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Employment Practices Liability Insurance Epl


To protect yourself and the reputation of your business, keep reading for an in-depth understanding of how the EPLI policy works. The accusation of a wrongful discriminatory act may be cause for legal action regardless of the number of employees you have. Employees are increasingly aware of their rights and companies need to ensure their procedures are up to date with legislation to avoid disputes and the significant expense of defending claims. This website is for use by licensed retail and wholesale insurance brokers and is not intended to provide services to the general public. This may occur due to retaliation or because the employer does not want to lose a good employee to another department.

An independent insurance agent can provide you with exact quotes for coverage available in your area. If you have further questions about which exclusions apply to your specific EPLI policy, an independent insurance agent can help you review your coverage. An independent insurance agent can further explain the coverage provided business general liability insurance by EPLI policies in your area. Beyond wrongful termination cases, your business can be sued for many other reasons. Keith Boyer is managing partner at KMRD Partners Inc., a risk and human capital management consulting and insurance brokerage firm located in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, region, serving clients worldwide.

Amendments to, and increased enforcement of, state and local laws, changes in the U.S. Supreme Court doctrine, unique trends such as the #MeToo movement, amplified media attention on sexual harassment claims, and increased focus on gender pay disparity. These are just a few notable recent developments that are impacting EPL risk.

Both current and former employees can file lawsuits against your business if they believe that their rights have been violated at any point in their employment with your company. Obviously, not all of these potentially-adverse effects can be solved with insurance, but having the right EPLI policy in place can definitely help your company survive such circumstances financially by providing coverage for legal costs and possible settlements. Tokio Marine HCC specialises in customising comprehensive EPL insurance programmes designed to protect our clients against employment-related claims and against the risk of large financial losses. Product and service offers can vary based on location, industry, risk profile and unique business needs.

Employers’ liability insurance only applies to full- or part-time employees. It does not cover independent contractors or employees working outside of the U.S. or Canada. Employment Practices Liability insurance is a type of management liability insurance that covers employers’ defense costs and losses from employment-related claims. While EPLI can cover a wide variety of claims, for the purposes of this article we’ll be focusing on the most common EPLI claims in the industry.

Coverage Limits

Whether you are looking to start a sole proprietorship, an LLC, or a corporation, we can guide you through the corporate formalities and ensure you comply with the applicable law. We are experienced in drafting operating agreements, articles of incorporation, purchase and sale agreements, stock purchase agreements, non-compete agreements for employees, and a variety of other necessary documents to assist your business. Commercial Landlord-TenantOur firm routinely represents commercial landlords in a variety of settings, from re-negotiating leases to resolving issues with a tenant. We bring years of experience to assist our clients with cases that can be highly fact-dependent and difficult, depending on the nature of the relationship between the parties. This area of the law can be fast-paced, and we understand the importance of moving quickly to protect our client’s interest if the situation requires it. Construction Defect & Mechanic’s LiensLemons, Grundy & Eisenberg has extensive experience in construction litigation, ranging from representing commercial property owners in high-rise building projects to governmental entities in bid award disputes.

  • Current policyholders should speak with your AmTrust agent about adding EPLI coverage today.
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  • A covered veteran who is undergoing medical treatment, recuperation or therapy for a serious injury or illness.
  • Special rules regarding recordkeeping apply to employers of airline flight crew employees.

A private employer is covered if it maintained 50 or more employees on the payroll during 20 or more calendar workweeks in either the current or the preceding calendar year. An employee who does not begin to work for an employer until after the first working day of a calendar week, or who terminates employment before the last working day of a calendar week, is not considered employed on each working day of that calendar week. An employer includes any person who acts directly or indirectly in the interest of an employer to any of the employer’s employees. The definition of employer in section 3 of the Fair Labor Standards Act , 29 U.S.C. 203, similarly includes any person acting directly or indirectly in the interest of an employer in relation to an employee. As under the FLSA, individuals such as corporate officers “acting in the interest of an employer” are individually liable for any violations of the requirements of FMLA. Normally the legal entity which employs the employee is the employer under FMLA.

Payments are usually made every two weeks, and the amount is determined by your pre-tax wage before you were injured. If so, you may be eligible for compensation through a workers’ compensation claim or lawsuit. This case provides several important lessons for parties when negotiating bespoke insurance policies, especially construction projects. The Full Court acknowledged that the Liberty Dispute arose from difficulties when Icon wanted the Liberty Policy to operate in accordance with its commercial preferences. Further, the case confirms the importance of closely reviewing policy wordings to ensure that cover that is agreed between the parties is articulated in the relevant wording, schedules and submissions. In relation to its dispute, Liberty denied indemnity on the basis that indemnity under its policy extended to the date of ‘practical completion’ of projects undertaken during the period of insurance, but did not provide cover for any subsequent defects liability period .

Are You Covered? Employment Practices Liability Insurance

Aon’s Professional Services practice unites colleagues in all regions around the world to provide specialist solutions dedicated solely to law, accounting, consulting and design firms. EPL insurance has become increasingly broad in its coverage and yet remains reasonably priced. Policies tend operate on a defined peril, claims-made basis – providing broad definitions of covered acts, and a fair amount of flexibility on the selection of counsel. Whistleblower claims filed by employees in America has resulted in more than $2 billion losses to employers embroiled in wrongdoing since the Securities and Exchange Commission’s inception, according to the 2019Securities and Exchange CommissionAnnual Report. The higher number of new employees in an organization indicates a greater amount of risk. A higher employee turnover rate is also an indicator of dissatisfaction among employees.

Franchise employers are a prime target for employment related litigation due to their association with a large brand name. The policy form is designed for business operating under a franchise agreement and our free HR Pilot™ risk management service has been tailored with the franchise business model in mind and has the experience in providing HR advice specifically for franchisee operations. EPL insurance not only protects organization from actual wrongful acts, but alleged acts as well.

An enhancement to your policy that extends the reporting period beyond the end of the policy period. Bankruptcies, layoffs, cyber-crime, and retirement plan fluctuations can be the drivers for claims and increased claims. And in this crisis, they can affect the way insurance companies evaluate risk and provide coverage going forward. If you don’t have these policies, it may be a good time to discuss your exposures to these types of risks and find out what is available in the marketplace.

Google returns 316,000 hits and 424,000 on those two search terms, respectively. An EPLI policy can protect your business from potentially astronomical damages that could impact your bottom line, as well as your reputation. Begin conversations internally and seek an insurance provider that can give you peace of mind. Because most companies prefer to focus on running their business than worrying about the minutiae of an insurance policy, it is easy to overlook potentially critical missteps.

§825 603   Special Rules For School Employees, Duration Of Fmla Leave.

Employees who are employed outside these areas are not counted for purposes of determining employer coverage or employee eligibility. Whether additional treatment visits or a regimen of continuing treatment is necessary within the 30-day period shall be determined by the health care provider. Marcel advises clients regarding Fair Labor Standards Act compliance and has defended a number of FLSA lawsuits, including collective action litigation. Successful decertification of union for paper company; represented company in all facets of decertification, including successful defense of unfair labor practice charges. OnderLaw, LLC has developed a well-earned reputation in California and elsewhere for being the firm injury victims call when they need comprehensive and tenacious legal help. We will represent you with poise, vigor, and relentless attention to detail.

In the event you would like more information regarding your insurance coverage, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. In North America, Willis Towers Watson offers insurance products through licensed subsidiaries of Willis North America Inc., including Willis Towers Watson Northeast Inc. and Willis Canada, Inc. Socially driven movements like #MeToo, Pay Equity and Black Lives Matter impact employment practices liability litigation.

So, while both insurances deal with liability, workers’ compensation focuses on physical injuries while EPLI covers your company for more mental or emotional claims. In every business with a lot of employees, especially in the health industry, both types of insurances are extremely important. Coverage includes full- and part-time employees, temporary and seasonal staff, independent contractors, and even volunteers. Insured events cover everything from workplace discrimination and sexual harassment to wrongful infliction of emotional distress and defamation of character. The enhanced coverage option includes third party coverage that protects your commercial customer from discrimination or sexual harassment allegations from non-employees and punitive damages. Third-Party Employment Practices Liability Coverage — a separate insuring agreement contained within employment practices liability insurance policies that covers liability claims brought by nonemployees against employees of the insured organization.

This emphasizes the importance for employers implementing effective sexual harassment prevention measures (e.g., a zero-tolerance policy and sexual harassment awareness training programs), reporting methods and response protocols. We can help you enjoy peace of mind when you are recruiting, hiring, training and building your employee base. From the moment you start recruiting, employment practices insurance can cover you. The reality is that small and medium-sized businesses can be especially vulnerable to these claims because they do not have legal departments, HR departments or, in some cases, even an employee handbook or clear expectations and guidelines. For larger or growing companies, EPLI is essential as disgruntled current or former employees may make baseless claims in hopes of collecting from your company.

PIA provides one of the only umbrella products that covers both your agency’s commercial and professional liability policies. MPL Risk has been a trusted medical malpractice broker, working with a variety of physician practices to provide unparalleled advisory services and personalized coverage to protect your medical group in every circumstance. We work with groups in specific medical specialty areas, as well as multi-specialty practices, so whether you are an individual provider with a small office staff or a large practice with a dozen locations, we can help get the proper insurance to meet your needs. We’re committed to providing your PA healthcare business with the financial protection and peace of mind that you and your organization need through customizable policies that safeguard you, your employees, and your assets against wrongful employment practice claims. Currently, industry sources say that companies have launched a policy to protect them from discrimination proceedings and compensation defense costs, the so-called Employment Practice Liability Insurance .

This is a laudable and critical goal that all businesses should strive for. Too little diversity in the workplace poses problems; failure to hire, discrimination, and equal pay are just a few of the many theories that insufficient diversity in the workplace can initiate. Despite the best efforts of management and human resources leaders, interpersonal friction borne of cultural, religious, racial, political, age, ability, and orientation-based differences often lead to employment issues. Some employers have EPLI built into their business’ insurance plan, while others purchase it as a standalone policy. In order to receive coverage, the incident that resulted in the employee’s claim must happen while the policy is active. In other words, if a worker files a discrimination claim against your company today, but you don’t purchase an EPLI policy until tomorrow, that case will not be covered by your insurer.

The Age Discrimination in Employment Act forbids age discrimination against employees and job applicants aged 40 and over. Gunn-Mowery is an independent insurance agency, meaning we can provide options from a variety of insurance carriers. We do the research and comparisons, and we seek out the right insurance policies so you don’t have to. You rely on your employees to help grow your business and stay competitive. Your team is likely one of your strongest assets, but are your employment practices placing you at risk? If you don’t already have employment practices liability, it is important to consult with Gunn-Mowery before you hire or interview another candidate.

The cost of employment practices liability insurance can start as low as $500 per year for $1 million in coverage for a company with fewer than five employees. The best way to get a more exact price estimate is by providing an insurance carrier with information about your business and employees. As an employer, you face a rising tide of employment practices litigation alleging discrimination, sexual harassment, retaliation, and other torts. Our cutting-edge insurance protection, loss control expertise and services, and partnership approach set us apart from other insurers.

To get you the best policy possible while keeping your costs down and minimizing your risk. Our experts will get you the right policy, and help save you money on insurance costs. Physical therapy providers are focused on helping patients recover from injuries, regain their independence and find a sense of comfort. VGM Insurance is dedicated to providing physical therapy practices with insurance coverage tailored to your unique business, so you can focus on meeting your patients’ needs. If you’re ready to get enhanced coverage and reduce costs while working with an insurance provider that has decades of experience, click the button below to contact VGM Insurance and get the quote process started. We have saved not hundreds, but thousands of dollars since switching to Eclipse on both our commercial auto insurance, liability, and workman’s comp.

The special rules affect the taking of intermittent leave or leave on a reduced leave schedule, or leave near the end of an academic term , by instructional employees. Special rules regarding recordkeeping apply to employers of airline flight crew employees. A complaint filed with the Secretary of Labor should be filed within a reasonable time of when the employee discovers that his or her FMLA rights have been violated. In no event may a complaint be filed more than two years after the action which is alleged to be a violation of FMLA occurred, or three years in the case of a willful violation.

Thanks to continued successful relationships with many of the finest retail Insurance agents & brokers in America, we have grown into one of the largest companies of our kind. Andrew has a true passion for building and expanding great workplace cultures. I have seen him take a lead role in shaping a Great Place to Work and have worked with him in collaborative environments with leaders from some of the most cutting edge employers in the world. As a senior leader in an organization dedicated to working on strengthening workplace cultures, I have seen many people in this discipline. Andrew is a natural in this area and would be an asset to any organization. As an Executive Coach, I found Andy to be exactly what I needed to reach my development goals and become more self-aware of my impact across the organization.

We’ll identify and compare all your options and walk you through the decision-making process so you can be fully confident in your coverage — no matter how your business and the healthcare industry evolve. Karen Cargill, management liability specialist at insurance broker Marsh in London, said a fifth of notifications by its insurer clients of possible EPLI claims in Britain have been COVID-related in the past six months. There have been around 2,950 COVID-19-related employment lawsuits in the United States since the start of the pandemic, ranging from disputes over remote working to workplace safety and discrimination, law firm Fisher Phillips says. Attorney fees and other defense costs are usually included within the limits of an EPLI policy. Insurers usually require you to select from an approved “panel” of attorneys for your defense. However, employers can negotiate in the policy the right to select legal counsel.

Where medical certification is requested by an employer, an employee may not be held liable for administrative delays in the issuance of military documents, despite the employee’s diligent, good-faith efforts to obtain such documents. A description of the care to be provided to the covered servicemember and an estimate of the leave needed to provide the care. This optional form reflects certification requirements so as to permit the employee to furnish appropriate information to support his or her request for leave because of a qualifying exigency. Form WH-384, or another form containing the same basic information, may be used by the employer; however, no information may be required beyond that specified in this section. When the need for FMLA leave is foreseeable at least 30 days in advance and an employee fails to give timely advance notice with no reasonable excuse, the employer may delay FMLA coverage until 30 days after the date the employee provides notice. The need for leave and the approximate date leave would be taken must have been clearly foreseeable to the employee 30 days in advance of the leave.

To prevent employee lawsuits, nothing is more important than having comprehensive employment policies and procedures. Many insurance companies have now recognized that it is nearly impossible to completely remove the threat of an EPLI claim and have begun to implement loss prevention services as part of their offer of insurance. These programs can be invaluable for a firm as a supplement public liability insurance online to their human resources department and can help establish proper procedures that will help alleviate the circumstances that will give rise to an EPLI claim. An independent agent who’s familiar with this type of insurance will be able to explain what coverages would be beneficial for a nonprofit to have, and they can request quotes for policies that have those coverages.

Safe driving is a topic that should always stay front of mind – for commercial fleets and personal driving – it is a growing nationwide concern. This week we spotlight Operation Safe Driver Week July 11th – 17th, promoted by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance . There is no standard EPLI policy form – each carrier offers their unique policy wording for Employment Practices Liability. Thus, it is critically important that you work with a specialist who can guide you through the myriad of options that are available. Train managers, supervisors and employees on protocols including what steps to take in the event of an allegation. To prevent employment related allegations, it is important to educate all managers, supervisors, and employees.

Help employers put forth a strong defense should they be hit by an EPL lawsuit. The Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act of 2008 prohibits discrimination against candidates or employees based on genetic information. Have written job descriptions for each job in which you clearly define your expectations for the job. The job description should include a description of required skills and expected performance.

A claims-made policy protects you during the active policy period, usually one year. When you choose to become an insurance agent with AmTrust, you’ll become part of an organization focused on generating steady, stable and positive growth. Your career as an agent will prosper with our multi-tiered carrier approach, giving a competitive advantage with pricing flexibility.

It is especially important to be aware of the claims-made provision of EPLI coverage because employment claims sometimes may not be filed until months or years after an alleged incident. If your coverage is not continuous, you may not have coverage for events that occurred in the past. Employment Practices Liability Insurance is usually written on a claims-made basis.

Employers of eligible airline flight crew employees shall make, keep, and preserve records in accordance with the requirements of Subpart E of this Part (§825.500). The employee would return to work during the two-week period before the end of the term. The employee would return to work during the three-week period before the end of the term. Certain special rules apply to employees of local educational agencies, including public school boards and elementary and secondary schools under their jurisdiction, and private elementary and secondary schools. The special rules do not apply to other kinds of educational institutions, such as colleges and universities, trade schools, and preschools.

But, all it takes is one comment or action—however unintentional—for an employee to file a complaint or lawsuit, claiming his or her legal rights have been violated. Neither of these figures includes defense costs, which can easily exceed the settlement amount. Employment practices lawsuits can be extremely expensive and damaging to any business or entity.

Similarly, liability for California’s Private Attorney General Act representative actions is usually not covered. An EPL policy will respond to allegations from an employee claiming he or she could no longer tolerate the work environment and was compelled to resign or retire. As an independent agency, we offer multiple options at competitive prices. Answers about the plan, including eligibility, options, enrollment, customer service and more.

EPLI coverage is not required, but it is definitely a smart move for businesses. As a business owner, you may think that you play by the rules, so it is not necessary, however, it is always better to be safe. A lawsuit can cost your business a lot of money, and your reputation as a business may be tarnished afterward, no matter if you win or lose the case. As an employer, you can’t always control the words and actions of those who work for you, so it’s important to have a financial safety net in case an incident like that occurs. Without EPLI coverage, you can get stuck paying out of pocket for your legal defense, which can disrupt the growth of your company and even cause it to go bankrupt. Third-party EPLI is vital for businesses that deal with customers on a daily basis.

Just imagine if you or your company was ever sued for something like racial discrimination, sexual harassment or wrongful termination. If the case ended up in court, you could incur hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal costs and attorney fees. The expense could be enough to cripple most businesses, putting everything you’ve worked so hard to achieve in jeopardy. Additionally, this type of insurance product, which may be purchased alongside other forms of liability protection, protects against other types of employee-related lawsuits.

All policy provisions are subject to regulatory and underwriting approval and vary by state. You should consult your representative liability insurance florida regarding specific policy provisions. For our largest groups and institutional customers, custom EPLI coverage is available.

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NFP Welcomes Morgan Frick to Management and Professional Liability Practice.

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It’s important and valuable to offer small business owners Employment Practices Liability protection. We aim to make the purchasing experience as streamlined & intuitive as possible. An employee alleges that an employer unreasonably searches their private space , or conducts surveillance in areas where employees expect privacy, such as a dressing room or bathroom. What’s more, the legal and regulatory frameworks of our federal and state governments give employees several ways to take action against their employers. The damages awarded to victims of employment discrimination can vary according to the type of complaint, the severity of the discrimination, and even the number of people you employ.

While we may be seeing a light at the end of the COVID-19 tunnel, the employment practices liability market remains hard, with rates, retentions and COVID-19 claims trending upward. You can try to do everything right and still find your business subject to claims of wrongful employment practices. Whether the allegations against you are legitimate or unfounded, you may be faced with expensive legal bills. Employment practices liability policies provide a specialized form of liability coverage.

Finally, because there are so many types of insurance policies out there, it is not uncommon for companies tothinktheir existing policies will address employment practices claims, only to later discover that they’re hung out to dry. You should determine whether the policy imposes on the insurer a “duty to defend” or a “duty to reimburse.” A duty to defend requires the insurer to defend the claim or lawsuit, cover legal fees and costs, and pay for liability . Insurers with a duty to defend retain high levels of control over the defense of claims, the selection of counsel, and litigation and settlement strategies.

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The Importance Of Employment Practice Liability Insurance For Business Owners In California.

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Let managers, employees and contractors know employment practices violations will not be tolerated and will result in dismissal. Maintain an “open door” policy for employees who feel they have been subject to unfair employment practices. EPLI will pay for attorney’s fees, court costs, settlements and judgments due to charges brought by current and former full-time, part-time, temporary and seasonal employees, recognized volunteers and applicants for employment. Employee lawsuits alleging you mismanaged employee benefits, which may be covered by Employee Benefits Liability. So if you’re not sure about when to get Employment Practices Liability coverage, ask us! We’re always happy to discuss a startup’s risk exposures and which insurance policies can best mitigate those exposures.

This coverage protects businesses against employee claims of injury or illness that stemmed from the business’s negligence. Employer’s liability insurance also covers legal fees, such as attorney, court, and settlement costs. While many insurance companies could provide employment practices liability insurance for you, finding coverage could also depend on the area you live in. Here are a few of our top picks for employment practices liability insurance. As an employer, unfortunately there’s a good chance that one of your employees will sue your business. Even if you run the most successful business around, your employees can sue you for many disasters, and lawsuits can be more than just an inconvenience.

Document what the company is doing to prevent and solve employee disputes. Similar to EPLI, getting workers’ compensation insurance is important for small businesses that have at least three employees. When an employee gets injured or unfortunately gets sick while he’s on the job, the workers’ compensation insurance will take care of his medical bills, lost wages, and other benefits. This endorsement may provide reimbursement for expenses related to a crisis event resulting from a wrongful employment practice. Crisis events usually occur if an executive is involved in wrongful employment practice, and the situation will likely result in a claim. Generally, expenses for such an event can include hiring an outside law firm, public relations firm, crisis management firm, or a forensic or security firm to manage press, publicity, etc.

EPLI, sometimes referred to as ’employers liability insurance, is insurance that gives companies coverage against employment-related lawsuits such as claims of harassment, wrongful termination, breach of contract, discrimination or other work-related issues. Such claims can include sexual harassment, breach of employment contract, discrimination, wrongful termination, negligent evaluation, and failure to employ or promote. Wrongful discipline, deprivation of career opportunity, causing emotional distress, and mismanagement of benefit plans is covered as well. The federal law known as the Fair Labor Standards Act establishes minimum wages, overtime pay, child labor, hours worked standards, and record-keeping requirements. Legal actions brought against employers are almost always excluded by employment practices liability coverage. However, insurers are sometimes open to offering coverage for defense costs at some relatively small amounts; one hundred thousand dollars is common.

Here are a few standard triggers to help you decide what’s best for your company. In fact, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, workers aged 55+ will make up 25% of the US workforce by 2024, compared to 13% in 2001. And despite the aging workforce, a Hiscox report found that only 38% of workers received any form of age discrimination training in the past 12 months. D&O Benchmarking We’ve analyzed our policy database to help high-growth companies benchmark their current D&O policy. Products offered through our wholly owned subsidiary, The Doctors Company Insurance Services (CA # ).

Any serious review of an insurance offer is not complete until you review the exclusions outlined in the policy. Volunteers are often extended protections similar to those given to employees — and volunteers can sue if they believe their rights have been violated. In some regards, it’s even greater than the potential risk faced by for-profit businesses because nonprofits frequently have more volunteers than comparable businesses have employees. Anyone who volunteers for a nonprofit in some official capacity, whether on a regular basis or as a one-off favor, may file an employment-related lawsuit.

With compensation awards getting bigger and tribunal cases becoming more complex, employers are finding the need to safeguard their companies. Protect your business against charges alleging discrimination, wrongful termination and harassment against employees who pose a serious threat to not only your bottom line but also to your business’s reputation. EPL coverage provides affordable cost and high-value protection against serious allegations from employees. These activities all have the potential for a possible claim of discrimination, wrongful termination or harassment. Maybe you can’t imagine a situation in which an employee, a former employee or an employment candidate sues your business for harassment or discrimination . As a business owner, you work hard, and you expect your insurance company to work hard too.

All employers and employees must sign an employment contract while starting a job. Breach of contract is when any one of the parties fails to abide by the terms of the contract. The key parameters of coverage―what limit, at what cost and how much you must pay before it kicks in—vary significantly by employer size. Boundary Bay Brewery spends more than $6,000 per year for a policy that will pay up to $2 million annually against employment law claims. But before that coverage takes effect, the brewery is responsible for a $15,000 retention, which is effectively a deductible.

It can be endorsed to protect the entity from 3rd party claims alleging discrimination. A human resources director was advised to terminate an investigation of allegations of sexual harassment by an employed doctor. General Liability Insure does not warrant or make any representations regarding the usefulness of or the expected results of the material contained on this website. You should contact your attorney, accountant and/or financial adviser to obtain advice with respect to any particular commercial insurance question, claim or issue.

This can cause a lot of anxiety, because all of those employment-related tasks are difficult to get right. We typically recommend that California-based startups get EPL insurance before they even hire their first employee. For startups in other states, it’s usually wise to get coverage around the five-employee mark. No matter where you operate, though, it’s important to understand that bad things can happen to good startups.

A hospitality group that owns and operates six luxury hotels was sued by a group of employees. It was alleged that employees of a certain national origin were not paid the same hourly overtime rates as white employees after they learned that a white employee performing the same job was earning quite a bit more than they were making. Despite management’s insistence that there weren’t any discriminatory practices in place, the employer was forced to pay a collective sum of $104,000 in back pay to the group.

Represented a leading manufacturer of recycled wood composite building products in coverage litigation to recover defense costs and settlement amounts relating to product-defect claims under various umbrella liability policies. Represented a leading manufacturer of pumps, valves, seals and related components in obtaining coverage under directors and officers liability policies for tens of millions of dollars in defense costs arising out of underlying securities class action litigation. We understand that your business growth depends on the what liability insurance ability to take risks, but we also know a single medical malpractice or general liability lawsuit can devastate your business. Our team takes the time to get to know you and your daily challenges on a deeper level, so your policies are customized and cost-efficient to help you create a better, safer work environment. As the healthcare industry continues to experience dramatic changes, it’s so important to have a trusted advisor providing innovative coverage and support from a national network of top-rated healthcare insurance carriers.

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