Seller prior to the closing. Rezoning is the responsibility of the Buyer whether before or after closing. Of course, everything is negotiable as long as Buyer and Seller agree on it.

A title search is typically performed to identify all of these interests prior to your purchase of the property. You may also find that someone claims to have the right to drive over or through some portion of your property to access their property, a roadway, or some other point of interest. The title company may also be responsible for damages for the loss in value to your property as a result of the third party interest if the interest cannot be eliminated. Any previously undiscovered interest in your property is typically referred to as a title defect. You can choose your own title insurance company for both lender’s and homeowner’s title insurance, although few people actually do so.

If you think you have identified parts from your car online, talk to the police before meeting with the seller so they can accompany you. Searching for a stolen car is frustrating and challenging, but keep in mind that your insurance company will pay off the cost of the vehicle within three weeks to a month if it is not found. Once your claim is received by the title insurance company, it will be reviewed to determine if you qualify for coverage, based on your policy. Your title insurance company will then contact you to let you know that the claim was received. A decision about your claim should be communicated to you within a reasonable amount of time. The cost of residential title insurance varies based on the value of your property, and the insurance company you choose.

Let the insurer know that your spouse has died so that the policy information can be updated. You may need to send the agent a copy of the death certificate. You won’t necessarily “buy” your vehicle from the insurance company, the insurance company instead will determine the value of your totaled and deduct that from the check they would’ve normally given you. Most insurance providers will classify a car as totaled when damages are greater than 60% to 70% of a car’s market value.

A final expense life insurance policy may be your best option in your 70s, especially if you have prior health problems. While it’s common for Americans in their 60’s to either be retired or approaching retirement, there still may be some beneficial value in investing in a life insurance policy. Compare your options and learn what type of policy will most fit your needs as someone over 60.

So I didn’t notify the insurance company about his death, and I didn’t keep up with the premium payments. But when the cancellation notice arrived a few months later, suddenly, all I could think about was the insurance. A lien is a claim of legal right to an asset or piece of real estate in order to satisfy a debt. When a homeowner doesn’t pay the required property taxes on a home, the government can place a lien on the home as a method of collecting on the tax debt. State and local governments can place tax liens on a home as well as the federal government.

The average cost of a home inspection in Florida is $302, with a typical range of $254-$374, but the exact figure will depend on the size of the home and where it is located. When buying insurance directly, you have the ability to get quotes from multiple different insurance companies that you choose, not just the companies your agent works with. If you are comfortable with buying directly, you may be able to find a cheaper policy if you get multiple quotes. Whether you use a captive agent or an independent agent, your agent can help you evaluate your insurance needs. While independent agents sell for more than one company, captive agents represent one company. Some companies that use captive agents include State Farm, Allstate, Farmers and American Family.

Youre Our First Priority Every Time

As a buyer, you may be tempted to forgo some of these expenses, but be sure you avoid making common land buying mistakes to cut costs. However, you may be able to negotiate if your budget or financial situation somehow prohibits you from paying for the service until closing. However, some sellers will record the deed for the buyer and will, therefore, collect the fees at closing. These fees are based on the sales price of the property, the number of documents and pages being recorded, and the value of the mortgage . Likewise, if there are taxes due from the seller, then the buyer will also get a credit at closing. Each county has a different way of handling this, so you’ll need to do research in advance so you know what your closing costs will entail.

Title insurance is a kind of indemnity insurance, or insurance against being sued, which is a requirement for homes purchased in PA that are in any way financed. That means that if you are buying a house in any way other than 100% cash, purchasing title insurance is mandatory. You may have to pay a penalty for paying off your mortgage early. Before sending in that payoff check, review your mortgage loan payments to see if you will be charged a penalty for paying off the loan early. If so, this fee should be considered when deciding if paying off your mortgage is a good financial move.

should i buy title insurance

Enter your zip code below to compare rates from multiple insurance companies today. However, just like any other type of car insurance, it is important that you shop around to get the best deal. Most insurance companies will make an exception for any classic car that has been appraised by a professional and announced in a specific condition.

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With insurance, you’re shielding yourself from having to ‘inherit’ previous owner’s debts. What if you can’t take full ownership because someone has a claim to the property you’re buying? Meeting with a lawyer can help you understand your options and how to best protect your rights.

Check to see that the policy effective date matches the county auditor’s recording time and date. Make sure the company you select meets your standards and those of your lender. Determine the type of insurance you need—homeowners insurance, condominium insurance, or renter’s insurance.

There are several things that it does not cover in Pennsylvania. If you are in active negotiations to purchase or sell real estate, be sure to take the necessary steps to ensure you close with your attorney of choice. In the event that a claim against your property voids your title, the policy will repay the balance of your mortgage. The owner’s policy protects against losses from ownership problems that arose before you bought the property (but weren’t known at the time of purchase).

A car with a rebuilt title can have different definitions in each state. It always helps to talk to your car insurance company about laws. However, if the lien is significant, you are more likely to run into complications in the financing process.

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Similarly, fees for closing a sale or mortgage transaction are not regulated in most states though the charge for closing may appear in the invoice disclosing the total charges for the transaction. Your title agent is an independent person from the title company, i.e., they are licensed to work with the title company to get title insurance to you. Often the title agent holds funds from buyer, seller or both in escrow until a certain time during the real estate transaction.

In 1868, the case of Watson v. Muirhead was heard by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. Plaintiff Watson had lost his investment in a real estate transaction as the result of a prior lien on the property. Defendant Muirhead, the conveyancer, had discovered the lien prior to the sale but told Watson the title was clear after his lawyer had determined that the lien was not valid. There are a variety of things that impact your title insurance costs. Among the biggest factor is the loan amount and the price of the home itself. Larger loans mean a larger insurance payoff in the event that something goes wrong.

Many title companies will have a title insurance calculator available to estimate what your policy will cost. In my area, most of the title companies are members of ALTA, American Land Title Association. ALTA has strict guidelines and best practices to ensure the title search and policy issuance is done to the highest standard. They have a feature that allows you to search through the ALTA registry for their members in your area. An owner’s title insurance policy can cover the costs of paying off a previously undiscovered lien or defending against a lawsuit filed against you by someone claiming a right to the property.

However, the lender’s title insurance policy doesn’t insure the new mortgage created when you refinance. In any case, the prior policy would not protect the lender against things that happened during your ownership period. For example, it wouldn’t protect against a second mortgage on the home that might push back the florida title insurance rates chart priority of the new lender’s mortgage. Likewise, it wouldn’t protect again any court judgments or tax liens filed against you. When you’re preparing to purchase a home, your mortgage lender may require you to purchase title insurance. The other type of title insurance is called an owner’s title insurance policy.

That means that whether you refinance once or a dozen times, as long as you remain the owner of the property, your title insurance protects you against title defects and hidden encumbrances and claims. Usually, your lender will make the cost of the lender’s title insurance part of the closing cost on the home purchase, however, a policy for owner’s title insurance can either be paid for by you or by the seller. This is something that you can include during the negotiations of the sale if you want to reduce your closing costs. If the title insurance company loses or doesn’t contest the claim because it thinks the other side will win, your owner’s policy should compensate you for the money lost. If the mortgage lender stands to lose money, the lender’s policy will provide the coverage.

If you are a resident of two states, you have several options when it comes to auto insurance. In this situation, many people simply get their insurance in the state where their vehicle is registered. In addition, your provider will most likely refuse to pay for any damages from an accident that happened during the time when your auto insurance address was incorrect.

The seller also warrants that he/she has the authority to transfer title. In Florida, generally, the seller buys insurance to protect against any outside claims. All insurance policies are legal contracts between you and an insurance company. You pay a premium to the company in exchange for the insurance company’s promise to pay for your covered losses.

should i buy title insurance

With the spreading out of America, the trend towards lower-cost areas of the country is real. Title insurance is not the most exciting topic related to buying a home. However, it’s critical to establishing peace of mind as a homeowner.

If you decide to purchase your own vehicle, but one or both of your parents agree to co-sign for the vehicle, then you can also remain under their insurance policy. It is only if you are the sole registered owner that you will need to purchase your own insurance. This means that if and when the time comes to sell your salvaged title car, it will be hard to determine what it’s worth, and even harder to convince the buyer of that number. Your insurance company will then take possession of the car or truck.

Heirs often dispute many areas related to finances in a family member’s estate, after real estate has been sold, whether the Executor is a family member or not. 12%-15% of all transactions in KY result in a title claim due to title defects how to sell title insurance surfacing. This means title insurance premiums will essentially be the same, within pennies usually, regardless of which settlement agent you close with. But if you end up shouldering the cost, your policy might not cost much.

Land ownership in this country goes back hundreds of years, and along the way there may have been dozens of occasions when something could have occurred to “cloud”; its ownership. Records were not always meticulously maintained, deeds and claims were not always correctly recorded. Old land grants and tribal claims still occasionally surface to cause problems hundreds of years later.

It’s a long shot, but so is a house fire, and I don’t see a lot of people advocating against homeowners’ insurance. I believe title insurance also covers things like lot survey errors , easements that may or may not be recorded yet are actionable, some document problems and possibly others. If the progression of ownership is clear along with clarity on the mortgages/lot boundaries/lack of leins, should I even bother or is this money down the drain? My ultra-cautious side says to purchase it while my BS detector is going off as this looks like a scam marketed to home buyers by fear, uncertainty, and doubt. Easements can also be problematic, as they mean that someone else has the right to freely use your property even though you are the legal owner. For instance, if you happen to have utility lines going through your property, a utility company has an easement, or the right to do work on those lines right from your backyard.

Proof of funds should be on an official letterhead from the institution where your funds are. The date, name of the account holder, and the balance of funds should all be listed. When it comes to protecting your single largest investment, most agree that it’s best to avoid the unnecessary risk that comes from not buying title insurance.

As long as everything else you own is in the trust, most states will allow you to transfer a vehicle without having to go through probate. He is no longer the trustee and the car has to be distributed to the beneficiaries. One way to know if the trust has ended is if there has been an income tax filing for the trust. If the other assets have been distributed and no income tax has been filed the trust is gone.

On a recent refinance, my bank quoted $930.45 for a title policy, an additional $450 for “settlement or closing” fees; a $65 “title company reconveyance” fee; $100 for courier/fax fees and $100 for notary fees. This whole package of fees–which added to a stunning $1,645–were controlled by the title insurer. Any time you launch a refinance loan, you’re going to get something called a “good faith estimate” of the closing costs. These costs include loan origination fees (often called “points”), as well as the cost of appraisals, title insurance, credit reports and the like. These fees can add thousands of dollars to the cost of your mortgage and they’re negotiable. In March of this year we bought a house in Florida and today we are selling the old one.

Lastly, because it’s liability, vacant land insurance does not protect you, your spouse, or any of your dependents from personal injury. The bottom line though is that you wanted the land, so you should assume responsibility for it. Not only is it the right thing to do — a good faith gesture you’d hope someone would provide for you — it’s protection for you too. Let’s assume there’s a pond or stream on your property with good fishing.

should i buy title insurance

Main practical difference is OR means either of you acting alone can sell the car, while AND means both of you acting together can sell the car. State agencies decide what types of branded titles will be used in the state. For example, a car that gets a “junk” title in one state may not get it in a different state. Andrew Dehan is a professional writer who writes about real estate and homeownership. It might be a good idea to let the professionals handle this part of the home buying process.

should i buy title insurance

Even if the seller provides a warranty deed, a document that confirms the title is clear, this policy can help cover costs in the event of an issue. Title insurance protects homebuyers and mortgage lenders against defects or problems with a title when there is a transfer of property ownership. If a title dispute arises during or after a sale, the title insurance company may be responsible for paying specified legal damages, depending on the policy. You can choose the title insurance company that you work with; your real estate agent may have a recommendation or be able to obtain the insurance for you, but you are not obligated to accept the recommendation. This is important to know, because the title insurance company will be important in your purchase or refinance. The insurance company will conduct settlement and investigate the property to make sure that there are no pre-existing liens or judgments against the property.

If one spouse has passable credit but the other has exceptional credit, the higher-credit spouse might consider applying on their own to secure a lower mortgage rate. Or, if your spouse’s credit score is low enough, you might have trouble qualifying for a loan at all. Unfortunately with two applicants, lenders don’t average out the representative scores. They discard the better applicant’s FICO score completely and make an offer based on the lower one.

But stopped paying their bill before they sold the home to you. The lawn care company put a lien against the home in hopes that the owner would settle up. (A lien is a legal right to someone’s property until they settle their debt.) But if you didn’t get title insurance, the previous owner’s lawn care bills are now your problem to deal with. For example, people or agencies might have filed liens against the property—legal claims to be paid from the proceeds of the property’s sale, in order to settle the homeowner’s debt to them. The most common types of property liens seek payment for debts related to taxes, child support, and contractor’s fees (often referred to as “mechanics liens”). These liens stick to the house like glue, until the house is sold or foreclosed on.

Then, an insurance policy is underwritten to protect the buyer if any issues are discovered. I am purchasing a brand-new house that is set to close on July 2. In my Good Faith Estimate, the owner’s title insurance policy is quoted at $1,500. Another expense you’ll see in addition to buyers title insurance at closing is a homeowners association fee, if the home you buy is in a neighborhood with an HOA. Once you’re in the home, though, you’ll probably be hit with a monthly HOA fee, which is usually at least $100 each month.

  • Lots of independent car deals will not accept salvage or rebuilt title cars for trade-ins.
  • When you purchase a new home through a lender, your mortgage company will offer to do the title shopping for you.
  • Let’s say you need a farm pickup truck or a 4×4 for off-roading fun.
  • They can also look into discounts and find all the discounts you qualify for.

This may be because there’s a higher probability that the bike was damaged due to the natural disaster and not completely repaired afterward. You may pay the same for insurance as other makes and models similar to your bike. However, settlement after an accident may be less than expected because of your bike’s diminished value. You may need to agree on the amount your bike is worth to receive physical damage coverage.

The title company will register the new deed with the appropriate government office. Most purchase agreements have contingencies set in place that home buyers must do before the sale is official. These include a home appraisal ensuring the value of the home is accurate, home inspection showing the home doesn’t have any issues, and the ability to back out of the sale if your mortgage falls through. We know many people who prefer the peace of mind that title lock insurance provides.

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