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Long Term Disability Lawyers In Chicago, Il


Long-term disability insurance is essential for those in high-risk jobs. It ensures that, if you are injured or sick and can no longer work, you can still receive income. Highly recommend Fields law firm, they are a great help and walk you through the process. They are on top of keeping you updated and in the loop and they are very good with communication.

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Two more parting shots from Trump aimed squarely at disabled workers TheHill.

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“In my experience, I have learned how much good can be done using the law. I love that as a lawyer I get to help people when they need it most.” “It’s humbling to have my clients trust me with their disability case. As a disability lawyer, that always motivates me.” I would like to say to any potential client that if you feel as though no one is listening to you and you are being runaround by your insurance companies. Our clients will not be bullied by billion dollar insurance companies.

If you don’t need a long term disability lawyer to handle your claim, we’ll tell you that too! You should be focusing on your health, not insurance company paperwork. At Fields Law, our long term disability lawyers know how to build strong long term disability appeals, and we’re ready to help you navigate through the process. “A Payroll Supervisor became disabled after developing severe nerve pain all throughout her body.

You are going to want to have an attorney review your initial application. A lawyer can identify the common mistakes that lead to delays or denials and make sure that your application is complete with as much information as needed to render a decision. Applying for disability insurance is a process that often involves the use of words and acronyms you haven’t heard of or are unsure of their meaning.

“A woman who worked as an Internship/Externship Coordinator for a technical college in Delaware suffered from severe persistent asthma. Cigna, her short-term disability insurer, initially accepted her claim. Their denial claimed that the medical information available did not provide clinical findings that would preclude her from working. ” A Connecticut man had spent years serving his country in the National Guard and Peace Corps before working his way up to become the Director of Cyber Security at an investment firm. Unfortunately, he had developed several serious health conditions during his prior adventures, including chronic migraines and fatigue, type 2 diabetes, PTSD, and severe spine and joint pain.

Hasover 45 years of legal experience in this field and hasrecovered millions of dollars for our clients. Once approved, or mandated by a court, insurance benefits can be paid on a monthly basis mcu disability insurance as stipulated in most standard form insurance contracts. You may also opt for a lump sum settlement amount that accounts for moneys owed and future benefits, plus interest and costs owing.

After 21 years of litigating business disputes and insurance matters he now primarily handles ERISA short and long term disability cases. At Jonathan M. Feigenbaum, Esquire, we can assure you that we treat all of our clients with the utmost respect and dignity. We will guide you through your consultation with compassion and offer practical advice that you can understand and apply to your claim. Although some cases in this area have common themes, litigation is based entirely on the terms of the contract which governs the payment of benefits. It is a must that the client obtains a copy of his or her policy because the specific terms are important and need to be analyzed.

His job required lifting boxes and merchandise in a retail warehouse. Eventually, the pain in his wrist became too much and he was forced to stop work. He applied for long-term disability benefits through Aetna and was denied. The insurance company said he could return to work, despite the torn ligaments in his wrist.

At times, they will first deny your initial claim, then deny the appeal and then give you the option to appeal again. We find that most of our clients are victims of this run around appeals process. In our opinion, attempting to appeal your denied long-term disability claim can be a sheer waste of time.

Disability Denials Are Common With Many Insurers

As a service to you, we can oftentimes delay payment to some medical treating facilities as well. If you have long-term disability coverage, it can protect your income for years, though you will need to wait until the end of your elimination period to begin receiving funds. This is why some people also carry short-term disability insurance; these policies can have waiting periods as short as zero days, helping bridge the gap for you and your bank account. Long-term disability insurance is coverage intended to protect your income if you are unable to work due to illness or injury. While short-term disability insurance usually lasts a maximum of two years, long-term coverage can often last five or 10 years, if not all the way through to your retirement. While you can get online quotes, the application process is not offered online with Principal’s Simplified DI policy.

Financial security will allow you to pay off medical bills that keep accruing interest. You are concerned that legal changes may impact the terms of your payouts, or that falsified claims by others may impact your ability to continue proving disability. Your insurance carrier is changing management, and you are concerned about their philosophy on customer care changing. Your relationship with the insurance company has deteriorated, and you want to be free from the frustration and worry of dealing with them.

We will work with you to figure out your problem, and how we can help. He is the Principal of the Dutton Employment Law Group at Monkhouse Law. Jeff is a frequent lecturer on employment law and is the author of an employment law textbook and various trade journal articles.

His treating providers took him off of work and he applied for Long Term Disability benefits through his Employer’s plan with SunLife. Regrettably, SunLife denied our client’s application asserting his claim was both barred as pre-existing and even if that were not the case, his condition was not severe enough to qualify for his disability benefits. She handled everything from payroll, scheduling, to unloading shipments in the warehouse. When she developed fibromyalgia, it exacerbated her depression and anxiety resulting in a complete inability to work. She submitted a claim to her disability insurance carrier, who determined she was not disabled from her job. She contracted Lyme disease and developed associated fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome.

A long term disability policy allows affected individuals to continue collecting their income for an extended period of time when they cannot work due to the disability. Many people acquire private long-term disability policies through their job or they may buy a private long term disability policy on their own. Private Long Term Disability policies provide financial benefits to people who become disabled either by accident or illness. I hired them to help with long term care claims and disability insurance claims. I would definitely use them again and would gladly recommend them to friends.

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Your lawyer during examining the adjuster or case manager for the insurer will request undertakings as well. Matters can further be delayed if motions need to be brought against the insurer or a third party that is refusing to provide requested documentation. Once the undertakings are satisfied, the next step is Mediation, however mediation is not necessary in all jurisdictions. If your insurer is genuinely interested in resolving your claim, then they will proceed to mediation.

These are but a few suggestions for taking a practical approach a disability claims and minimizing the adversity that exists between claimant and insurance company during the process. Many claimants have experienced long delays in payment after they initiated a claim. Once the claim is approved, they are surprised when the insurer then asks for subsequent medical updates. Providing updates every year is likely to be found to be reasonable by a court unless there are some unique circumstances. By contrast, requesting monthly or bimonthly is likely to be found to be excessive.

Coffman Law has filed more ERISA disability insurance cases than any other law firm in the state of Florida. District Court for the Central District of California handed Pamela Fleming a resounding victory in her Unum disability insurance lawsuit. Unum had been paying her LTD benefits since 2005, after a serious and well-documented neck injury sustained in a car accident.

Long Term Disability Claim Denials

He is licensed to practice law in Pennsylvania state courts as well as the Eastern District and Middle District for Pennsylvania under the federal court system. Capitan comes from a blue-collar background, and he takes pride in fighting for the best interest of his clients. Before founding Abell & Capitan in 2017, Capitan began a disability insurance practice at a well-known plaintiff’s law firm in Philadelphia. The above information should help you navigate the process of obtaining disability insurance coverage or filing a disability insurance claim. If you need legal advice or have questions for a disability insurance lawyer, enter your ZIP code below to find affordable disability attorneys near you.

“A manager from North Carolina had been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Multiple Sclerosis. Her job at a rental car business required her to work overtime and drive the rental cars. She was forced to stop working because she could only work six hours a day and was prescribed medications that would prohibit her from operating a moving vehicle. “A 51-year-old administrative assistant suffered from a variety of medical conditions, which led her to the realization that she was no longer capable of performing her job duties.

Our Lawyers For Disability Denials Can Help Fight Your Insurance Company On Equal Footing

On July 17, 2017, the Physician’s Statement for Salary Continuance (dated February 22, 2016 that had been sent to Spaenaur Inc.) and an Attending Physician’s Statement for long-term disability benefits dated July 11, 2017. Finally, on September 29, 2017, Ms. Wiles amended her Statement of Claim to seek damages against Sun Life for failure to pay long-term disability benefits. On February 7, 2017, Sun Life’s lawyer advised Ms. Wiles’ lawyer that Sun Life was not responsible to Ms. Wiles for Salary Continuance. On February 10, 2017, Ms. Wiles’ lawyer asked Sun Life for a copy of the Salary Continuance Agreement and to advise if Sun Life provides any disability benefits to Mr. Wiles. On February 14, 2017, Sun Life Sun Life forwarded the requested documents. On April 11, 2017, Sun Life filed its statement of defence to Ms. Wiles’ Statement of Claim.

This is because the administrative record is generally the only evidence a reviewing court will consider and the record is closed at the end of the administrative appeal process. Consequently, a claim has to be prepared for litigation during the administrative appeal process. Generally most denials occur when one is applying for or are receiving long-term disability benefits. In long-term policies, you may receive benefits if you are unable to perform the duties of your regular occupation.

When necessary, we make use of professional translators in order to ensure that our clients can fully communicate with us, and us with them. We understand that most clients are highly stressed, being unemployed and facing litigation against a large insurance company, all the while dealing with a physical and/or psychological disability. Our goal is always to make our clients as comfortable as possible throughout the process, from start to finish.

“A Business Systems Analyst was forced to resign from his job due to rhabdomyolysis – a serious disease that leads to breakdown of muscle tissue and kidney damage. His symptoms resulted in a complete inability to keep up with the heavy intellectual demands of his job. The Standard denied benefits outright, stating there was insufficient medical evidence to show the man was unable to perform his own occupation. “A woman from Massachusetts worked as an Office Administrator for 20 years.

Claimants need a knowledgeable advocate in their corner to help them through the complex details of a buyout and to make sure they get their fair share of the benefits. Veterans can apply for VA disability benefits if they have an illness or injury related to their service. This includes conditions such as post-traumatic stress disorder , hearing loss, or cancer. Sokolove Law has successfully appealed many denied claims and may be able to help you appeal your claim and receive compensation.

Most employee benefit plans are governed by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974, more commonly known as ERISA. Private long-term disability insurance – you pay into it, hoping to never have to actually use it, but when you do need it, you expect it to be there. After all, you have been paying premiums for years to cover the unlikely event that you find yourself unable to work. It can mean the difference between being able to pay your bills or facing a foreclosure on your home. It can mean the difference between being able to provide for your family or not. Because we pay on our disability insurance policies, we plan for the future expecting to have those funds in case of a catastrophic event.

In some cases, your claim can also be rejected or delayed for long periods of time even if you did everything correctly. In turn, companies are able to keep the money they owe you for themselves. “Excellent, professional, and efficient service from a team that really cares about getting a disability insurance benefits positive result for clients. I can’t recommend them highly enough.” Pat and his team did an awesome job, they didn’t allow work comp to walk over me after i injured my back at work. They were eager to work with me and very responsive and easy to reach when i had any questions or concerns.

ERISA provides the only remedies available in relation to claims under ERISA-covered long-term disability insurance policies. Other state law causes of action, like breach of contract and bad faith, are preempted. Pregnant individuals applying for long-term disability insurance coverage should take these time periods into consideration. Our Lexington long term disability attorneys will take the time to explain your options and discuss the long term disability claim process with you.

Some may also elect out of long-term disability insurance if they depend on someone who can support them in the event of a disability, such as a spouse or family member. If any of these reasons apply to you, they are fair to consider in your decision to pay for long-term disability insurance. Your attorney will likely front the money for the costs of litigation, including depositions, travel expenses, medical records, and postage, but require you to reimburse the costs of these expenses, sometimes even if you lose your case.

Bad faith insurance denial occurs when a company refuses to compensate you for an insurance claim. These companies use lies and confusion to make it very hard for you to get anything from them. When insurance companies actively work against applicants, they are acting in bad faith. I would like to re-acknowledge what a difference your work has made in my life. When forced to retire 5 years ago, you dedication to helping me enroll into my disability policy has made all of the world of difference. We Put Your Interests First – Getting your disability benefits restored quickly is our number one priority.

There may be a minimum service requirement or the minimum length of time that a worker must have been employed. In addition to these requirements, some employers specify that an employee must use all of their sick leave and they may require a doctor’s note to confirm that an illness is preventing the employee from working for a period of time. Using old tricks such as “liar for hire” doctors who give CIGNA the ammunition it needs to justify a claims denial or termination, CIGNA rarely tells a denied policyholder the real reasons the claim was denied. Worse yet, CIGNA fails to fully explain what the denied policyholder needs to submit to successfully win an appeal. That’s why it is crucial that you be represented at both the initial application and appeal stages of a CIGNA claim by an experienced disability lawyer who battles CIGNA daily. Depending on your coverage, short-term disability benefits provide 40-60% of an employee’s weekly wages.

They have always responded to my inquires in a timely manner and have always achieved positive results with my claim. Where required, we also work with employers, insurers and medical practitioners to help clients get accommodated and back to work. During this stage, cells continue to grow locally or spread solely to the nearby lymph nodes. Stage 3 usually involves the advanced growth of cells into the lymph nodes. Those in these stages can secure LTD benefits, particularly if they experience severe symptoms like headaches, cough, fever, fatigue, or nausea.

They eventually sent her file to their own medical records reviewer who said she could return to work. “As an experienced cardiac sonographer, our client loved her career and intended to stay with her employer until she retired. Unfortunately, she progressively developed difficulty with cognition, weakness and maintaining balance while walking and standing.

Whether you need short-term or long-term disability benefits in Minnesota, the lawyers at Mottaz & Sisk will be with you every step of the way. The process can be confusing and frustrating at times, but not when you have a compassionate attorney by your side. Our team will ensure you get the compensation you need, no matter what kind of disability you have.

Then we use our extensive legal knowledge to help you get the financial relief you need. They are smart, caring, hard working and were understanding to all my needs. I have dealt with Sunish and his team over the last four years, and have always felt protected and in good hands.

Unum conducted three psychiatric examinations, in 1996, 1999, and 2002. Benefits were terminated shortly after the last examination, and the Statement of Claim was issued in 2003. Unum relied onTsegay v. McGuire5which allowed a fresh examination after a tort action was started notwithstanding that the defendant had conducted two examinations prior to issuance of the claim. However, Master Egan preferred to follow a line of cases flowing fromBinns v. Skinner Estate6where Justice MacDonald refused to allow the same insurer to have separate examinations for accident benefits and statutory third party purposes.

The claimant should be provided with a three-part form or with a web address to file the claim. On the form, one part is filled out by the employer, one part by the claimant’s doctor and one part by the claimant.See, Frequently Asked Question (FAQ’s) No. 11. Within a specified period, the insurance company should contact the claimant for the continuation of the claim process. If the insurance company does not contact the claimant, the claimant has an obligation to provide additional information required by the policy.See, Common Issues in ERISA Claims II 1a.

Somewhat ironically, William was himself working for a company in the healthcare industry—he worked as a Construction Project Manager for CVS Pharmacy. In some cases, insurance companies deny deserving claims in an effort to save money. These companies have teams of attorneys working to limit the benefits they pay, or deny claims altogether. At The Law Office of Andrew Reichardt, PLLC we work to help our clients receive the benefits they paid for. When you’ve been seriously injured or have developed an illness that leaves you unable to work, the earth beneath your feet shifts.

“A woman who worked as the manager of a bank became unable to work due to a combination of severe asthma and osteoporosis. Her condition prevented her from doing any type of work, much less her own. She initially received short-term disability benefits but was later denied long-term disability benefits.

Having a lawyer examine your LTD policy and base your application on the terms and conditions of your policy can help to avoid any delays — and possible denial of benefits. An insurance company may deny your application on the basis that you have not proven that you are disabled, even if you have submitted mountains of medical records to back up your claim. Alternatively, the insurer may use its own independent medical professional’s opinion to make a determination that you are not truly disabled, or that you are still able to work.

Unfortunately, he developed Meniere’s disease and Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo later in life and was unable to continue working. He received Long-Term disability benefits through his employer’s plan with Liberty Mutual for two years. However, when the definition of disability changed under his policy Liberty Mutual discontinued his benefits. “A semi-truck driver from Alabama developed a wide range of neurological symptoms after an episode where he blacked out while driving. He suffered several blackouts after the initial onset, and was unable to continue working as a truck driver. However, several months later, the insurance company terminated his benefits claiming he was no longer disabled.

As a result, she was unable to perform her job as an analyst for Honeywell. Cigna, her long-term disability insurer, initially accepted her claim and paid benefits for two years. The definition of disabled under her policy later changed and Cigna denied her benefits claiming that she did not meet the new definition of disability. “A collections specialist stopped working due to symptoms from multiple sclerosis. She received monthly long-term disability benefits through her employer for eight years. Suddenly the insurance company sent a letter saying that benefits would stop because she could go back to work.

There are special, complicated rules that apply if your insurance or other benefits were provided through your work, even if you paid the premiums. Our Long Term Disability Attorneys have helped many individuals with a variety of different claims. As there are many different causes of long term disability claims, the main causes are shown below. When applying for benefits, focus on the primary medical conditions and functional limitations that make you unable to work rather than secondary mental conditions, such as anxiety or depression, that often result from being disabled. Be honest and complete in your answers, avoiding statements that can easily be challenged.

Suddenly, after receiving benefits for over a year, New York Life wrote the mechanic a letter saying they would stop paying benefits because he did not meet their definition of disabled. “Our client worked for a number of years as a security guard at a nuclear power plant, eventually attaining the rank of First Sergeant. After developing degenerative disc disease in the lumbar region of his spine, our client left work and filed a claim for long term disability benefits.

This allows them to provide specialized services aimed at ensuring your right to the insurance benefits you have earned and are entitled to receive. Most private insurance carriers offer several disability insurance policies, including those that are obtained through employers as an employment benefit, as well as individual disability insurance plans. When hearing the words “disability insurance,” many people think of federal disability benefits that are available for those who have met the work eligibility requirements. Others think of insurance policies provided as part of an employee benefits package. Some long-term disability companies will unfairly “spy” on people applying for benefits.

“A 51-year-old Project Manager developed severe fatigue and extreme weight loss. Unfortunately, doctors were not able to pinpoint the cause of his long term disability insurance problems, which left the man very frustrated. His frustration intensified when his conditions rendered him unable to perform his job duties.

Upon submission of the appeal, your Philadelphia long term disability appeal lawyer will engage in an open dialog with the company to help expedite a full and fair review, and to obtain the most favorable result for our clients. You only have a limited time to sue your disability insurance provider and if you have already started your own appeal, this does not extend your time to sue. Seeking legal counsel from an experienced disability lawyer at McQuarrie can make all the difference. Most long-term disability insurance policies contain clauses that allow your disability insurance company to claim an offset of your LTD benefits based upon other sources of income you are receiving.

You must ensure that you meet all of the legal terms and conditions of your plan. Most people don’t realize, until it is too late, that the record you submit is ALL that you may be able to use later in Court, so it is VERY critical to get experienced legal help with any appeal. Dearborn National – In conclusion, the medical evidence does not support your inability to perform the material duties required of an Assembler. Therefore, your claim is being closed at this time, and no benefits payable. CIGNA – We have completed our review of your client’s appeal for LTD benefits under the above captioned policy and must advise you that we are reaffirming our previous denial of benefits dated May 4, 2011 and March 27, 2012.

The booklet is free, creates no obligation on your part, and you will only receive a call from my office if you request a call. Advise you about the interplay between all your possible benefit sources, so you can collect your maximum benefits. Social Security Disabilityand Worker’s Compensation are deducted from the benefit amount. For example, if the employee was making $3,000 per month and is covered for 60%, and if her Social Security benefit is $1,200 per month, her benefit amount is $1,800 minus $1,200 or $600 net.

As you’ve heard, it’s extremely important for disability claimants to avoid becoming complacent after they receive their UNUM approval letter. Showing one’s continued entitlement to disability benefits can be an ongoing process that may span years, not months, and partnering with the experienced disability attorneys at Dell & Schaefer can help. Our team of disability attorneys has handled hundreds of UNUM claims and, as a result, we’re better equipped to anticipate the questions UNUM will ask when evaluating whether a claimant’s benefits should continue. Reach out to set up your FREE consultation, where you can discuss your UNUM disability claim with a disability insurance attorney. Many workers wait to hire a Philadelphia long-term disability lawyer until the insurance company denies benefits. While it is critical to hire an attorney if your claim is denied, a lawyer can also help file your claim and protect your rights.

The attorneys at Fields Disability submitted an appeal with two independent medical evaluations and several reports from his physicians. “Our client worked as a Logistics Clerk for an international shipping company. She developed severe liver issues that impacted her ability to work in even sedentary clerical jobs.

Contact the lawyers at Mottaz & Sisk today to discuss your disability benefits case. If you have been denied benefits from your long term disability insurance or a loved one’s life insurance policy, we can help you. For over 20 years, I have been successfully fighting against insurance companies and large employee benefit plans on behalf of people who have been wrongfully denied disability and life insurance benefits.

If the employee pays for the LTD insurance premiums,17then the benefit is non-taxable. Given the clear advantage in making this a non-taxable benefit, it is surprising that all employees don’t pay their own premiums. While the majority of LTD insurance plans are, in our experience, non-taxable there are a surprising number of policies that provide for taxable benefits especially in the public sector. When cases involving taxable benefits are settled, insurers will not deduct money from the settlement, but rather they will simply issue a T4A in the January or February of the following year. Failing to warn a client about this tax liability will expose counsel to an irate complaint at best or an LAWPRO claim at worst.

This condition obviously prevented her from being able perform any work as she was completely incapacitated when a migraine would hit. MetLife, her long-term disability insurer, denied her claim, asserting that the medical information on file did not support an inability to work. “A 60 year old gentleman, who worked as the IT director for a large, international business, suffered a traumatic brain injury. With an occupation requires one to think, reason, analyze and articulate significant and highly complex concepts, this client could no longer perform any of these functions.

Denial of benefits under any insurance policy can be a frustrating event, but in the case of those suffering from a serious disability that renders them unable to work for an extended period, it can be financially catastrophic. Typically, disability settlements occur when your long-term disability lawyer and the insurance company agree to either mediate or settle your long-term disability claim, long after your lawsuit is filed. A voluntary mediation, if agreed to by both parties, can often result in the settlement of your claim if disability underwriters assess significant risk in your case – assuming a neutral, experienced and effective mediator is retained.

17Generally, the premium will be deducted from the employees paycheck and forwarded to the insurer by the employer on behalf of the employee. 12I am indebted to OTLA member Andrew Kerr for suggesting this paragraph which he has been incorporating into his long-term disability claims for some time. 2Our experience is that LTD insurer’s will often refuse to produce the policy as they allege that the policy is the ‘property’ of the employer. The LTD insurer will require us to obtain the policy directly from the employer. However, once litigation is commenced, the policy is usually item #1 in the Defendant’s Affidavit of Documents.

  • Those who have suffered long-term disability injuries have several possible sources of compensation, which will provide them with benefits while they are unable to work and support themselves and dependants.
  • Our client was involved in a head on collision that broke both of her legs.
  • A better example of the “qualifying period” pitfall at work isMartin v. Manufacturer’s Life Insurance Company.27Martin injured herself in a ski accident in April 1998.
  • Worker’s compensation provides medical coverage in addition to wage replacement, but only for work-related injuries and illnesses.
  • Many wrongful denials are predicated on your medical condition and how you document it.

Particularly disturbing is that the gap is greater for people with disabilities who have more education, experience, and qualification. The researchers found that for the experienced candidates, responses from employers were significantly more likely when the employer was responding to the application of the non-disabled person. Employers were 34 percent less likely to show an interest in the disabled applicants. Researchers commented that they hypothesized this result, but that they did not foresee such a drastic outcome. The researchers also found that responses were 15 percent less likely for disabled applicants among the applicants that were not experienced, but nonetheless qualified. There were two different resumes sent for each position, one for an experienced candidate, and one for a qualified candidate with little experience.

From our first contact, our immediate goal is to relieve the stress you and your family are experiencing due to a denial by the insurance company. We also understand you want us to be responsive to your enquiries and be kept up to date along the process. For us, you are NOT a number, and we will treat you with full respect for your person and situation, while providing the best legal representation possible.

Our national long-term and short-term disability attorneys file, appeal and litigate ERISAand non-ERISA long-term disability claims. We have the ability to determine if you are eligible for Social Security Disability or Virginia Workers Compensation– and to help you fight for these benefits. These benefits may social security disability insurance ssdi be paid along with any long term disability insurance payments you receive. If the Social Security Administration or your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance carrier disputes your right to these benefits, we have the talent, knowledge, and resources to fight for your right to that compensation also.

The insurer said she could return to work because she was no longer disabled. Despite medical records clearly documenting the severity of the headaches, the disability insurer denied the application for benefits. “A registered nurse became disabled when her heart function reduced to dangerously low levels. As a result, she was unable to keep up with her duties taking care of patients. Reliance Standard, her long-term disability insurer, denied the claim for the outset, stating that the medical records did not show sufficient evidence she was unable to work as of her date of disability. He initially received long-term disability benefits, but after a few months he was sent a letter explaining that benefits would stop because he no longer met the insurers definition of disabled.

While she wasn’t a trained psychiatrist, her job required her to provide a preliminary diagnosis so that the patient could be directed to the proper doctor for treatment. Analysis and positivity were at the heart of her job as she worked with people that sometimes were in a state of deep depression. “A 58-year-old man who worked for the railroad as a surveyor, developed a heart condition which resulted severe weakness and fatigue, and unfortunately, placed him at extreme risk of myocardial infarction or sudden cardiac death. The job of a surveyor is highly risky because the job requires consistent standing and walking, and perhaps more significantly, lifting, carrying, pushing and pulling objects in excess of 60 lbs. He also has to constantly walk and stand, and frequently climb, which places extreme stress on his heart. Shockingly, despite his condition and his physically demanding job description, the disability carrier refused to grant disability payments and told him he had no choice but to continue working, despite the extreme risk to his health.

Unfortunately, the definition of a disability varies depending on what policy you have. Many disability insurance disputes arise from a disability not being listed as eligible, when indeed it is preventing someone from being able to work. Thankfully, the attorneys at Mottaz & Sisk have experience navigating the legal issues surrounding disability benefits and can help you do the same. Our attorneys represent disabled claimants in all 50 states against providers of group and private long term disability insurance. Lump Sum Buyout – While it may sound appealing, a lump sum settlement offer from the insurance company can either be risky or beneficial for you. Buyouts and settlement always call for experienced legal analysis and guidance.

Her chronic pain severely limited her ability to work and focus on managing her employees. She applied for disability benefits, but the long-term disability carrier was extremely skeptical of her claim. After receiving a denial, the woman filed three separate appeals on her own. The insurance company denied each and every one, stating the medical information available did not provide a basis for an inability to work. “An Indiana woman had worked as a patient services coordinator for a hospital in Idaho. She became disabled after developing depression, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, and chronic neck and back pain.

However, to qualify, a worker must suffer a disability that prevents him or her from performing his or her previous job or adjusting to a new job and the disability must last at least one year or be expected to result in death. Additionally, individual companies and workers can pay for Long-Term Disability Insurance, which provides various rates and restrictions that are tailored for each insurance plan. Martin Sperry has been admitted to practice law in the State of Florida since 1972 and in the State of New York since 1983. After graduating law school, Martin Sperry served two years as a law clerk for the Chief Judge of the United States District Court for the Middle District of Florida. Following that, Martin Sperry has spent over 45 years litigating cases, first for insurance companies, and then on behalf of injured and damaged victims and claimants. I hope this article has answered some of your questions about travelling while receiving disability benefits.

On the other hand, if you pay for the insurance personally, you would have private long-term disability insurance. For example, some plans may not provide benefits if you can find a new job that you can work even with your injuries, while other plans will not force you to look for a new job. Typically, long-term disability insurance does not cover pre-existing conditions diagnosed before coverage. Each policy could have a different definition of what qualifies as a disability, and you’ll want to be prepared to prove your condition qualifies. LTD insurance policies are usually either paid for by your employer or purchased through a broker or professional association if you are self-employed.

“Our client worked for a number of years as an aircraft mechanic for an international aircraft manufacturer. After developing degenerative arthritis leading to bilateral total knee replacement surgeries, our client left work and filed a claim for long term disability benefits. He received benefits for approximately two years, when Cigna told our client his condition had improved enough to allow him to return to work at a number of sedentary jobs.

He was forced to quit work and applied for long-term disability benefits through Mutual of Omaha, but was denied. The insurance company determined that his job was “light duty” and that he was still capable of performing his job responsibilities. His condition prevented him from performing his job which required him to be on his feet for many hours per day.

Let usPROTECTyou from any further headaches from your long-term disability assessment or claim rejection. While short-term liability packages tend to be expedited by the employer’s insurance provider, long term disability packages have more extensive criteria for approval. Once the record is closed, it cannot be re-opened to submit more evidence.

The Hartford asserted he had appeared to have recovered from his cancer diagnosis, and appeared capable of performing his own occupation without any restrictions. “The insurance company took away benefits from a disabled custodian who worked at public school. The insurance company argued that the custodian was able to perform a sedentary or light job, and therefore, was not entitled to benefits. It based its decision on results of a functional capacity evaluation that was never even conducted.

“A Virginia woman had worked as a Critical and Intensive Care Nurse for 20 years before suffering from an inoperable stroke. She further developed complications with memory impairment, loss of peripheral vision, and chronic disorientation. Suddenly unable to continue working, the woman applied for long-term disability benefits from her insurer, The Standard. In their denial letter, The Standard claimed the woman had been prescribed medications to treat diabetes, hypertension, and hyperlipidemia, which, The Standard asserted, were risk factors for cardiovascular events, including strokes.

He applied for long-term disability benefits but was denied by the insurance company. Needing help to appeal the denial decision, he retained Fields Disability to fight for his benefits. However, she suffered from persistent pain and immobility in her right arm. She had also developed carpal tunnel syndrome, cognitive deficits, and a variety of mental health conditions after the accident and subsequent recovery.

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