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Germania Insurance To Return Nearly $6m To Personal Auto Customers In Texas


Depending on how many years you have been with a particular provider, you may qualify for a discount upon renewal of your policy. This usually starts off at a smaller percentage and grows each year until it reaches a maximum. It’s important to keep in mind that the definition of “new car” may vary from place to place, however. For example, some companies offer the discount only if you are the first title owner of the vehicle. Other requirements may state that the car has to be less than three years old. Germania Insurance offers a recommended network of more than 200 trusted preferred auto body repair facilities who we trust because we’ve built long-standing relationships with them.

For an auto claim, you should normally have a payment within two days, or 16 business hours, from the time you file the claim. Finally, remember that the initial payment doesn’t necessarily mean that the case is closed, or that it is the final payment. If, for example, further damage is discovered while making repairs to your car, your provider would provide additional funds to repair it as long as it is part of the covered loss.


This would include reasonable medical expenses such as doctor, hospital, surgical, nursing and funeral expenses. However, PIP can pay for things such as lost wages and other such losses that result from an accident. As any parent knows, purchasing insurance for your child or young driver can be a little pricey.

There are also some cases where a home repair contractor may ask you to sign a legal document which instructs the insurance provider to send the funds to the contractor. However, you should never do this without speaking to your insurance provider first. Apart from the discounts listed above, you may find a number of other discount options available with your auto insurance provider. Some insurance companies provide a discount if you choose to pay all of your policy premium in advance. This can be a great discount for those that have the opportunity to take advantage of it. Not only will you save a percentage of your premium, you won’t have to worry about remembering to make payments or deal with monthly statements.

While this process can vary slightly from company to company, there are several factors that they have in common. Whether you personally own a number of vehicles, or have several in your family’s household, many auto insurance companies will offer discounts when you insure multiple vehicles with the same provider. However, the cost of the car is only one factor and it is not always true that a cheaper car will have cheap insurance rates.

Getting Your Payment And Making Repairs To Your Home Or Vehicle

Typically, this will put you in contact with a customer service representative in the claims department. They are the first point of contact for you, the insured, and not only do they get the ball rolling on the claim, they set the tone for the entire process. Most insurance providers will offer discounts for certain safety features in a vehicle, such anti-lock brakes and passive restraints . Defensive driving or driver safety courses – State-approved driver safety courses, also known as defensive driving classes, are typically used as a way to dismiss a traffic ticket. However, you can also elect to complete one of these classes to get a discount on your insurance.

In any case, rewarding a student for their academic performance is fairly common, and is the basis for the “academic achievement discounts,” or “good student discounts,” that auto insurers often offer. In light of the reduction in drivers on the road due to COVID-19 epidemic, Texas-based Germania Insurance will give back nearly $6 million in credits to its personal auto insurance policyholders. To find out more about auto insurance in Texas, give one of Germania’s trusted agents a calland learn how you can give yourself peace of mind wherever your travels take you. Anti-theft – A stolen car is bad news for both you and your insurance company. That’s why some providers encourage you to get an anti-theft system by offering a discount for having one.

Quick Pay

Founded in 1896, Germania Insurance, a farm mutual insurance company, provides auto, property, and life insurance for thousands of Texans. As mentioned before, Texas is an at-fault state when it comes to auto insurance. If you move to a state that is considered no-fault, you will be required by law to purchase personal injury protection . Florida, Hawaii, Kansas, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, and Utah are no-fault states. While it can be expensive to purchase auto insurance for drivers under the age of 25, many companies will provide discounts for students that maintain a certain grade point average. Insurance companies pay close attention to your driving records when determining rates.

For generations, people have trusted Germania because of exceptional service, fair claims processes and understanding of the unique insurance needs of Texans. The payment process will be automatic, and no action is required by Germania policyholders to receive these credits. Germania will automatically deposit the $25 credit to the account of each eligible policy, reducing the current balance due. Passive restraints or airbags – A passive restraint refers to any device designed to keep you from flying out of the vehicle during a crash or sudden stop.

Sometimes referred to as a “senior driver discount,” insurance companies may have savings in store for policyholders in their later years. The exact age an individual must be in order to qualify can vary between providers, but may be available as soon as age 50. In many cases, a standard roof claim shouldn’t take longer than one week from the day the claim is filed to the day the check is issued.

For this reason, it’s important to speak to your agent about this discount to understand the specifics. Similar to claims free discounts you may find with other insurance products, an insurance company looks back into your history to see if you have had filed a claimin that period. If you have no claims filed within that three year period, you’ll typically qualify.

Anti-theft systems come in all shapes and sizes, so make sure to ask your agent if yours qualifies for a discount. Now, let’s take a look at all of the most common types of coverages typically offered. Texas is a big place and a lot can happen along the many miles of highway sprawling across the state. That’s why it’s important to protect yourself with auto insurance before you hit the road. Whether you’re moving to the Lone Star Stateor just need to get from point A to B, we’ll break it down in our guide to auto insurance in Texas. Shortly after your claim has been filed, a claims adjusterrepresenting your insurance company will take up the case.

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When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Search When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. That’s why many insurance companies may have different rates for different zip codes within a particular city. Since 1896, Germania Insurance has been the Insurance Texans Trust for great coverage and outstanding customer service. If you are making loan or mortgage payments, your provider might sign the claim to the lender, or possibly both you and the lender. Furthermore, your carrier cannot directly give you the check if there is a lien on your vehicle or property.

This is also a good time to ask any questions you may have about your policy if you don’t have them on hand, or simply want to confirm. For example, you may want to ask about coverage types, coverage limits, and deductibles. You may also want to inquire about certain policy features, such as a temporary auto rental if your car isn’t driveable, or temporary housing if your home is severely damaged. To start that process, you must first contact your insurance company to report the claim.

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Germania’s varied product offerings enable independent agents to personalize service and provide coverage for all Texans. Germania’s commitment to fair and honest insurance protection is the reason why so many Texans have remained members for generations. Most policies offer coverage while driving a rental car, but only if it is for personal use. In other words, if you’re driving it for business, your personal auto insurance policy won’t likely cover you – the business’ policy would likely take over at that point. Make sure to consult your company about its auto insurance policy prior to traveling.

Once the representative has all of the information they need from you, they submit the claim into their system where it is assigned to a claims adjuster. Depending on the carrier and your policy, this might mean paying the 6-month or annual premium up front. Natural product entrepreneurs Mike Fata and Greg Fleishman aim to establish trusted and free resources through a recently launched online mentorship toolbox for the next-generation CPG founders.

Other than collision – This policy covers damages to your vehicle that come from incidents other than collisions . Liability – This is the most basic type of auto insurance and covers property damaged by an accident you caused. It also pays for the medical expenses of the other driver and their passengers.

It’s about more than just taking your information – it’s about letting you know that they are there for you. You’re right to be worried or upset, and it is their job to make you feel at ease. Anti-theft discount.Auto insurance companies want to prevent auto theftjust as much as you do, and they’ll often incentivize you to do so with this discount. If you have an approved anti-theft system installed on your vehicle, you may qualify for a discount.

New cars are often more expensive than older or used cars, and often cost more to insure. However, new cars usually have fewer miles, less wear, better safety features, and are generally less likely to have a mechanical malfunction that results in an accident. For this reason, many providers offer discounts to customers that seek to insure a new car they have recently purchased.

There are a number of venues that host these sessions, but you can also find online classes as well. Where you live and drive -In general, insurance companies have higher rates for cars that are kept and driven in cities . Cities simply have more people and more cars, which translates to a higher chance of a collision, and even higher rates of theft.

In general, the more expensive a car is to repair, the higher the premium will be. If your vehicle or home has been damaged, it’s important to file an insurance claim as soon as possible. Not only does this help an insurance company repair or replace your property as soon as possible, it ensures that all of the relevant details are clear. With a number of auto insurance discounts, Germania offers Texans a variety of ways to save on their auto insurance policy. Again, it’s important to remember that the specific discounts, percentage amounts, and qualifications will vary from provider to provider.

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Founded in 1896, travelex insurance provides trusted home, auto, liability, commercial, and life insurance to over 200,000 Texans and has grown into the largest farm mutual insurance company in Texas. As a membership-owned farm mutual insurance association, our members’ voices are an essential part of our company. Germania has earned a reputation of financial strength and stability, receiving a A- rating from AM Best for 2020. Germania originally began as an association that provided protection for farms but through the years, we have expanded into multiple companies that provide a variety of coverage and services for Texans. Germania offers exceptional customer service and competitively priced products through local independent agents.

Most insurance companies offer at least a few different ways you can earn a discount on your auto insurance policy. However, the type and amount of the discount varies from company to company, so it’s important to ask your agent for specifics. It pays for medical expenses and other costs accrued by anyone injured or otherwise affected by an accident for which you are at fault. However, should the cost exceed the coverage amount of your policy, you are then responsible for the remainder. That’s why it might be a good idea to increase your coverage in the event that an accident is more than a simple fender bender or involves multiple vehicles.

Is mobile home insurance more expensive?

The first step in selecting a homeowners policy is figuring out how much insurance you actually need. There are several individual costs you’ll need to break down to get an accurate estimate. The most important figure to consider is how much money it would take to rebuild your home if it was completely destroyed.

Speaking of homeownership, if you own a house, or in some cases a rental space, townhouse, condominium, or a mobile home, your provider may offer a discount on your auto insurance. To be clear, this is separate from a companion policy or bundle discount – you don’t necessarily have to have your home insured with the same company to qualify. In fact, this discount typically doesn’t extend to policyholders who have a companion policy discount or otherwise get a discount for bundling their home insurance. In other words, this discount will likely only be available if you own a home, but don’t insure it with the same company.

Many insurance companies also offer additional roadside assistance services, such as jump-starting a battery or replacing a tire. This simply means that, by law, you are required to have insurance that covers any damage you may cause. While traditionally auto and property claims inspections have been performed in person, mobile technology is making it easier for adjusters to work remotely. For auto claims, many insurance companies have partnerships with a number of local body shopswho can perform inspections and deliver estimates, too. When you’re contacted by the adjuster, make sure to inquire about such services, as they can typically save you time.

Let’s say that you know your policy expires in a month, and you’ve decided to shop around for a new provider. The idea is fairly simple, but of course, the specifics vary based on the insurance provider. In general, though, you may be able to get a discount for providing proof that a covered student is doing well in school.

Usually, this discount will continue to apply after each renewal as long as no new claims are filed. We look for places to trim and cut back wherever possible, and that often means making hard decisions. Of course, there are certain things that many of us can’t go without – like a vehicle and auto insurance to protect it. But just because these things are a necessity doesn’t mean we can’t find ways to reduce the cash we spend on them. That’s why it’s important to consider every possible discount when shopping for auto insurance – but which ones should you remember to look for? Today, we’ll take a look at the most common auto insurance discounts to help you save the most on your policy.

This company has paid a fee to receive expanded profile features, such as profile photo and contact information. I can’t say enough about customer service and willingness to work with the customer. Germania is continuing to work with policyholders facing financial challenges during this time to modify payment plans as needed.

But when you have a damaged roofor a car that needs repairs, even 15 days can be a long time. For those of us who are no longer students, we may remember a time when we could show a good report card to the local pizza shop for a free personal pan pizza. Some may have even had an allowance bonus when they brought home a stellar report card.

Collision – Because basic liability only covers the other driver’s vehicle, collision can help you repair or replace yours in the event of an accident you are at fault for. In addition, it can also help fix your car in the event you crash into a stationary object, such as a lamp post. If you have a lease or remaining payments on an auto loan, the lender may require you to have one of these policies.

Here are the car insurance companies offering refunds as customers drive less. Germania has also modified its claims process to accommodate the growing number of vehicles being utilized for delivery purposes. Even if you’re staying within the Lone Star State, you need to speak with your insurance agent when making a move. As mentioned previously, your location is one of the many factors that goes into determining your rate and it could go up or down depending on where you’re going. For example, if you’re moving from the city to the country , you will very likely have a change in rates. In Texas, teens can get a learner’s permit at 15 and a provisional license at 16.

What was Germania Class 10?

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Furthermore, while a specific insurance provider may have multiple discounts you could qualify for, the way that they are combined may be more complicated than simply adding together the percentages. In order to get a complete understanding of the specific details for any discount or series of discounts that a carrier provides, make sure to speak to your insurance agent. While many people opt to take defensive driving to avoid a traffic ticket, you may be able to take such a class in order to get a discount on your auto insurance premium. Additionally, some providers will do the same for approved driver training courses and drug and alcohol driver awareness training classes. When inquiring about this discount, it’s important to know what an insurance company considers an “auto claim” in your history. While there are claims that obviously count towards this, some smaller claims may not (like a claim payment under $500 for example).

When you’ve been involved in an automotive accident, you shouldn’t have to worry about whether or not your insurance company is going to cover it. Whether you’re moving to or from Texas, or if you’re moving somewhere else in the state, you need to notify your auto insurance agent or otherwise alter your coverage. For example, a car with all of the latest safety features might be more expensive to buy but less expensive to insure.

On the other hand, an older vehicle may be cheaper to purchase, but might have a higher risk of having an accident because of its outdated safety technology. If you borrow a car and have an accident, typically, the owner’s insurance pays for the damages. Uninsured/underinsured motorist protection – This policy provides coverage if you’re hit by a driver that doesn’t have insurance, or whose insurance can’t adequately cover the cost of the damages cause. According to guidelines put in place by the Texas Department of Insurance, an insurance provider has 15 days to let you know whether or not they are accepting the claim.

Auto insurance is regulated at the state level, which means different states require different minimum coverage amounts. For example, California only requires bodily injury coverage of $15,000 per person, $30,000 per accident, and $5,000 per accident for property damage. This is considerably less than what Texas requires and you’ll need to alter your coverage accordingly. Companion discounts – Many insurance companies offer discounted rates when you hold other policies with them, such as a personal liability policy or a homeowner insurance policy. Personal injury protection or Medical payments – Both of these provide coverage for bodily injuries resulting from an auto accident for you and your passengers.

Automatic seatbelts and airbags are the most common examples of factory installed restraints. At the very least, you probably already have seatbelts in your vehicle because it is the law in Texas. Anti-lock braking system – An ABS is a safety feature designed to prevent your wheels from locking up during braking and prevent skidding. If you’re not sure whether your car has ABS or not, you can usually find that information in the owner’s manual. Depending on your current provider, this incentive alone may make switching worth it. A “claims free discount,” also sometimes referred to as an “accident free discount,” is exactly what it sounds like.

A “companion policy discount” is another type of multi-policy discount, or bundle discount. Most insurance companies that sell auto insurance also sell other types of insurance, such as home or property insurance. For this reason, they may offer you a discounted rate on your auto policy premium if you bundle it with one of their other products like the ones mentioned above. As with homeowners insurance and life insurance, insurance companies have an internal underwriting process they use to determine your auto insurance premium.

  • I can’t say enough about customer service and willingness to work with the customer.
  • If you have no claims filed within that three year period, you’ll typically qualify.
  • That’s why it’s so important that the customer service agent on the other end of the line is helpful, empathetic, and understanding of the stress you likely feel.
  • At the very least, you probably already have seatbelts in your vehicle because it is the law in Texas.

Either way, the purpose of the inspection is to evaluate a claim, assess the damage, determine if it is a covered loss, and provide an estimate for repairs. Most of the time, the claims rv insurance adjuster is able to write a check for the covered damages on the spot. When do you normally decide whether you’re going to renew your current auto policy or shop for a new one?

The mission of any good insurance company is to help its policyholders return their property to the state it was in prior to the damage, or otherwise replace it with property of like kind and quality. For a vehicle, this might mean using original equipment manufacturer parts, aftermarket parts, or possibly recycled parts, depending on how the policy has been written. Regardless of where the part comes from, it should restore the vehicle to the state it was in prior to the damage. While in many cases, adjusters are able to give you a check on the spot, there may be circumstances where the check is paid to the repair shop or contractor. For example, if your choose to go with a prefered shop that your provider recommends, they may pay the shop directly.

Even after a teenager gets their learner’s permit or official driver’s license, they are still new to the process of driving, which makes the likelihood of accidentsgreater. Fortunately, most auto insurance companies offer a way for parents to save on their insurance. When it comes to saving money on your farmers insurance auto insurance premium, there are a number of different discounts that auto insurance providersmay offer. While the availability, amount, and specific details of each discount will vary from company to company, the following are some of the most common auto insurance discountsto be on the lookout for.

They’ll reach out to you as soon as possible and arrange a time to inspect the claim. When you’ve been involved in an auto accident, or if some disaster has damaged your home, you’re likely to be stressed out. That’s why it’s so important that the customer service agent on the other end of the line is helpful, empathetic, and understanding of the stress you likely feel.

This includes looking at tickets for traffic violations as well as your accident and claims history. If an applicant has too many accidents, claims, or tickets, an insurance company may even refuse to insure them. Roadside assistance/towing and labor – If your vehicle is too damaged or otherwise incapable of driving, these policy add-ons can pay to have it towed.

Date: August 10, 2021