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Applying For Disability


This person reviews the application and may contact the applicant, or claimant, for more information. Social Security Disability Insurance — This program pays benefits to you and certain family members if you worked long enough and paid Social Security taxes. Mail the form to employer’s TDI insurance company if the employer is not self-insured. The employer may pay for the entire cost of providing TDI coverage, or the employer may share the cost equally with the employees eligible for coverage. However, the employee’s contribution cannot exceed 0.5% of the employee’s weekly wages, nor the maximum weekly deduction. Claims analysts also communicate or correspond by phone or letter with claimants, family members, legal representatives, and others to obtain additional information necessary for the claim.

Click here to read more about the definition of disability on Fact Sheet, an estimated 173 million workers are covered under Social Security. If you are not covered, the SSA will let you know after you file your application. In addition to meeting the SSA’s definition of disability , you must have worked in a job that was covered by Social Security and have accrued enough work credits. You must prove that your child has a permanent or total disability. To find out if this rule applies to your benefits, check with your benefit coordinator.

Look at the notice and its description of the sources of medical information it considered in making its decision. If information from your treating doctors or hospital records aren’t listed but would show your disability. Then, let SSA know so that it will get the missing records and consider them at this stage of appeal. When a child’s claim is approved, SSA must determine whether the child is eligible for retroactive SSI benefits. Those are benefits for the time from the application for SSI to the time the claim is approved.

SSA stops your SSI checks because of your earnings, but then you lose your job You can ask to start your benefits without a new application if it has been less than 12 months since you received your last SSI check. If it has been more than 12 months since your SSI stopped, you will need to file a new application for SSI.You may need to prove that you still meet the disability criteria. It is very important to complete the form providing all the information requested. No matter how sick you are, you will need medical evidence of your condition to obtain benefits. Therefore, it is important to seek medical treatment if you are thinking about applying for either SSDI or SSI. If your doctor reviews the Listing and writes a letter explaining why your condition meets it in severity.

Health Benefits And Disability

You must have earned enough in the years before your disability began to qualify for SSDI. To prove your child’s disability, get a letter from their doctor, healthcare provider or any social service program or agency that can verify their disability. For more information about disability insurance and the EITC, see Life Insurance & Disability Insurance Proceeds.

A DCBS Family Support office is located in each Kentucky county. Individuals often refer to this office as the food stamps office. For more information about disability requirements and how to apply, please call your local Social Security Office.

If Your Disability Leave Ends And You Can’t Return To Your Previous Work, Consider These Options:

When more information becomes available about the long-term effects of COVID-19, the types and severity of illnesses will determine each individual’s eligibility for disability insurance benefits. It is also responsible for the periodic Continuing Disability Review of all SSA disability beneficiaries to determine if they continue to meet medical eligibility criteria. Do not assume that the insurance company or claim administrator will gather all medical records and other evidence for your disability claim. If you have test results, doctors’ records, or anything else you believe supports your disability claim, submit this documentation with your long term disability application. Doing so could potentially shorten the time you have to wait for a claim determination and strengthen your chances of being approved.

When that happens, a social service agency may be available to be the payee. In order to encourage these agencies, the SSA will allow them to charge a fee of up to $25 per month. The agency must get written approval from the SSA before the agency can collect any fee. HBWD is often used by persons with disabilities to avoid a Medicaid spend-down.

At the same time, sometimes people use drugs or alcohol to lessen the symptoms of their impairment. If you are thinking about applying, know that SSA will consider how your use of substances affects your conditions. Report any medical care or treatment you have received to help you reduce substance use. At this step, SSA compares your RFC with the physical and mental demands of your past jobs.

Information You Need To Apply

Reviews the cases of individuals who already receive benefits, in order to determine if they continue to qualify for benefits. To our health care providers, first responders and everyone selflessly setting aside their own fears and concerns to help others during this time — thank you hardly seems enough. This crisis reinforces how reliant we are on the many essential services we too often take for granted.

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What Qualifies You for Social Security Disability?.

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A two-person team, consisting of a medical or psychological consultant and a DDS disability specialist, make the disability determination. Distinct from private disability insurance, SSDI is a federal program insuring more than 156 million U.S. workers in the event of a severe, long-term disability that prevents them from working 12 months or longer. This insurance is paid for by workers and employers through FICA payroll taxes, and the program is administered by the Social Security Administration.

We also reference original research from other reputable publishers where appropriate. You can learn more about the standards we follow in producing accurate, unbiased content in oureditorial policy. In addition, qualifying conditions must be expected to last at least one year or result in death.

What To Expect Once Your Claim Is Submitted

We are grateful to so many for continuing to show up with focus and commitment. You are unable to work because of disability and are applying for benefits through a disability insurance policy that you purchased individually, not through an employer. A person disabled since childhood who is a dependent of a deceased insured parent or parent entitled to Title II disability or retirement benefits.

Veterans who have a service-related injury or illness may be entitled toVA disability compensation. Yourstate social service agency can help you locate medical and health programs. If you have disability insurance taxable a disability, you have three options for health coverage through the government. With Benefit Programs Online, you can apply for Disability Insurance and manage your claim in SDI Online.

In order to receive these benefits, a person must be found to have been disabled prior to his or her 22 nd birthday. This page provides an overview of disability forms and documents to help members and employers understand the process and what information is needed to apply for disability benefits. The employee should submit evidence such as copies of pay slips or check stubs as proof for more benefits.

You will continue to receive your full SSDI payment in addition to your earnings. The child must have a “severe impairment.” The child must have a condition which causes problems in the ability to perform basic activities. The impairment must be expected to last for 12 months or end in death. SSA has developed a list of medical conditions so severe that they are considered disabled. SSA includes these conditions in a part of their regulations called the “Listing of Impairments.” The Listings are categorized into 14 body systems (e.g., the digestive system, the respiratory system, etc.). To be eligible for SSI, your countable income must be less than the SSI benefit amount.

However, SSA does not count the first $65/month of your earnings or one-half of the remainder. This means that SSA counts less than one-half of your earnings when figuring your SSI payment amount. This earned income disregard is in addition to the $20 disregard SSA allows for any type of income.

Once a determination on your claim is reached, you will get a written notice from the Social Security Administration explaining the determination. If your claim is approved, the notice will show the amount of your benefit and when payments will start. Some employers, such as state or federal government agencies, non-profits, and foreign employers, are not required by law to withhold or deduct FICA or OASDI taxes from an individual’s earnings.

This article provides information on important things to consider if you are looking for a health plan with more coverage. Welfare is a government program that provides financial aid to individuals and families. Learn how welfare works, the types of programs, and who qualifies. If you are working, you are not blind, and your earnings average more than $1,310 per month in 2021, then you will not be considered disabled. Social Security Disability Insurance should not be confused with Supplemental Security Income , which pays benefits to those who have financial needs regardless of their work history.

The DDS may arrange for a medical examination at DDS expense if records are deemed insufficient to make a medical determination. Disabled Individual – These benefits pertain to people over 18 whose Income and Resources fall below a level set by the SSA. Blind Individual benefits pertain to people who are eligible for Disabled Individual benefits because of blindness.

The South Dakota DDS employs approximately 22 disability claims analysts and specialists, 15 physicians, and 10 administrative and clerical staff. The DDS makes over 9,000 medical decisions for Social Security Disability annually. If you have power of attorney and are filing on a NYSLRS member’s behalf, please include a copy of your POA document. NYSLRS must review the document before your application can be accepted.

The volume of claims is substantial, yet DDS staff take pride in providing individualized, accurate services to all who apply for assistance. Their mission is to process SSDI and SSI disability claims in a manner that is accurate, timely, compassionate, and cost-effective. The law requires that a claim be filed within 90 days from the date of disability. If the claim is filed after 90 days, the employee may lose part or all of the benefits unless good cause can be shown.

Can I work on disability 2020?

Many people may wonder is arthritis a disability. Yes. Arthritis can prompt incapacity, as can numerous other mental and physical conditions. If your arthritis confines your daily movements, or activities you may qualify for disability benefits.

It’s time to stomp out the stigmas surrounding Social Security Disability Insurance. Let’s start with these three myths that too many people believe. Once you get the basics of a retirement plan nailed down, you may discover you can retire earlier than you thought. Applying for SSDI can be a lengthy and involved process, but the benefits it can offer are more than worth the effort. The pandemic has undoubtedly added new obstacles for claimants, but they aren’t insurmountable.

You can receive SSI benefits even if you have never worked and regardless of your age when you became disabled. For an individual, the maximum SSI benefit level is $783 per month as of January 2020. If SSA finds you eligible for SSDI, you may be entitled to a retroactive benefit.

SSA will look at your work history and see if you have worked long enough to be covered by SSDI. Because it’s an insurance program, you do not have to prove financial need to qualify for SSDI. This is an important distinction between SSDI and Supplemental Security Income .

The total amount that a disabled worker and their family can receive is about 150% to 180% of the disabled worker’s benefit. Eligible family members can include a spouse, divorced spouse, child, disabled child, and/or an adult child disabled before age 22. Social Security will look to see if your condition prevents you from doing your previous work. If you can’t do your previous work, they will look to see if there is other work you can do.

The same goes for medical conditions that involve impairments that are often temporary, such as having a broken leg, recovering from hip surgery, or suffering from whiplash after a car accident. If you apply based on one of these conditions, Social Security may quickly deny you; if you appeal, Social Security will review your case and could approve you if you are still unable to work. Social Security disability benefits may be available to eligible individuals who experience a disability that is expected to last longer than one year, in addition to other requirements.

Self-employed individuals are only covered by the SDI program if they have enrolled in “Disability Insurance Elective Coverage” with EDD and paid the premiums. Usually you become eligible for benefits after six months of elective coverage. However, if you worked as an employee prior to your elective coverage, you may have a base period from that employment. A “disability” is any mental or physical condition that stops you from performing your usual work for more than one week. Almost any health condition may be an SDI disability, including physical illness, mental illness, injuries, surgery, pregnancy, childbirth, and being in treatment for drug or alcohol abuse. A licensed health care professional must sign a form stating that your disability is preventing you from working.

If this applies, check “no” on question 17 and provide details in 17b. Since SSDI is an insurance program, SSA will ask questions about past employment and earnings. If you have questions about eligibility and how to apply for SSI or SSDI, please call the local SSA office. If you apply within 120 days of leaving UC employment, you’ll preserve your right to continue your retiree health coverage, so long as your coverage is continuous.

There are so many people in this world trying their level best to help others. When you’re considering returning to work, contact your claim specialist at The Standard. The specialist will help answer your questions and identify documentation you may need to ensure your claim is administered correctly. An Insured’s Statement is completed by you and serves as written notification of your claim for benefits. Workplace Benefits There’s a lot more to the benefits your employer provides than you might think.

Workers with countable income of up to 350% of the federal poverty guidelines may qualify for the program. In examining the child’s ability to function, SSA will look at information from those who observe the child. Evaluations for special education services and early intervention programs are also very important.

If you are applying for SSDI benefits, you need the assistance of a skilled Social Security disability lawyer to get your application approved and receive the benefits you deserve. To schedule a free consultation with a member of our legal team, fill out the online form on this page or call our Roswell office today. Once the SSA approves your SSDI application and calculates your monthly benefit, you may be entitled to a back pay award. How many months of payments you will receive will depend on the date you applied for benefits and your disability onset date. The severity of your disability will not affect the amount of SSDI benefits you receive.

MetLife offers various ways to submit your claim based on your plan, including online, mail, phone and fax options. Plus, you can count on MetLife to provide caring, compassionate and accurate claims service if and when you experience a disability. Most group long term disability plans have an elimination period of 90 days or 180 days. Under most group plans, generally the employer selects the elimination period. The definition of disability will vary depending on your employer’s plan. Some policies consider you disabled when you’re unable to perform your job duties, while others pay only if you’re unable to perform in any job suitable for you based on your training, education and experience.

Suppose you are entitled to SSDI benefits in an amount less than the current SSI benefit amount. Then, you may receive an SSI payment for the difference between your SSDI benefit and the SSI benefit amount, plus $20. You may also qualify for SSI during the SSDI waiting period, described above. To become eligible for SSDI disability benefits, you must have insured status.

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Everything You Need To Know About Disability Insurance.

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Your disability benefit is considered income and is subject to federal income taxes. However, disability benefits are not subject to Illinois state income taxes. If it appears you will be disabled for more than 60 days and that your disability will extend beyond the period you are eligible for sick pay, you should request a Disability Application from your personnel office. Your application must be on file with SURS within one calendar year after the date on which you disability occurred. Social Security Disability Insurance is a federal government program designed to protect workers against the loss of ability to earn an income due to complete disability. To apply for SSDI, your condition must meet the SSA’s disability requirements and you needed to have earned enough work credits.

You will find helpful links to the online forms and the steps you need to take to apply for childhood disability benefits at /applyfordisability. At this time, you cannot complete an application for SSI childhood disability online, but you can complete the Child Disability Report Form online. The Disability Report asks for information about the child’s conditions or impairments. Denials often occur because there was not enough medical evidence to prove a disabling problem.

If you meet the criteria, you can receive benefits from the first month after the end of a “waiting period.” The Social Security Administration is a federal government agency. SSA runs programs for people of retirement age, the focus of this section is on people with disabilities. They are not paid to dependents unless they also independently qualify for SSI. SSA has beneficial information about both these disability programs on itswebsite.

  • There is a minimum service credit requirement , and generally the benefit is not more than one-third of your final average salary .
  • For more information on qualifying for disability benefits, the Social Security Administration provides excellent resources.
  • CalSTRS does not provide health, dental or vision insurance to members, including those receiving a disability benefit.
  • Mail the form to employer’s TDI insurance company if the employer is not self-insured.

If so, your application is then sent to Disability Determination Services . Child Definition – Social Security defines a child as disabled who has physical or mental impairment so severe that it results in marked and severe functional limitations. The impairment must last or be expected to last for at least 12 months or result in the child’s death. Adult Definition – Social Security defines disability as the inability to work due to a physical or mental impairment which has lasted or is expected to last for at least 12 months or result in death. Inability to work includes not only work performed previously, but any kind of work.

What is the Number 1 disability?

Invisible disability, or hidden disability, are defined as disabilities that are not immediately apparent. Some people with visual or auditory disabilities who do not wear glasses or hearing aids, or discreet hearing aids, may not be obviously disabled. Some people who have vision loss may wear contacts.

Employers who offer coverage may provide short-term coverage, long-term coverage, or both. Forms and publications provided on the EDD website cannot be translated using Google™ Translate. Some forms and publications are translated by the department in other languages. For those forms, visit the Online Forms and Publications section. Talk to your physician/practitioner about their process for submitting a DI claim (not all physician/practitioners follow the same steps).

Can You Get Social Security Disability With Substance Abuse? – AARP

Can You Get Social Security Disability With Substance Abuse?.

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To find your minimum retirement age, check your retirement plan. The minimum retirement age is the earliest age you could get disability retirement benefits if you didn’t have the disability. You can explain all the reasons you want the Appeals Council to consider when you submit your request for review. In your request, you can ask the Appeals Council for additional time to submit a written argument. You may also submit new evidence for the period up to the date of the ALJ’s decision.

Do not mail foreign birth records or any documents from the Department of Homeland Security , formerly the Immigration and Naturalization Service , especially those you are required to keep with you at all times. These documents are extremely difficult, time-consuming and expensive to replace if lost. Instead, bring them to a Social Security office where we will examine them and return them to you. Award letters, pay stubs, settlement agreements or other proof of any temporary or permanent workers’ compensation-type benefits you received .

Supplemental Security Income pays benefits to disabled adults and children with limited income and resources. At each stage of the appeal process described above, there is a time limit within which you must file an appeal. If you miss that deadline, SSA will consider your appeal only if you show that you had “good cause” for the delay.

For TSERS and ORP members, the steps to apply for disability are listed below. The Social Security Administration requires each state to process its own disability applications, with some exceptions. West Virginia residents’ disability applications generally will be processed in West Virginia. Each state processes claims independently, and all must follow the same rules and regulations set forth by Congress.

He or she can help you understand Blue Book requirements and can ensure your medical records contain the types of details necessary for the SSA to accurately evaluate your claim for benefits. The SSA conducts a detailed review of your medical records to determine your eligibility for benefits. During this review, they try to match your records to a disability listing in the “Blue Book.” The Blue Book is the SSA’s medical guide that is used to evaluate every disability application.

If the DDS or SSA is waiting for something, see if you can make a call to help expedite the claim. Many times a doctor will respond to a patient before they will respond to a government agency. Know the date that your work changed due to your impairment if that is different from the date when you finally quit. Explain any special working conditions that may have been provided by your employer to keep you on the job. The DDS may also contact your medical sources and people you have told us about who know how your condition affects your daily life. SSA contacts you with the final results after they made the final determination of eligibility for benefits.

This will help ensure that you have the medical evidence you need when your case is reviewed by SSA. Failing to follow treatment prescribed by your doctor can be a basis for ending your benefits. If SSA is reviewing your case to decide if you still are disabled, SSA will send you a letter about your review.

Social Security Disability Insurance is for people who have become disabled after earning enough Social Security work credits within a certain time. If you have a disability, Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income may help financially. To find out if you’re eligible for either program, use the Benefit Eligibility Screening Tool. The web pages currently in English on the EDD website are the official and accurate source for the program information and services the EDD provides.

The process of applying for disability benefits starts with your employer’s or former employer’s human resource department. Consider how you became disabled if it occurred on the job, and determine if the injury or illness was directly work-related. If so, you should have already been approved for workers’ compensation coverage and received some level of medical care and benefits, at least for a short period of time. Social Security Disability Insurance SSDI provides disability benefits to blind or disabled individuals who are insured based on federal insurance contributions paid into the Social Security Trust Fund.

If you are approved for a mental illness, expect to have your case reviewed every year. Some applicants with conditions that will clearly not improve, such as paralysis, are reviewed every 7 years or so. aetna disability insurance But since mental illnesses can often be treated, you will expect yearly check-ins with the SSA. So long as your condition remains the same year-to-year, you will not later be denied disability benefits.

Under the rules of Social Security, eligibility is determined when a person is found unable to perform any type of work for at least 12 months due to physical, mental, or combined physical and mental impairment. Under the Social Security Disability Program, an applicant cannot be found “25 percent” disabled, as may be the case under the rules for worker’s compensation or veteran’s benefits. The Social Security Administration uses a “Listing of Impairments” to guide disability assessment. These criteria provide general guidance for assessment based on common medical conditions. You may apply for IMRF disability benefits if you meet the service credit requirements.

You will have a chance to submit medical evidence to show that you still are disabled. In figuring your work earnings, SSA will deduct any work expenses related to your disability. These deductions include any items or services that you need to work, even if it is usefuldaily. Be sure to keep receipts or other records of these expenses and report them to SSA. There is no trial work period or 36 month period of extended eligibility. If you are on SSI, your work may affect the amount of your check.

Social Security disability benefits are not intended for temporary conditions. You should also note that Social Security’s disability rules are different from those of other government or private programs. For more information on Social Security disability benefits eligibility, visit the Social Security Administration’s website at DDS also processes Medicaid disability claims for the state of North Carolina.

Make sure you have the following information listed on the checklist with you for the interview. SSDI payments range on average between $800 and $1,800 per month. The maximum benefit you could receive in 2020 is $3,011 per month. The SSA has an online benefits calculator that you can use to obtain an estimate of your monthly benefits.

There are several sequential levels of appeal available to you including request for reconsideration, administrative law judge hearing, appeals council review, and federal court review. If your SSDI claim is approved, the earliest that you will be paid benefits is five months after your date of disability. This five month period is called the “waiting period.” Benefits will be paid for the sixth full month following the date of disability.

The Social Security Disability Insurance program provides benefits to disabled or blind individuals who are “insured” by workers’ contributions to the Social Security trust fund. These contributions are the Federal Insurance Contributions Act social security tax paid on their earnings or those of their spouses or parents. The state farm long term disability insurance Bureau of Disability Determination is the state agency that assists the Social Security Administration in determining whether disabled Pennsylvania citizens are eligible for federal disability benefits. If you believe you may qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance, get the process started as soon as possible.

As the global health crisis continues to disrupt lives, communities and the economy, I am confident we’ll continue helping people when they need us the most. Our company has been through hard times and market volatility before and we will navigate through this challenge as well. As our customers face tremendous stress and uncertainty, we will continue providing support and stability to those who rely on our products and services. DDS has Disability Hearings Units located in Shreveport, New Orleans, and Baton Rouge. Most disability claims are initially processed through the network of local Social Security field offices and State agencies.

An administrative or medical review board will review your application. We then calculate your benefit, which involves a review of your salary and service credit. We must confirm that you meet filing requirements and are permanently disabled from performing the duties of your position, as defined by the New York State Retirement and Social Security Law . This benefit is for a disability that may or may not be job-related. There is a minimum service credit requirement , and generally the benefit is not more than one-third of your final average salary .

This is called an “appeal.” The request for an appeal must be made in writing within 60 days from the date of the notice they receive. Under certain conditions, an extension of this time frame can be granted. If you think you’re eligible for disability benefits, file a claim to apply. Medicare provides medical health insurance to people under 65 with certain disabilities and any age with end-stage renal disease . The fastest and easiest way to file a DI claim is through SDI Online.

Available through the workplace, this coverage helps protect your income if you can’t work after an accident or illness. Disability Determination Services makes disability and blindness determinations for the U.S. Social Security Administration on most Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income claims filed or reviewed in Kansas. Supplemental Security Income pays benefits based on financial need.

However, that payment will be retroactive to your date of retirement. Complete all pages of the application and the accompanying medical information release form. Your physicians cannot release medical records without a completed HIPAA form.Be sure to include your initials on line 8 of the HIPAA form. If necessary, the disability evaluation specialist then contacts relevant medical sources for documentation of the impairments. It also may be necessary to schedule consultative exams for claimants.

If you cannot perform your past work, then SSA decides whether you can perform other types of work. At step five, SSA will consider your RFC as well as your age, education, and the type of work skills you have acquired. The SSA assumes that they will have an easier time transitioning to new work. Persons who are older and less educated are more likely to be found disabled than persons younger than 45.

While non-medical factors like personal income and resources are assessed differently for SSDI and SSI, the medical factors and the basic process are the same. To obtain benefits under either program, the applicant must be found unable to perform any type of work for at least 12 months due to physical, mental, or combined physical and mental impairment. For more information on qualifying for disability benefits, the Social Security Administration provides excellent resources.

Many claims which are denied on the first pass are later accepted during the appeals process. Now that you’re signed up, we’ll send you deadline reminders, plus tips about how to get enrolled, stay enrolled, and get the most from your health insurance. If you’re unsure if you have an injury or an illness, please select “illness” and describe your condition in detail on the next page. The information requested is required for us to begin reviewing your claim.

We will also notify your employer and request payroll status information and a copy of your current job duties. See also our recommended resources for employers and for job seekers with disabilities. Together, we enable and empower individuals with disabilities to work and live independently by providing individualized services to consumers and employers. Take the form to the physician or advanced practice registered nurse to have disability certified on Part C, Doctor’s Statement. By purchasing insurance, called an “insured” plan, from an authorized insurance carrier.

Persons with these conditions should be flagged for the quick determination process. Applications for SSDI and SSI are filed at local Social Security Administration offices. If the case meets the work credit or income/asset criteria , the case is sent to the DDS for development of the medical evidence and for a medical determination of disability. A disability adjudicator is assigned the case and begins development by requesting all medical and non-medical evidence listed by the applicant.

Divorce and QILDROs The following information is helpful if your retirement benefits are being considered for possible division in divorce proceedings. You are allowed to have a disability lawyer or other legal representative help you with any and all parts of the application and appeals process for Social Security Disability benefits. Create an account or log in to complete an application.Answer “yes” when asked if you have a disability, and we’ll send your application to your state Medicaid office.

Due to the effort of DDS staff, more Iowans with disabilities who are eligible for Social Security benefits have access to these benefits today. Expect to receive checks every two weeks once your Basic, Voluntary Short-Term or Voluntary Long-Term Disability claim is approved. Check with your doctor to be sure the records have been forwarded; they need to be received within 30 days of filing your claim.

Unlike with retirement benefits, your age does not affect your SSDI benefit. If your disability claim is approved, your payment is calculated as if you had reached full retirement age . The kits also provide general information about the disability programs and our decision-making process that can help take some of the mystery out of applying for disability benefits.

A payee has the duty to ensure a child receives medically necessary care for the disabling condition. SSA can remove the payee if he or she fails to seek this care without good cause. You need to report these changes yourself if the payee does not do so.

Wounded Warrior cases are determined by specially-trained staff with DDS, who are dedicated to processing these cases in the most accurate and timely manner possible. These expedited determinations help United States military service members in Iowa receive Social Security disability benefits if eligible. Depending on your age, UCRP service credit and other factors, you could receive more monthly income and higher UC medical and dental contributions under UCRP disability than if you retire. Steve Perrigo, J.D., is Vice President, Sales and Account Management, for Allsup and has over two decades of experience and knowledge of the Social Security Administration and its programs. He joined Allsup in August 2010 and helps clients understand their options when coordinating private disability insurance benefits with the Social Security program. Prior to joining Allsup, Steve Perrigo spent 17 years with the SSA in various roles of increasing responsibility.

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