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We are primarily concerned with the 12-volt DC and 120 volt AC coach systems. The RV electrical system is also covered in our RV Education 101 training videos and DVDs. You made all of your pre-trip checks and you’re ready to go.

Most people have the misconception that you should not file a claim out of fear that their insurance rates will go up. No, most insurance companies take your word on vandalism claims and don’t require a police report or a visual inspection. Despite worktop damage claims being few and far between amongst our policyholders, over the past three years, they have cost almost £700 to repair on average. It is well worth ensuring items in cupboards above worktops are secure whilst towing to avoid unnecessary damage.

Jayco’s Leading Warranty

Four or five toilet bowls full should be enough depending on the size of your black tank. Water will assist a great deal with controlling holding tank odors. You always want the contents of the tank to be covered by water. Next, fill the toilet bowl and add the proper amount of holding tank chemicals, usually four ounces for every forty gallons the tank holds. Repeat this procedure every time you empty the black water holding tank.

Heartland declined to reimburse me for a $67.00 part as it was out of warranty. The caliber of a company is measured after the sale. I will never buy and suggest to everyone else to purchase a Thor Industry product as the service after the sale is not in line with their own Corporate Standards. The day you head to the scales have the RV fully loaded for travel. If you tow a vehicle or trailer behind the motor home take the loaded vehicle with you.

Her road trip adventures are chronicled in her blog at If the problem is big but you have a never-say-die attitude, a DIY approach to RV delamination repair is possible. Notice how this hearty iRV2 Forums member documented his entire repair job for anyone brave enough to try it themselves. This information is designed to help you with your decision-making, and it is not intended to provide advice.

This rig has tons of storage inside and out compared to many others. I have never been so comfortable in an rv until I stayed in the Elkridge 39mbhs. Today I would like to offer 10 quick tips to help extend the life of your RV and automobile lead acid batteries.

Yes, in fact we do a large amount of warranty repair jobs. Sometimes you can come straight to us, in other cases, we’ll have you run the warranty claim through your selling dealer as required by the manufacturer. But beyond paint and body work, we can offer various appliance repairs/replacements such as air conditioners, refrigerators, furnaces, water heaters, etc. Also know, does insurance cover water damage in RV? Full-time RV owners will need to get a coverage similar to homeowner’s insurance.

However when you look at their “reviews” of the new rigs they borrow I just do not see much critical evaluation. The articles read more like PR Brochures than any real evaluation. The writers follow no consistent reporting format or provide objective data that can’t be found on the RV Mfg web site.

Ralph, There is a lot to say about the older rigs. They were built pretty heavy but had far less gadgets on them. Thank you for sharing your experience with us and for your valued input.

It could set you back hundreds of pounds if you don’t have the correct insurance in place. Some insurers may make an exception for windscreen claims and won’t count them towards your no-claims bonus. However, this depends on the insurer so you need to check with them. The good news is that such cover won’t cost a fortune. Unfortunately, it’s less likely to be part of a third-party, fire and theft policy. In those cases, you’ll need to see if it can be arranged as a bolt-on extra or look for standalone cover.

The proper method of re-sealing would be to remove all silicone and putty around window and clean with solvent. Then apply a good quality silicone all the way around the window. I noticed that my carpet on the right side of the trailer right below the window in the bedroom was wet. I took a look at the gutters to make sure they weren’t clogged and they weren’t.

We like Route 66 Extended Warranty’s claims department chat feature, which can be found on the homepage of the website. But note that the customer service and claims chat features are not available 24/7, and you may have to leave an email message. Fleetwood is another long-running brand that has operated for more than six decades. Their products used to offer respectable performance with tight post manufacturing exams.

There is adhesive between the layers, which is supposed to make them one bonded unit. This new method, developed in the early 1990s, greatly lowered the cost of building RVs and improved gas mileage with better aerodynamics. Everyone was happy until the drawbacks of the method became apparent later in the decade. Over time, moisture invades the walls and the layers begin to separate causing this wave/bubbling look. Often the first sign you will see is small blisters or bubbles forming on the sides of your coach. This should be repaired by a professional before the problem becomes much worse.

They are an independent broker that will act as your contract provider, not the administrator. Their customer service has been noted to be good, and their white label warranty coverage to be adequate and fair. If you fail to get authorization ahead of time, the bill might be your responsibility too.

Many vehicles that can be towed with all four wheels on the ground still have restrictions like max speeds or max distances. In some situations it is best to use a tow dolly. A tow dolly is designed to lift the drive wheels off of the ground to prevent any damage to the tow vehicle.

While most manufacturers’ warranties only offer coverage for up to 2 years, an extended warranty can often cover your RV for much longer. This can help to offset repair costs and maintenance after the original warranty has expired. During winter, rainwater can find its way through tiny cracks causing moisture in your attic or between the layers of roofing.

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When out on the road with your RV, you are sure to run into the furry creatures. While some of these creatures look cuddly in nature, they can do serious damage to your RV. If you leave your RV parked without attending to it, especially in the cold seasons, rodents – such as mice or squirrels – can invade your camper as they look for a warm place to stay. Got me thinking – we should help each other choose TT insurance based on those that have covered this most catastrophic event in TT ownership. Plus – we should give props to the companies that have done what they should. also participates in affiliate programs with Clickbank, CJ and other sites.

It seems young people today don’t want to do things with their hands and are only interested in computer related work. Thank you for sharing your experience with us and for your input on this topic. Another thing in the RV industry is that there’s a greater percentage of problems per unit sold than there is in other industries. One reason for that could be that RVs are a product sold only to a specialized body of buyers. RVs are almost “luxury” items, not essential to our survival.

In the case of Route 66, its extended warranties are backed by Assurant Solutions. This insurance company protects the service agreements so that you don’t lose your money if the warranty company closes down. When my Westlake rv insurance oregon let loose I filed a warranty claim and received around $230 for 2 tires. I then spent around 2k for new G614’s all the way around. And the insurance company paid out $3600 for repairs to the side of my trailer.

Second, if you are not plugged into an electrical supply the furnace fan can quickly drain the auxiliary battery. Batteries that are not fully charged in cold temperatures can freeze resulting in not being able to use the RV furnace. I recommend that you plan your stay where you have access to an electrical supply when camping in cold weather. When we are plugged into electricity we set the forced air furnace on a low setting, around 55 degrees, and supplement the heat with a thermostatically controlled ceramic heater. These heaters work extremely well and you don¡¦t need to be concerned about a fire or carbon monoxide. Be sure to read clearance height signs as you approach overpasses and drive-through windows.

Be careful not to make a messy cut, as this will make the repair unsightly. It is best to cut through the fibreglass by scoring the panel with the utility knife, then going back over the cut until the fibreglass can be peeled away. Cut fiberglass sheets to fit over the weak areas in the fiberglass and any other area that you want to reinforce. Apply a second layer of resin over the fiberglass sheets. We got our new Navion 20 months ago and on our third trip our Onan generator decided not to “gen.” We were in the desert southwest and the nearest dealer was at least 400 miles away.

But may want to someday sell 5th wheel for newer one. I have the complete set except for one of the cougar decals on the side. Make a offer because I sold my camper and no longer need them. I bought used 2007 Keystone Fuzion 362… same ole story. Too bad too sad we don’t care about your problems response from keystone. We Own a 2008 Keystone Passport and are having the same issue.

I think you have summed up what may very well be the entire issue and cause regarding RV quality. Thank you for taking the time to write such a full response. Your participation and valued input is appreciated. I have been reading all the thoughtful comments on this subject with great interest. I have a few comments to add, from the viewpoint of a long-time Rv dealer. As a dealer for 47 years and an avid RV user for somewhat longer, I have experienced many of these same things, from the vantage point of a user or a servicing dealer, and often both.

The drains would have missed the LP tank and Coachmen would even have saved about a foot worth of water pipe on every unit. We purchased a new 38′ Travel supreme in April 06 and have been living in it full time ever since. Went back to the factory last fall and they went overboard fixing things that we were not that concerned with. I’m sorry that they have since gone out of business. We will keep this motorhome as long as possable as we will never find another as well made for the same money. There are people that have had near zero issues with a particular coach or trailer.

Last but not least you should always have a thermometer in the food compartment. Food can begin to spoil at temperatures above 40 degrees. The heat created by the cooling process is vented behind the refrigerator.

Contact us today to plan fiberglass installation for travel trailers in Phil Campbell, Florence & Jasper, AL or the surrounding area. The weather over the past few weeks has been pretty rough, and I think that my roof was damaged by the hail. Your advice about calling a professional roofing contractor for a free inspection seems like a good place to start. They can assess the damage and let me know what my options are for repairs. I will call around to see if there are contractors in my area who offer free assessments. Your best approach would be to get a roof inspection completed by a quality roofing company that can help document the damage you have and can meet with the adjuster.

This is when I realized that I wasn’t really, truly inspecting for leaks, I was just going through the motions. I also realized how fortunate I was to be in the RV when it was actually leaking. If I hadn’t caught it when I did I would be the one paying those costly repair bills.

If your paint was not damaged in an accident but rather some other event, you may be able to have the paint repaired at the insurance company’s expense. However, it depends on how the damage occurred and whether you have comprehensive coverage. Unlike collision coverage, comprehensive insurance fixes damage that occurs from life’s unexpected events. Typically, it covers damage from vandalism, theft, natural disasters, falling debris, fire and hitting an animal. For example, if someone vandalized your car by keying the exterior paint, your insurance carrier will likely cover the repair costs if you have comprehensive coverage on your policy. XtraRide comes with additional benefits that further enhance the purchase of a service agreement.

And many unsuspecting RV buyers end up paying too much for their new motor home. They also use the heavily inflated price of the MSRP to over allow on trade-ins and trick other RV owners into thinking that they are getting more for their trade-in than they really are. Without knowing the true manufacturer’s suggested price you cannot be sure of the true percentage discount you are receiving from the dealership. Always demand a copy of the MSRP and only do business with dealers who prominently display, not only the MSRP, but an upfront percentage discounted sale price without having to ask for it. Our Travel Trailer & Fifth Wheel Guide includes a factory article for each manufacturer with helpful facts and insight you won’t find anywhere else.

Their service has always been outstanding for me. I find the factory service excellent which has lead me alway to have them and Spartan do 100% of my service for this and my last coach. Having said that, Newmar, like all others, have had issues. Many have been caused, or at least dragged on, by some of the dealers.

Fleetwood Rv Bounder 35k

Brand new Thor Hurricane RV is said to be assembled of less – than – new components. To say the least, you can think that you own a collection of well-used parts than a complete RV. That being said, the quality of the brand product is definitely not up to specs. A wide range of operation difficulties, structure weakness and malfunction features can be found all over the vehicle.

It will pay for mechanical failures not due to wear and tear or misuse of the vehicle. The protection plan also includes roadside assistance. There are hundreds of extended car warranties to choose from, and with that comes just as many questions. These are all questions that you’ll ask each extended warranty provider as you’re shopping for coverage, and it helps to know some of these answers right off the bat. By avoiding theworst travel trailer brandslisted above and closely follow the steps, you can narrow down your search range and will eventually manage to make a wise and informed purchase. Remember that buying from a top-notch manufacturer can save you plenty of hassles.

I’ll give you a rundown on what we do to each RV we sell. First we inspect the charging system and batteries. We then move to the Propane system where we not only check for leaks but for appliance operation and ensure its up to current codes.

I spoke with many about both types and the gas may not have as much torque but has been working fine. So far going through the rockies has not been a problem. Proper maintenance helps any engine last longer. I have had a few minor problems but like any vehicle you are very lucky if you do not have any problems. I would have preferred a FRED but the floor plans were not very good.

We do this in a 37 foot 2005 Keystone Raptor 5th Wheel ToyHauler. We bought this trailer because we wanted the best, we spent alot of time before we made our decision on trying to get the ULTIMUTT in an rv, one that would stand the test of time. We looked at what seemed like hundreds of trailers and decided on the Raptor.

Use caution to prevent the cleaners from getting on the sides of the RV. ALWAYS rinse the sides, front and back of your RV before rinsing the roof to prevent streaking or damage to the finish on your RV. One of the most neglected areas on your RV is the roof, out of site out of mind. The problem is if you don’t keep the roof clean and inspect the roof seams on a regular basis you could end up with water damage.

We were recently having the furnace repaired on our newly purchased 2012 Winnebago Class C and after inspection (which wasn’t requested) were told it needs a new roof. Could this present as the same issue… flying off while driving down the highway? The repair shop replaced the gasket between the roof and AC unit which he suggested had never been replaced. We had not seen any evidence of leakage ourselves, but he said the wallpaper curling along the roof in the shower area was an indication.

Upon closer examination, ON MY HANDS AND KNEES, I discovered two small splits through the sealant around the dome. Clean filters will help the A/C work more efficiently. If you are mechanically inclined these fans are fairly easy to install, or you can have your RV dealer install one for you. The fan removes the heat built up behind the refrigerator improving the refrigerators performance by up to 40%. The initial cool down process can take four to six hours.

Their suggestion was to file a claim against the campground. Spent better part of this season trying to figure out the electrical issues. No dealer could tell me why the trailer had an open neutral.

The actual process of weighing your RV is not that difficult. It may take a little time at the scales, but it is well worth it knowing that you’re traveling safely within all of the manufacturer’s weight ratings. You can download a free copy of a detailed guide, with worksheets to take with you on how to weigh your Travel Trailer. Weight ratings are established by the manufacturer and are based on the weakest link in the chain.

Tongue Weight -Tongue Weight or Hitch Weight is the amount of weight pressing down on the vehicle’s hitch from the coupler of the trailer when the trailer is fully loaded for travel. For trailers that weigh over 2,000 pounds TW should be 10 to 15 percent of the loaded trailer weight. Tote tank – A portable tank used to dump the contents of a holding tank in to and then transport it to a dump station to be emptied. Hitch Weight – Hitch weight or Tongue Weight is the amount of weight pressing down on the vehicle’s hitch from the coupler of the trailer when the trailer is fully loaded for travel.

Front power jacks, dual batteries & propane tanks. Quick Tint Auto Glass is an authorized auto glass provider with electronic billing through LYNX services, Harmon Glass, Safelite and all other glass networks. This ensures your windshield or auto glass claim is processed and priced exactly according to “their” rates required by your insurance company.

It is important to read your policy and understand the coverage. Upon arrival for a new roof, FlexArmor locations have informed consumers of damage caused by outside forces which led to an insurance approved roof replacement. If you call and ask then they will create a record of the question and if you file a claim on that damage average rv insurance cost in the future they will open that discussion as the claim. One extra that you may want to consider adding when looking for the right RV insurance policy for you is protection from water damage. This is especially important for all season travelers. There are many different reasons why your camper may be taking in water.

Other maintenance intervals for generators are based on usage. Your generator set will have an hour meter so you can monitor the usage. Consult your owner’s manual for maintenance intervals. RV generators are extremely dependable and in many cases will out last the RV if they are properly maintained and cared for.

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Most RV policies only have liability insurance that pays for only third- party damages or injuries that result from accidents that are your fault. RV insurance also covers all the drivers that were listed on the policy cover when you bought the insurance, and it is subject to what is rv insurance policy coverage provisions and limits. Remember that mildew and mold are preventable problems, so insurance companies do not cover mold damage. RV insurance does not cover mold or fungi damage even if it has been caused by an event that has been insured, such as a storm.

I searched the USA for the best price and the best sales staff! We have now traveled more than 12,000 miles to check on other RV dealers and we are very lucky to have dealt with Motor Home Specialist in Texas. Another thing that most do not know is that this family’s sons’ served in the Armed Forces, not as regulars, but as Texas Heroes. Your product was very informative and valuable, with a lot of information for the price. Report are sent via email as a Microsoft Word Document.There is no time limit.

If you have RV roadside assistance you can rest assured that the insurer will have a large network of service and repair facilities only a phone call away. Aside from the normal mechanical issues many of these services will help even if you get trapped in mud, snow, or sand within a reasonable distance from the road. We recommend that you make us your first call after an accident in the Lexington, North Carolina area so that we can help walk you through the process with your insurance company.

If you can live with the dents or small hail dimples, then you can postpone fixing this issue. But if you can’t or the integrity of the aluminum panel is compromised then you will need to repair the problem. Small repairs can be done by using a sharp knife and cutting away the damaged fiberglass and repairing the insulation underneath. For aluminum, you can easy remove just one damaged section and replace it with a new one. Insurance is a game of odds, and such inquiries in a policy holder’s record are an indication of increased risk for the company.

All my decals are cracking, shrinking and peeling. I have pride in my trailer but the decals look owful. The traler is well taken care of in washing and waxing. We have a 2005 Montana 3295 model we bought new. My husband has washed these the way we were told but they curled and cracked .

I live in Tucson, Arizona, not exactly a rain forest. I’ve gotten estimates and it will cost about $2,000 to repair. At this point I’ll leave it as it and talk with anyone about the problems. Funny how a bubble on the side of your RV becomes a subject of conversation at the campgrounds. I don’t even have to point out the manufacturer thanks to Keystone’s name and logo all over the RV.

Take care of your RV’s tires and they will take care of you. When you’re not using your RV keep the tires covered to protect them from the damaging affects of ozone in the air and UV rays from the sun. Invest in a quality inflation pressure gauge and check the tire pressure in all tires every time you use the RV. Check and adjust the pressure when the tires are cold, before you move it.

Also, try not to park your RV directly under trees, whose sticky sap might pull off layers of paint and surfacing. And if the weather forecast calls for a hailstorm, go ahead and drive yourself — and your roof — out of harm’s way. Since some water leakage is almost guaranteed in any RV, it’s a good idea to get comfortable with doing minor repairs yourself.

  • Don’t trust just anyone to work on your RV, call the RV experts !!
  • Another common problem that occurs after lighting the pilot, is that it blows out after the fan is engaged.
  • They believe the recall should have covered more than just the cost of implant replacements.
  • I feel completely confident about this purchase now”.
  • If you have signs of a leak, we recommend contacting the shop in Kings Mountain to get a quote.

If you own a motorhome under warranty that is delaminating, return it to the agency for proper repair. The other cause is a water leak that breaks the bond between the fibreglass panel and the wood underneath. A spongy RV floor indicates rot in the subflooring — usually the plywood underneath the laminate, tile, or carpet. This is most often caused by water damage, which may be only one small part of larger damages caused by water.

You never know the quality of the drinking water when you are traveling so it’s a good idea to take a container of water from your home that your pets are accustomed to, or use bottled water. Never leave your pets in an RV for long periods of time without somebody checking on them periodically. If you will be away from your pets and the RV for an extended period of time leave a key with someone you can trust to check on the pets and in case of an emergency. This checklist does not cover everything that you need to be concerned with when traveling with pets in your RV, but it’s a good start. You can add to this list and tailor it to your specific type of pet or your pet’s needs and refer back to it before a trip so you don’t forget anything.

We should all file a Class Action Suite against them. Hello, I have a 2008 Keystone Montana 5th wheel, model 3400RL. The decals are peeling and flaking off everywhere including the back. At the moment I am not cutting/printing decals for RV’s… I will post here when I’m ready to pick that business up again.

Ola Mitchell, Not being able to actually hear it, I can assume it does make some sound. It is possible that Workhorse believes it is within reasonable spec’s, and they may be correct. The fact that you hear it above all else may indicate it is at a herz range that is particularly penitrating to your earing. Differential whining can sometimes be corrected by re-shimming the the crown gear, I believe. Additionally, the sound may change with different lubricates used, perhaps even synthetic.

Not only will you be more alert, but you will arrive at the campground with plenty of day light to get set up and settled in before it gets dark outside. This gives you a chance to unwind and get rested for another day of travel, and to enjoy some of the amenities the campground has to offer. If you can tow your vehicle with all four wheels down the first step will be to have tow bar mounting brackets installed on the tow vehicle. Now we can decide on which type of tow bar best suits our needs.

Enzyme based chemicals use the good bacteria to digest waste and control odors. Formaldehyde based chemicals destroy the bacteria that’s needed to break down waste and they can be dangerous to humans and pets. The first step is to add enough water to completely cover the bottom of the tank.

The RV battery is charged when the motor home is running, or in the case of a trailer, when the tow vehicle is running, if a charge line was wired in to the trailer plug. It is also charged when the RV is plugged in to a 120-volt power source and by an onboard generator. Break-away Switch – A switch that is wired into the trailers brake system. It is attached from the trailer to the tow vehicle by a cable lanyard. In the event that the trailer and vehicle separate the cable pulls a pin from the switch and the trailer brakes are activated. The switch must have a 12-volt source to operate.

You are sure to run into more than a few of the world’s little furry creatures along the road. While some of these animals are cuddly in nature, some can do some serious damage to your RV. Water damage can obviously do some serious damage to your possessions but there is one unseen danger that can come from a sudden surge of water. This is especially true if you are not used to the type of terrain you will be traveling in. The only thing more unpredictable than travel is the weather.

You should always test the campground wiring for improperly wired circuits before you plug your RV in. Once this is done plug the voltmeter into any 120-volt outlet in the RV where it will be easy to monitor the AC voltage during your camping trip. By monitoring the AC voltage throughout your trip you can protect thousands of dollars worth of electrical equipment and appliances in your RV. If AC voltage drops below 105-volts or goes above 130-volts you should turn electronic equipment and appliances off until the power is restored.

No matter if the hail pellets are small, the damage can become excessive. However, some damage can become hidden for a while until you start noticing leaks in your home. 99% of Insured do not know the fine print of their policy because their insurance agent didn’t specify the details or the Insured didn’t fully read their policy.

Make sure the awning arm travel locks are latched and tighten the black knobs on the back of the awning arms. The awning makes your RV six inches wider and you must always keep this in mind when you are traveling. I have seen many cases where the awning roller tube and fabric gets damaged by hitting or rubbing on something and the awning arms get damaged by catching on something.

Check the condition of propane cylinders, regulator and rubber hoses. Confirm that LP gas system in the RV is inspected and certified. Next important and often overlooked thing is the safety features. Modern RV’s are equipped with number of features that protect you not only while driving but also when you are camping at the campground.

Check the bathroom water systems, run the shower to see if it is working or not. Try running the water pump for quite some time and confirm that it is giving a constant pressure without any water leakage. Try running-stopping it for few times to check for any ill functioning. Do your due diligence in knowing all the details about the RV but also ask questions to the owner of the RV. Here are top questions you should ask before buying the pre-owned RV. Check what kind of leveling the RV uses, ask owner about any issue faced.

The problem is the lousy caulk they use on the lower j channel on the slide outs. When it comes to giving you more for your RV camping dollar, no other brand can compare to Keystone. With manufacturing facilities in Indiana and Oregon, we can better serve your needs.” Don’t believe it. They use low quality materials and if you catch it in the first year they will replace it with more low quality stuff.

When being contacted by the customer, the company is commonly unresponsive. All of those complaints about Fleetwood make it one of the worst travel trailer brands to avoid. Talking about the experience with Jayco, customers tend to share different opinions. While some have been satisfied with their purchase, there are reportedly a great deal of RV owners complained about their Jayco travel trailer as a big waste of money. Jayco RVs feature a wide array of built-in facilities and facilities that appear quite attractive at first glance. However, such things usually fail after a while and that lead to huge maintenance expenses.

We use cookies to give you the best possible online experience. If you continue, we’ll assume you are happy for your web browser to receive all cookies from our website. See our cookie policy for more information on cookies and how to manage them. Must not travel to countries outside of the European Union, the EFTA countries or Great Britain with the rented vehicle. Of course, when you want to rent it for longer we can make a better price.

While it is impossible to guess what you are going to be paying each year, you can improve your odds of getting a great rate and terrific coverage by calling a local independent insurance agent. Valley Insurance Group represents multiple insurance companies, sam club rv insurance so we can provide you with comparison quotes from several of the top insurance companies in Nevada. Offering the finest workmanship in RV collision repair, KnD Autowerks is Washington’s premier RV body shop restoring your RV to its original condition.

Check if the RV is equipped with a ladder and is in good condition. Having a ladder at the back of the RV is an added advantage. Its an easy access to do regular maintenance of the RV roof. This is a very critical aspect and be sure to check all the pervious claims if any.

MHSRV definitely provides the means and professionalism that goes with a great dealership. It was simply an awesome way for me to feel good about buying new when I normally would not. When my wife and I started our RV search a few years ago it was crazy. We spend over a year looking at different coaches and went to dozens of dealerships in several states.

Camping World and their service centers are the crowning touch when it comes to the poorest and least competent service in the RV industry. Since the same company owns Camping World and all of the major RV publications in the industery, they are attempting to create a monopoly in this industry. Quality control on the manufacturing level has some serious problems. I’ve been an RV owner for over 40 years, I think that I’m speaking from a certain level of experience. You may be very right, the reduction in RV production may very well yeild better quality as an end result. We all know, when construction booms, anyone can get a job providing they know which end of a hammer to hold.

If you were at a rest stop looking for your next target or victim, what would you look for? Let’s pretend for a moment that you were going to target a vehicle. Which would be more appealing, a car whose owner stopped for a quick bathroom break or an expensive looking Class A motor home, whose owners are out walking their dogs?

This makes the time you spend inside the RV to be stressful and extremely inconvenient. I would have preferred they pay for collateral damage, but they said that is not their policy. The roadside service had taken the blown tires away, but I had taken copious pictures before they left. Fortunately for me the roadside guy knew the business so he put the pertinent information on the bill.

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